6 HOURS - Relaxing - Piano, violin, guitar - Study music , focus, concentration, memory

6 HOURS - Relaxing study music, concentration, focus and memory - Piano, violin, guitar instrumental mix for exam, reading and working, study English, math and other like biology, physics or project for long motivation. Soothing, quiet, light and calm instrumental music for kids and adults to increase brain power and positive energy.

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● Relaxing house music for studying
1. https://youtu.be/VMygq-FIOAo
2. https://youtu.be/AukOJ_7GC40
3. https://youtu.be/hJZZbX4KyVo

● How to Concentrate on Studies
Are you having trouble concentrating on your studies? Well don't worry it happens to the best of students. Maybe you just need to shake up your study patterns, try a new technique, or simply come up with a really effective study plan that allows your mind breaks as often as you need. With the right set-up, concentrating will be easier. http://www.wikihow.com/Concentrate-on-Studies

● How to study
When you sit down to study, how do you transfer that massive amount of information from the books and notes in front of you to a reliable spot in your mind? You need to develop good study habits as outlined below. At first, it'll take a good deal of conscious effort to change your studying ways, but after a while, it'll become second nature, and studying will be easier to do.

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    Anyone here in 2019? Like this comment if you are!

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    You are best ♥️♥️♥️♥️♥️♥️

  • alkt0428 ai

    who t f can study for 6 hours straight

  • Joy Avila

    I have few more days left for my thesis docu to be submitted but am still out of focus. Hope this can help me out.

  • Shadow music

    Stop reading comments..... Get back to work.... keep it up... you are awesome.....!

  • hamza khawaja

    when it is 4AM everyone is sleeping and i'm still studying for my exams feel lonely :(

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    Man, I already failed everything i could...

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    who tfq disliked this video?! Its srsly helping me so much!

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    o som é top, mas eu adormeci passados 5 minutos. recomendo.

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    I always enjoy this video when reading a book⭐️

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    Da fuq is this shit? Bollocks

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    People down ⬇️ there were saying to get back to work. So I did! You should do the same. Have a wonderful day! 😊

  • masker ID

    This music is very relaxing and it also improved my grade 👌🔥😃 i have 5As and 1B and i always studied with this music on

  • Qian Lin

    ummm I think tat picture is quite distracting

  • D. L.

    I listened to this compilation way back in 2016 and it has helped me focus well on my studies and I graduated with flying colors. Now I'm furthering my studies, I've decided to come back again to this particular study music to help me focus once again.

  • Laura Alyssa

    they should play this in school during tests

  • Meme Machine

    i still can't focus, i need a fucking doctor!

  • mary momin

    It is really a good video

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    i love music!!! this one goes to my heart everyday.. :) check this out.. https://ckk.ai/HIv2Q You will surely love it too. great day!

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    I feel like some of these comments give me more motivation than my parents and teachers😂😂😂

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    6 hours in one go... I got a lot of work doneGot 3 exams next week, pray for me

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    When i was in college i was listening this awesome music quite often

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    Finally one that i feel like it helps me... at least the start sounds nice lol

  • Charl le Roux

    It's 6 hours and 1 second we've been lied to

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