Deyshia Hargrave, Louisiana Teacher Arrested At School Board Meeting, Speaks Out | TODAY

A Louisiana teacher who questioned a school superintendent’s salary raise was removed from a school board meeting, then handcuffed, and the incident was caught on camera. In an exclusive interview with NBC’s Tammy Leitner, Deyshia Hargrave says it’s “sad” that it took a woman being forcibly removed from a meeting to get people engaged. She says her students who saw the video were “fine, so I’m fine.”

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Deyshia Hargrave, Louisiana Teacher Handcuffed At School Board Meeting, Speaks Out | TODAY
  • 1adventurebound

    Hmmm. Removing her from the room was excessive. Jerking away from the deputy was wrong. I can't help but wonder what happened in the hall. Regardless of who you are or whether the police are right or wrong, NEVER physically resist them or be verbally abusive. Not only will you lose the fight, misconduct on your part will cause you to lose credibility. Any improper actions should be addressed through appropriate channels.

  • Gordon Easton

    How the heck is it, that you people in Louisiana are so much more activist and willing to get involved then the people down here in Newport Beach, CA. and Costa Mesa? The Super. makes $280,000.00 a year and is falling into serious disfavor for some of the bone-headed things he has done. I get fired because of a comment that a student makes, which turns out to be a big mistake. I am still fired and if I write to the newspaper, they ignore me. If the story isn't about Trump, the Russians, a shooting or bombing, somebody gets fired at the White House, they do not think it is newsworthy. You guys in LA. get a lot of coverage. I do not understand!

  • Frank Geng

    “Free speech!”、“human rights!”、“Democracy!!”——America,hahahaha


    However,.... you're a jerk!!

  • Ma N

    I'd vote every single one of them out of their positions and never let them back in.

  • mkjrhodes

    The superintendent got a 30k raise? and not a single raise for teachers in a decade? That makes no sense

  • Kokami RBLX

    Ayee thats my school

  • Gordon Easton

    By the way, when a teacher or upset parent speak at the school board meetings they get 3 minutes. Their videos on Youtube generally get may 40-100 hits. You guys get thousands. What are we doing wrong? I know. Some people are going to say: You are living in Caleefornia; that's whats wrong. Of course that would be Schwarzenegger's answer.

  • Jason Waite

    "I do not support our people getting arrested.. HOWEVER ..." Okay if you "but", or "however", it just negating ANYTHING you said before!

  • Steve Healy

    The executive guy of the school should be shot.

  • margaret thomason

    A good time for the superintendent to get a raise is after the superintendent requires that the teachers who live on less than half of what he makes, gets a raise first.What a whimp. Save the tears for the poor teachers who don't make enough to pay their mortgages or put food on their tables.

  • richard suggs

    I guarantee that the cop will never apologize. Cops never admit that they were wrong.

  • Stacey Allard

    Not Pressing charges for WHAT?! A good time for a superintendent to get a raise is when the teachers under him have the funding they and most of all - the STUDENTS- deserve!!!!!!!

  • rob turvey

    The school needs to close down and have lots of charges against them

  • FrankWhite248

    I see a white woman not following the rules then getting upset when the rules are enforced. The gavel was banged and she proceeded to keep talking. She thought her privilege would allow her to get away with that. I wish he would've shot her then claimed she reached in her bag just to see if you white people really do always "back the blue" lmao

  • CrismaFire

    School board needs to be removed BY FORCE with armed officers. Banned from anything school.

  • afvro75

    She should have suit the the police department for her unlawful arrest and the superintendent as well.

  • bimmjim

    Is that Administrator free to walk the streets of that town? ... Why?

  • Andrew Mack

    When referring to his family, to stop 'those threats against them' he should decline the salary increase in solidarity with other educators. Simple.

  • Kelly Ford

    Arrested...for what? What was the charge...the charge they’re now not going to pursue? If this teacher was following protocol - speaking during the “Public Open Session” of a School Board Meeting - what was the charge?? Or, did she interrupt protocol/format and just stand up and start speaking? I happen to agree with her line of questioning - however, as a teacher, SHE KNOWS A) during Open Session - the School Board Members, Superintendent and the rest of the crew sitting at that table up front cannot answer questions from the audience, B) during that time is a GREAT time to get “on-the-record” and C) if she just burst out...she was out of order. Having said that, I think that Superintendent is a sniveling cry baby just boo-hooing for the cameras and, frankly, SHE’S not that, “...if they have to remove a woman...”. BUT, then again...we have a media outlet ONLY reporting what they want us to see and NEVER THE WHOLE STORY WITH THE FACTS.

  • Yellobn

    She should have never been arrested. Why is he crying? He help creates the problem. 😔😣He should be apologizing to the teacher.

  • eldangeroso68

    They won't be pressing charges? That's good. She should! What a disgusting way to treat your staff!

  • Alyssa Vincent

    Guys. That was my little sisters teacher and I hope that mf go to jail for pinning her down like he did. Just bc she spoke her opinion🤯

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