Chechnya: Grozny Revisited

Chechnya: Grozny Revisited

Revisited - In early 2000, Chechnya's capital Grozny was left in ruins after Moscow's two brutal wars against Chechen separatists. Today, local strongman Ramzan Kadyrov and a tide of Russian money have transformed the city. But the scars of war have yet to heal. Behind the restored façades of Grozny, there is another world of fear and social deprivation that no one talks about.

08/06/2013 REVISITED

Twice a month, FRANCE 24 reporters and correspondents return to cities traumatized by wars or natural or industrial catastrophes, and report on how their inhabitants now live.

  • Pauli650

    if it wasn't for russian money grozny would be like kabul or bagdad

  • fofal

    lol complaining about how they live now? and how did they live before the war? even then it was built by CCCP. 

  • Av63PNT0

    Chechen wemon are beautiful, they look like what you would get if you mixed a Russian and Armenian together which makes sense since Chechnya is in the middle between Russia and Armenia.

  • Russell

    Putin Avenue, with his portrait on the street? The same street where thousands of Chechen civilians spilled blood into that dirt. How does Ramzan go to sleep at night? Where is his honor?

  • Northern Beaches Same day surf

    Are Chechens considered white ? Half of them are pale white like there leader but the other half are white looking but clearly darker,

  • Anna Redko

    Why western "journalism" cant produce a shit without a crappy idiotic propaganda?

  • Andrew LaFleur

    I love how this documentary omits that Chechnya descended into chaos after the Russians left.How extremists took control and implanted Sharia.

  • TheJcrist

    This fake news journo forgot to mention that Chechen terrorists attacked Dagestan - the neighbor republic.That was the actual trigger of the 2nd Chechen war and not the terrorist attacks in Russia.

  • Future Wiz

    100,000 rubles is $1697.53.

  • Honey Bunny

    I am Chechen and I thank you for this video!

  • J Dorner

    So is peace growing....or is there still great anger and a desire for revenge. Just wondering if any Chechnyans or Russians living in this area could comment....

  • ousmane niangadou

    I am not chechen but i like the city Grosny

  • jwserge

    YOU THE FUCKING GayROPEAN PROVOKERS!!!!! there is another world of fear and social deprivation that no one talks aboutReally???    Why than the fuck aren't you even concerned about the UKRAINIAN ATROCITY at the eastern Ukraine??? Tens of thousand killed by ukrainian so called army!    HAVE YOU INVESTIGATED THE MALAYSIAN AIR-PLANE CRUSH??? HOW LONG WILL RUSSIA REQUIRE FROM YOU THE RESULTS?!!!!!!!!!!!!!You are the killer union!FUCK OFF of our countries with your savage shitocracy! 

  • Gideon Horwitz

    The street is named Putin street because he saved Chechnya from the radicals it a a shame people were killed by its war name one conflict were the civilian population wasn't in any way effected by it.

  • carsten

    Sure there's a lot of problems in Chechnya. But this report felt biased to me, like the journalists tried to push their agenda instead of just reporting the situation how it is. I.e. they interviewed only people who are discontent with the situation, and didn't interview people who are content with the situation. For example take the "martial arts guy", why did he appear there at all? He said almost nothing of value in the clip. I think this is because he said good words about the current situation in Chechnya and journalists had to cut out everything he said except some irrelevant line about prayers.

  • Abdul Rauf Achakzai

    a baist idiotic propaganda video shame the one who produce that :(

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