1,000 foreign troops participate in China's military parade

"1,000 foreign troops participate in China's military parade" no description available.
  • Joe Black

    Imagine if we live on a planet with no soldier or gun.

  • Asad Ullah

    Absolutely natural and dignified style the Pakistani guys

  • GamingWithCarl YT

    4:10 Genghis Khan is proud of the Mongolian Army...AND SO DO I!

  • Mr. Happy

    China Have only one song

  • One Drone Pilot

    Hey trump.... look.... THIS IS HOW IT IS DONE.

  • Vedo Le Stelle

    it's like the reunion of the Separatists from Star Wars lol

  • Jazon J.

    Niestety Polski nie było. Zmieniła preferencje :(Pozdrawiam

  • hulk

    All powerless small countries participated.

  • Francis Logro

    Just wondering is this the new AXIS alliance 😂😂😂

  • Anthony Root

    Trump should have gone with the largest detachment of foreign troops! LIKE A BOSS!!!!🤪

  • manuel de jesus hidrogo calderon

    venezuela presente y siempre consecuente,patria libre o morir

  • Mohsin Qureshi

    pak chaina friends ship . zinda bad

  • The Kameleon

    Always the same music they use

  • Nabiha Mili

    deserves respect and admiration.

  • Albert Teng

    Who's watching this before WWIII starts?

  • mauman

    cool that swords are still carried



  • Mixer

    I like those Serbian blue uniforms, and their march, true European army

  • Mohsin Qureshi

    long live chaina. love from Pakistan


    @ 7.40 min. it shows 1945 - 2015 ... ??? what's all that about ? an old recording ?

  • Oromokomo Boromokomo

    Miserable allies of idolater pagan China:0:01 Afghanistan 0:14 Belarus 0:46 Cambodia 1:04 Cuba 1:35 Egypt 2:03 Fiji 2:26 Kazakhstan 2:50 Kyrgyzstan 3:23 Laos 3:39 Mexico 4:05 Mongolia 4:28 Pakistan 4:54 Serbia (camera is late) 5:22 Tajikistan 5:45 Vanuatu (camera is late) 6:07 Venezuela 6:30 Russia

  • Mh Krushna Jairrr

    I'm indian ...I respect china is great country

  • Fanny Buster

    More goose steppers,I thought we ended that back in world war 2

  • Anthony Root

    If President Trump tries to have a military parade everyone cries, "He's literally Hitler!!!" We should be showing what we got to the rest of the world. The best of the best! Orange Man Bad syndrome is hilarious to watch though.

  • Vincent Gerola

    Only Western invaders will hate this come on...

  • Skanda zumma

    Where is the Indonesian Army parade... So sad

  • Zoran Cosic

    I m proud to see my Serbian brothers marching and taking participation in our dear friends Chinese parade!

  • Madei Nusa

    Harmageddon war is coming soon

  • Auguy Monkoto

    President Putin this is your to lead the World ...God Yaweh have lelf America becouse of i.njustice the killing of innocant peoples in iraq libya .......President Putin please stand up and make peace in the World with God by your side you can cut of the Haed of A Great Satan God bless you

  • Zohaib Ali

    Afghanistan hahaha 😂

  • Ejas Mohamed

    Yah long live the communist

  • furiacabocla2 Furia Cabocla

    Long live for a strong and peacefull China..Its our hope against de US empire..US people are good, they government that don´t leave any one live freely..

  • A Travel

    The Enemy of USA EU INDIA(Hindu) Australia N Zealand Japan South Korea Israel

  • Ryan Sabater

    I expected that china will.... NVm

  • jim James

    That Russian Army is ready to attack America.

  • Quan Fung

    GREAT !!! It show's CHINA Respect for all the peace full nation's ...Respect for all the Soldiers participating !!!

  • Nikita Chernyy

    Russia joins the congratulations) And we are sorry for Kchruschev, he busted everything. Let the Chinese and Russian nations cooperate and prospere!


    All 3 super powers should be there

  • Little Tony

    Now the formation, The Republic of Kazakhstan. Leading the formation, Borat.

  • walter navarro

    the allies of evils....oh my god

  • MonkeyBricks34

    I know these men are soldiers, but your arms must be sore after that

  • michael kirk

    I bet Trump is SO jealous...LOL. He has not and never will have the support of the American Military to put on a show like this.

  • Him Lord

    Fiji must be the most peaceful country in the world

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