Milla Jovovich on Live with Regis and Kathie Lee in 1991

Milla promotes "Return to the Blue Lagoon" in 1991
  • Lara Zanette

    i can’t understand how a human being can be this beautiful!😍

  • pizza shit

    And she grew up to be one of the greatest actresses

  • קרן עבדו

    There is no one like brook

  • Wolfgang Buck

    Regis, exposing $hit left and right."Oh, let me look at these"He shows one.Flips about half the book in blank pages and says,"I better look for more!"But if you pay close attention, the audience was dead and 1 audience member caught this very quick and started laughing while others waited in dumbfounding shock, disbelief or really are dumb and programmable. Water can be programmed. Why do you think we are all confusex about most the time? Why do you think Priests bless it?Thare was a Japanese study that proves "water can be programmed by human speach." Im paraphrasing of course, but it is true. I only had to see the experiments for myself.Water is needed for anything to work. Here....

  • Diego Pisfil Ramirez

    She looks like the female version of Justin Bieber

  • Wolfgang Buck

    Daaaammmmn.Milla was ice cold! 3:15."Ha ha ha. She deserves it! Hahaha!"That is something gay dudes do everytime you turn on a tv and in movies! What she just did was like some stuff out of a Gia/Flawless movies combined!Oh, and Kathy looks like a dude for real, Lee and Kennedy.Kennedy can play Skeletor in the Masters of the Universe reboot that needs to be done for adults cuz kids these days dont know He Man.

  • Wolfgang Buck

    She had plenty of mobey to do that b4 this show and anytime after this show, and still no Milla Jovovich's Fairy World. It would be a smash hit no matter what they do with it. People are going just bc its Milla.Milla's marriage views sure changed. Resident Evil franchise.You gotta roll with it.

  • Mary Viana

    Bella la Milla, wow!

  • Natali Benefit

    Хорошенькая, красавица наша

  • Renan C. S. Maia

    I'd like to see other interviews of young Milla (1988-1992).

  • Marcel Taylor

    Mila looks like Girlfriend

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