Portugal v Spain - 2018 FIFA World Cup Russia™ - MATCH 3

Cristiano Ronaldo stole the show with a spectacular hat-trick to ensure that Portugal and Spain shared the spoils in Match 3 of the FIFA World Cup.

Find out where to watch live: fifa.tv/watch2018

More match highlights:

More from Russia 2018: https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PLCGIzmTE4d0ia-PWE7WoysqLao-0y7jEz

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  • GTA 5 Gameplays

    i had a bet on ronaldo scoring 3 goals and after he put in that freekick i jumped in the pool at my house with the ronaldo siiiiiiiiiiii move yeeeeeeees that was so fantastic!!!!


    This has more views than the final lmao

  • NotYourAverage comment

    A better title: CRISTIANO RONALDO vs Spain.

  • Luigi.

    No doubt the best game from the World Cup.

  • mistero 5

    Ronaldo ha simulato per quanto riguarda il rigore

  • I love my India

    Ronaldo is the footballer who never makes a mistake in 2018 FIFA World Cup

  • Gaming For A Day

    Ronaldo looks serious😐

  • Merwin Dsouza

    Dazzling hat trick Ronaldo

  • Rhea dela Cruz

    Tha battle of 2 iberian countries

  • Yunus Ahmad

    Ronaldo the man who made football alive

  • Ryan Lee

    Thing messi can’t do

  • YouTube Comments

    I remember putting a 10 pound bet on this for Ronaldo to score a hatrick. That last minute free kick. 300 pound richer!

  • Danny 9876

    This video has double the view count as that of the final lmao

  • Mujeeb UR Rehman

    Ronaldo is something beyond legend 😁

  • Gabriel Masłowski


  • Tokyo Drift

    Still watching this!

  • Axel Montoya

    De gea look like pewdiepie

  • Ba Rich

    68m view who watching this clip

  • よく見る コアラ


  • Simonstar

    Ronaldo the 1 man team

  • king Soccer

    0:45 Portugal won spain won so who really won?

  • Dian Herlina

    wooww cristiano ronaldo

  • HUW1097

    Still the best game of the 2018 world cup, change my mind

  • juju mgroo

    0.52 ahhh Sir Spillsalot strikes again......

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