World Record Ski Jump - 255 Foot Cliff

Jamie Pierre drops a 255 foot cliff to set a world record at Grand Targhee, Wyoming.
  • jamie mark

    World record head drop 🎿

  • Romantic Donkey

    2 minutes before the video began, he asked someone to hold his beer. Dude landed on his bloody head. Lol

  • J.D. Chapman

    A guy that fell over a cliff into deep snow while wearing skis world record... (yay).

  • mikahthecorncake

    Lol how tf did he just get up from that

  • James Rogers

    Bull shit. You have to land it. Someone suicidal could easily double, triple or quadruple that.

  • The Real Gonzalo

    Why wear skis? Just jump!

  • m00nchildblues

    No helmet, seriously?

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