Rudy Giuliani and Omarosa Cause Problems for Trump: A Closer Look

Seth takes a closer look at Trump's staffing decisions coming back to haunt him as his lawyers fumble their response to the Russia probe and his White House feuds with Omarosa.
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Rudy Giuliani and Omarosa Cause Problems for Trump: A Closer Look- Late Night with Seth Meyers

Late Night with Seth Meyers #ACloserLook #LNSM #SethMeyers
  • Christine Still

    Rudy, Mueller is the most ethical man you'll ever meet. I can just see Mueller laughing at the both of you. Neither of you will admit that Trump cannot TALK WITHOUT LYING ! That is your problem. You know Trump will sit down and LIE.

  • Ray Fabris

    why fox telling trump not to watch cnn? oh that's right they report news not spread propaganda bullshit.

  • Studio Uncut

    Rudy had something to do with 911.. so I expect him to be on the side of bad.

  • SynergyCeleste

    A song about OMAROSA

  • Roman Darius

    Is Seth Meyers taking female hormones?? The older he gets, the more he looks like a tiny onl white woman

  • liberty Ann

    Let's trap lots of purgers and witches just in time for Halloween🎃

  • Lisa Myers

    I miss Obama!!The guys a fckn mental midget!

  • Omen Nemo

    I am so sick of hearing all the BS about the case when everyone knows that they are dragging the case on to impress the public into thinking something is being done when they know damn well no one is going to implicate the President of the United States in a crime against the government .

  • Mikael Vasara radio promo

    hur f kan sitta där ,bara ett bevis för att enpresidennt kan sänka skatter och sedan inte göra ett skit

  • Tj H

    purjory TRAP? Trump literally purjors HIMSELF on a regular basis with NO provocation. Trump is like criminal who insists on posting selfies with the bodies on social media.

  • Samuel don't need one

    That's exactly why he doesn't have the mind to run the country like I supposed to be his too much time spending on Twitter and crashes scrap

  • Dulles Perez

    I used to respect gulianni

  • Tucker Gary

    i'm curious : how dose rudy have time for interviews when his toungue is always stuck up trumps anus.

  • Jeroen Romijn

    Mr mueller is never work in this town again !

  • Ben Love

    This is ridiculous. Omarosa.... cray. Is this really our president? Did Donald win? What have we come to....? I fell like I'm taking crazy pills....

  • Valerie Mc Phail

    Poor America! How have the mighty fallen.

  • toney ingram

    Can't trust nothing Rudy say he married his own cousin in breed German Shepherd dog

  • Green Orchid

    Melania to Africa: RSVP keep me until this is over😲📣

  • EloquentTroll

    Just getting Trump under oath and letting him talk is a perjury trap.

  • j en

    what a bunch of clownfuck monkey fuckers

  • Christine Still

    A cop doesn't ask questions to get the answers! A good cop usually knows the answers....has witnesses & evidence, wants to see if the suspect will lie. Now, play the tape. I never did an interview without a tape recorder.

  • Linda Moody

    Republicans are weak minded people, look at how easily their leaders make suckers out of all of them at the same time with stupid tallk.

  • Masato Indou

    Everytime one of these types of republicans say "wheres the justice?" i cant help but be impressed by how thick their skin is or how dead their moral values are to be that hypocritical and pretend like its nothing

  • Korey Yearwood

    Trump and all of his friends have no relationship with the truth. They have no conscience and will say anything to savor their assess . this is insane

  • Hannah Montana

    The whole world is watching, the most powerful country, now, anyone can be America president, just follow this successful example, as long as you give beautiful false promises, like make every American billionaires and Mexico will pay for it, no matter how crazy, they willing to believe, and bang, you win, and you don’t need to deliver any false promises and no consequences.

  • auto27user

    Man, and i thought Malaysia under Najib administration is full of lies and cow dump, and here we see Trump trying to outperform the disgrace.

  • Penny Wells

    Me thinks they do protest to much.....

  • No Calvinism

    Rudy's a bigger dope and liar than Donnie!

  • 8alot4t

    Giuliani now seems to be perjuring himself. What an utter dick. They will have to widen all of the White House corridors with the number of staff and their ever growing noses!

  • James Brown

    Progressives... VOTE These Racists Cons Out 2020.

  • Leonard Weisfeld

    I half expected that piece of paper in Seth's mouth to read "LIVE FROM NY..."

  • Frank Harrod

    I just see a bunch of guys wearing neckties. Cuts circulation to the brain

  • Linda Moody

    All those republicans are fucking liars, and TRUMP has the nerve to ask for a $5 Billion loan based on his word that he'll pay us back. No chance grifter!

  • Hekasia Nyx

    "Trump was born on third base and thinks he scored a touchdown because he doesn't know how the rules work" 😂😂😂😂😂💯💯💯

  • r385671

    Giuliani is worried because he is wrapped up with Trump and the Russian mob.

  • LtJackboot

    Would have been so fucking funny to have Kate pull out a Ginsburn out of nowhere!

  • c. lince

    trump and his team are like insane clown posse

  • Robert Garcia

    Garak: 101. Of course, everything is true. Especially the "LIES", they are true too. ................. ( StarTrek: Deep Space Nine ) Why? Because once you say a lie, you can not unsay it, A lie is true to itself. It has nothing to do with reality.

  • james pond

    How does anyone consider someone who bangs porn stars, and sexually harasses other random women a germophobe??

  • Pamela Rice

    Can't wait till Nov. 6. Can't wait to see the crying liberals .... again. Absolutely can't wait....

  • Bryan C.

    The President is not a normal defendant. He should not be treated as such.

  • james mcguinness

    Rudi is on mushrooms

  • Slomowalkersays

    There is enough comedic relief in this white house to last for years to come.

  • r385671

    Trump isn't a con artist. He's more of a con finger painter.

  • Noe Berengena

    (6:35) Funny how this picture is a perfect foreshadowing of Stormy Daniels' description of Trump's weird looking equipment a month later when her book came out.

  • Marisol Pinney


  • Denise Noonan

    the vampire lies as much as trumpeted maybe more he will sink trumpterd

  • Daryl Pettiford

    I’m thinking Omarosa and Michelle Obama May be related, there’s a strong resemblance.


    12:42 was really

  • Ramona Killimanjaro

    This makes me sick to my stomach with your constant Trump bashing! I don't see how you can get away with constantly disrespecting the president and the White House,there's only a handful of you democratic fucktard's who think this is funny.

  • Deborah Hairston

    He explored already. Trump lies every time he opens his mouth. Drain the swamp

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