RAW: Putin takes inaugural ride in new Russian-made Cortege limousine

Russian President Vladimir Putin arrives at his inauguration ceremony at the Kremlin in Moscow using the brand new Russian-made Cortege limousine on Monday.

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  • Beun007

    Putler's fucking fake Rolls!

  • Philip George

    If only Trump would've been patient before buying new limos for the office of POTUS, the Russians would have sold him one of these Cortege limos.

  • Chen Liu

    Looks like a mix of bentley, phantom, and maybach

  • joe duke

    If u want USA information about war room & political policy just see OMAROSA she will sell u tapes she made ,in Whitehouse as BLACK woman Spies on USA & Sells info .

  • mark harris

    He the real of KGB used to be 1serious gangster if he ruled the world I'd be OK with it.

  • Apotheosis

    dopest limo ive ever seen. greetings to russia from the US. the deep state will sabotage any form of peace between our nation states, but to the russian people, I assure you, what you hear/see in the media does not represent the thoughts of the majority of the american people. our govt, which also controls the media, has been hijacked.

  • l z

    لعنة الله عليك.........

  • J420

    Unusual for Vladimir Putin to not have 30 other cars with him

  • stephen10

    congratulation from france , great car

  • Omar Kiani Shafiq

    Looks like the Chrysler 300c

  • Jessica Anderson

    much faster than the method on the video!

  • Lord Simon

    rolls royce knock off

  • Rumelynut

    I walked some of these streets inside the Kremlin 2014....and proud to do so

  • kenkenkenken007

    replica rolls Royce!! lol looks cheap

  • Luciano Bezerra

    It is a beautiful limo...great design !

  • Tikiri Banda

    Lovely car, but can it do a burnout?

  • bruce lee

    roylls royce look alike

  • Turd Ferguson

    Looks nice, but everyone knows Russia builds horrible cars.

  • Hawaiiguy Kailua

    I would totally take a bullet for that President, and I am an American.

  • Willy Wonkowski

    The problem with this car is that it will be only 1 produced, for show only, like North Korean food store.

  • Tom Fin

    whatever pig of a vehicle it might be enhanced with being firebombed by basil brush

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