Putin ditches imported cars in favour of 'Russian-made limousine'

The Russian president has been known to favour Mercedes-Benz vehicles. …
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  • Andrei Niculae

    Rolls Royce front end. Mulsanne back end

  • Evgeniy Tugovikov

    Во всяком случае Россия начала строить машины в двацатом начале века благодаря зарубежным гигантам автомобильной индустрии,поэтому наши машины походили на их местами.

  • Layton Artigo

    The new beast looks sexier

  • Mr Sharath Gopalan Aiyangar

    Proud see in his Zil

  • Shantanu Srinivasan

    FCA Called: They want their Chrysler 300 headlights back

  • Vincent Bate

    It’s very similar to a Rolls Royce from the front, isn’t it?

  • Shaa Rocks

    Mr Putin you are a true leader of your country hope all countries leader are as charasmatic as you are .

  • dimashevchenko

    80% foreign made Rolls Royce knock-off. I don't know what I was expecting from Russia.

  • noli turbare

    No motorcade; just 1 Limo and 9 Motorbikes. Thats it. In USA its a motorcade of at least 50 cars ... absolutely insane.

  • wwbenee

    'Russian-made' - with Porsche Engine... Then again, what's an engine to a car anyway?

  • Donald Alger Jr.

    Chrysler 300 Pullman?

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