1,000 foreign troops participate in China's military parade

"1,000 foreign troops participate in China's military parade" no description available.
  • TheStewieOne

    I wonder if The United States of America ever going to get the chance to march?


    Master Sargeant? That kinda sounds silly to me lol

  • 3뚝으로맞아봤니

    Some of those countries are Communism.

  • Romy Garcia

    Its about money . China is wise.

  • Shay

    Why was Fijis army so small?

  • Gen Yama

    world poverty army friend ship day in communist country...

  • Snadaaahhh

    1:48 jesus leave some name for the rest of us

  • James Weatherspoon

    They will all be shown there place in a cave, then then THEY can rule pe0ple.

  • The Rocks

    All comunist countries in the world marked their presence that day like Cuba, North Corea, Egipt, Iran... and Mexico.

  • darryl harris

    nothing says alliance to china as foreign troops in a china military parade!


    Why India is not there

  • Der Kafkaeske

    The Afghan army can march far more impressively than they fight apparently

  • mohamed abdilahi

    Is the best from somaliland

  • Yo Drop

    The Afghan troop were the most synchronized. Maybe it’s because they were trained be AMERICA.

  • Midnimo Channel

    Copied from Somalia national armed forces https://youtu.be/7dnuZjZiKc4Same music same voice

  • Colin Ke

    2:31 Thats how i go to school 5 days a week

  • i1s9m9r5

    Russia's blue uniform is awesome

  • Michael Griffiths

    What an opportunity for an olive branch to the USA. Missed.

  • Art. Demirjian

    Nice to see mutual respect and cooperation in between the Nations of the World. God bless!

  • Andy the Malevolent

    What are they celebrating

  • Char aznable

    The most ambitious crossover since 1900

  • Ger Moua

    of all the foreign forces, Russia is the proudest.

  • Calogero Chiolo

    Viva la Russia il solo paese in Europa fiero delle sue tradizioni

  • RJ Koch


  • No Way

    I like military parades! All countries proud!

  • S Dew

    2:15 robinson crusoe send some guys too.some of these dictators really need to step up their game!.

  • Shiekh Pludge

    We want World Peace ❤😍SPREAD LOVE NOT HATE ..WE ARE ONE❤💖

  • Karkantas Kantaris

    e l l a s k pasis ellados ,,ti sto diaolo xitlariko vima .....

  • big dog

    Why no black countries ???? Angola Tchad Nigeria Zimbabwe Tanzania Cameroon Uganda Ethiopia ?? Please invite them next time

  • Max Karlsson

    Its nais to se Fiji sent all ther armed forces

  • Rosalie Patiten

    Hail to the new superpower china

  • Lei Hou

    No vietnam? 😢. Need communist solidarity!

  • Zero Effort

    Mexico living dangerously participating in this when the most powerful military on earth literally sits on their northern border

  • X Nick Cui

    Kazakhstan formation looks awesome.

  • モンフ-エルデネ

    4:05 Зэрэгц баруун тийш!!!Монгол улсын төлөө зүтгэе

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