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  • richard barndon

    13-11-17 MANKIND THANKS DR STEVEN PIECZENIK MANKIND THANKS ALEX JONESMANKIND THANKS PRESIDENT DONALD TRUMPWhy"(he fights the dangerous poisonous snakes for us)MANKIND THANKS ROGER STONEMANKIND THANKS PRESIDENT PUTINWhy-) (he has restored Russia to Orthodox Christianity)- See how he prays to Elohim-Yeshua-Jesus.MANKIND THANKS PRESIDENT XI JINPINGWhy- (he loves Wife and family)-See how he holds her hand. ________________________________________________________________________________ SADLY FOR ALL MANKIND THE NWO 666 MAFIA HAVE SHOVED ALL WHAT IS ANTI FAMILY ANTI NORMAL ANTI HAPPINESS ANTI NATURAL ANTI GOOD ANTI ORIGINAL TRUE GOD ELOHIM ANTI YESHUA-JESUSDOWN OUR NECKS ------------ THEY DON'T CARE ABOUT US------------------ INSTEAD THEY SPIT AT US - SCORN US AS IF WE ARE LOW FORM ANIMALS -------- ALL WITH SLAVE MASTER --------- ARROGANCE-----THEY PUT THEMSELVES AS ABOVE THE LAW. (Above the US Constitution) THEY TOOK CONTROL OF -----THE GAME-------- THEY APPOINTED THEIR OWN CONTROLLING THE UMPIRES. THEY ARE WEIRD AND EVIL/ANTINORMAL BUT YOU CAN NEVER SAY THEY ARE NOT extremely CUNNING- INTUITIVE- AHEAD OF THE CURVE. HOW DID THEY ENSLAVE YOU MANKIND?(They Read your email) (They listen to your calls)They dumb you down with Fluoride in your drinking water) (They spray your air you breathe)(They own all the MSM -TV) they Brain wash you with LIES AND DECEPTION-TEMPTATIONSThey have many laws to enslave us with what we say and how we think.They have everything to punish us and control us and change us.They drug us with drugs and fake medicines.They confuse us and sell booze and sex with sport (They made us fall)Thus many of mankind became seduced drugged and fallen and lost. We lost hope and ashamed and fell into a pit of low self esteem.They destroyed the normal beautiful happy confident clean FAMILY. (This is what make Elohims temper boil) most. For this: He will come with an Iron Rod, Dear Folks. (The evil NWO 666 abusers-seduce us- laugh and abuse- children and eat our flesh)Any one who rebels: NO CHOICE-Take the NEW COMING RFID nano computer e-chip Implant/ or the Tattoo emark, or no credit card for you!! SORRY YOUR CHOICE!GOT YA _ FOLKS.WE GOT YA!!!!AT LAST.WHEN YOU GET OLD OR USELESS WE WILL ASK THE:AI-TRANSHUMAN ROBOTS TO JUSTTURN YOU OFF.WE WILL USE YOUR BODY PARTS TO EXPERIMENT MORE WITH OUR TRANSHUMAN ROBOTS.YOU HAVE DISOBEYED THE STATE:BY BEING OLD/OR DISOBEDIENT BY TELLING THE TRUTH.THE BAD NEWS IS:YOU THEN LOSE YOUR SOUL. (They use this RFID nano computer chip) to remote Wifi HYPNOTISE YOU.YOU LOSE YOUR MIND.YOU GIVE AWAY YOUR SOUL AND NOT EVEN KNOW IT.MUCH WORSE: You will be thrown into a Lake of Fire---BY GOD ELOHIM----as the Bible warns.Elohim /Yeshua/Jesus, knew the dangers of the RFID chip-IMPLANT ORMARK OF THE BEASTE MARK/TATTOO..He can see the future, you see, thousands of years ahead.He has warned you mankind. (clearly) There is no doubt)He will disown you he said,and will not know you, as "You", his child,have disobeyed him, YOUR ORIGINAL CREATOR FATHER- and sided with his arch enemy: SATAN-LUCIFER. (Rebel Space Commander)IF LUCIFER CURRENT(KING OF THE EARTH)IS SO SO GOODWhy then??I ASK you REBEL SPACE COMMANDER LUCIFER:WHY THEN?Why the Slavery of Mankind?Why the Punishment of Mankind?Why the Murders-The wars and the Pedophelia/Human sexual abuse?Why the DELIBERATE smashing up of the former beautiful family?Why this spread of Gay Marriage?Why this transgender virus / you spread Lucifer?Why the removal of the 10 Commandments to Guide mankind?Why do you flood us with Muslims to deliberately destroy our culture.Why do you use religion to DIVIDE US MANKIND----((They say the Vatican deliberately made Islam) to set people against people.Why do use CHAOS, as your excuse to ENSLAVE US-RULE US-MORE AND MORE.Why do you HATE US?Why do you make endless laws of so called Political Correctness-so that we cannot speak out the truth?Why do you make laws that if we:DISOBEY YOU TRAIN POLICE TO QUICKLY ARREST US- TAKE OUR DRIVERS LICENCE-CHARGE US WITH SO CALLED HATE LEGISLATION----------------Why do you make Laws to Force Vaccination onto Mankind's Children, knowing they have dangerous side effects (They fix 1 problem) as guise and then cause other unknown dangerous side effects. Why You force children to take the (Curse) or they cannot attend preschool.You know full well mothers must earn Income No 2 now, as you planned all this to be so.Why have you broken up the normal human family?? ALL THE WHILE THE REAL HATERS & ENSLAVERS OF MANKIND --- NWO 666 -- ARE IMMUNEEGDEEP STATE- BLACK HATSROTHSCHILDS- VATICAN-THE QUEEN-ROCKEFELLASSOROSOPENNHEIMERSLI FAMILYANDTHE COUNCIL OF 300 CROOKS & PEOPLE PREDATORS (THE LACKEYS) ALL CONVENIENTLY IMMUNE FROM THE LAWS that ENSLAVE US/NORMAL MANKIND. NO WONDER THEY SCOFF AND ROB US.. HOW ARE THEY IMMUNE?? TOO EASY: APPOINT CONTROLLED UMPIRES EG: JEFF SESSIONS ROBERT MUELLER TO UMPIRE THE FRAUD GAME. WAKE UP MANKIND GET RID OF THESE NWO 666 LAME PUPPETS / legal-political IMPLANTS I ASK you REBEL SPACE COMMANDER LUCIFER: REPENT AND BOW TO ELOHIM AND YOU TOO WILL BE SAVED AS ELOHIM MADE YOU ALSO REMEMBER.BUT HURRYAS ELOHIM/JESUS/YESHUACOMES SOON WITH NIBIRUAND WILL USE THE SUN TO CLEAN US AWAY,WHO WILL NOT REPENT.NO SIN IS TOO BIG.NO ENEMY IS TOO BIG.HE WILL FORGIVE ALL HIS ENEMIES IF THEY TRULY REPENT-----------BEFORE HE COMES---------IN SURPRIZE.ELOHIM IS SUPREME COMMANDER-CREATOR----------HE MADE LUCIFER------H E MADE SATAN.HE COMES TO CLEAN EARTH AND JUDGE US ALL.HE WILL RULE THIS EARTH.GOODNESS WILL BE RESTORED.GOOD MEN ARE REWARDED.GOOD LUCK MANKIND.

  • Ibrahim Kasem

    Взорвал дом русский, не террорист, если б он был мусульманин была бы статья терроризм

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