Portugal v Spain - 2018 FIFA World Cup Russia™ - MATCH 3

Cristiano Ronaldo stole the show with a spectacular hat-trick to ensure that Portugal and Spain shared the spoils in Match 3 of the FIFA World Cup.

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More match highlights:

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  • MTBroby

    Cristiano Ronaldo è propio il numero 1 💪💪💪

  • Parikshit Mittal

    I am a Messi fan but this video has grown a lot of respect for Ronaldo

  • qamarul putra

    Can i get 1k dislikes before thr end 2018?

  • Dank

    Cristiano Ronaldo vs Spain (3 - 3)

  • aks hat

    FT Ronaldo 3 ; Spain 3

  • Electricmumu GT

    Ronaldo’s dive was smart

  • muhsin pv


  • Bhumit Chauhan

    1:40 I love that moment of commentary ohhh genius absolute genius.

  • S Stikno

    Cristiano is Amazing player..Premier League..LA Liga..and now Serie A..

  • V3Nomic

    More like Cristiano Ronaldo vs Spain

  • J DubGTi

    66 million views!That's a lot for a group stage match

  • Hikmat rahimi

    Cristiano ronaldo is the greatest football player of all time 🐐

  • Utkarsh Tiwary

    Messi can destroy Ronaldo just with his right leg.

  • Elder Mendoza

    Please reconsider everyone who voted for Modric you forgot this match? If this was Modric instead of Ronaldo you would of said nice game Modric is the best player of the world ! But because you dumb voters got tired of Ronado and Messi you got blinded. You thought if we vote for someone else people are going to say yeah after 10 years. You know what SHAME to you even though you knew Ronando was a better finalist you let your upper bosses wash your head and tell you vote for someone new. To be honest I like modric but I hate the votimg system.

  • elvis manhattan

    Sorry this first penalty is not penalty.... SORRY

  • Tina Leita

    I'm fan of CRonaldo

  • K Ramos

    the last free-kick goal was one of the most exciting one in world cup goal as I think.

  • Sulaiman Jk

    ronaldo made it true that is age is just a number king CR7

  • JustDerrick 47

    When A Portuguese Thanos meets Spainish Avengers

  • EliteGTAGamer r

    “GENIUS, ABSOLUTE GENIUS!” thats gives me goosebumps every time

  • Roy Antelo

    Ahi esta porque es el mejor

  • 안녕하세요

    1god vs 12 worldclasses

  • clzm90

    Ronaldo was absolutely insane in this match. Literally did everything himself.

  • MaliMAFIA official

    Best match of tournament🔥 like If you’re with me.

  • Jesse Rojas Manzanares

    U need Spain to got a draw vs Cristiano Ronaldo, that was THE GAME of FIFA WORLD CUP.

  • LifeisLight

    G.O.A.T. = Greatestmatch of all Tournment

  • 茅野いのり

    2018/12/12 23:45:31anyone? from Japan

  • Tahamid Jabul

    this is in YouTube Rewind

  • JustDerrick 47

    The day shines at Ronaldo again

  • Arnob Biswas

    Spain vs Portugal ❌Spain vs Ronaldo ✔

  • Symiakakis Vasilios

    Ilike fotballl video

  • cikenet

    c. ronaldo 3 spain 3

  • David Murdock

    2018...Just me I guess

  • Çr Ūzíár

    It's Ronaldo Vs Spain 😂

  • Muzyka 01

    Кааак столько просмотров кааак 😫😫😫😫😫😫😫😫😫😫😫

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