Lionel Messi ● Top 25 Magical Solo Goals Ever

Leo Messi's craziest solo goals scored in career

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  • Barca VN Media

    Chẳng hiểu so sánh Ronaldo vs Messi kiểu gì nữa, 1 người chỉ biết sút , chạy . 1 người bao quát cả hàng công ...quá khập khiễng .. Việt Nam điểm danh nào

  • Robert Loeder

    Wonderfully crafted video. Thank you, HeilRJ!

  • Kenfred Aludah

    Messy you embrace me

  • Nick Charitakis

    9:37 Please give the man a bag to vomit.

  • Pinar Ozge

    Np. 14 is so funny, he is moving with the ball in front of all the defense and nobody is doing anything. They are all in a line and watching, too mesmerized to move I guess. No. 4 is quite incredible. The commentator is right to scream.

  • X X

    la ptm messi porque no te moves asi en el mundial


    retard bored before 2nd is all about passion and maradona is the only god

  • jtet rfs

    His best goal was at the age of 19? It must be depressing to have peaked professionally at the age of 19, which logically implies that the rest of his career was not as good.

  • Bingquan Bao

    when I am watching thie video, I am crying for the performance of messi. I donot know the reason. But I know he is a hero. no time no space for other defenders to cut in. He persists and keeps going with his best ability. Thanks for your talent show.

  • Charbel Morel Dovonou

    cr7 is the Brest !!!!!!

  • Daniel Dray

    jesus bless u messi...

  • mud cat

    Messi’s style of play reminds me of me and my little bro back when we played. We were both some crazy goal scorers. (Obviously Messi takes it to a whole new professional level)

  • melih cem

    Er ist der beste Fussball Spieler aller Zeiten

  • rahma abdelaziz

    الكلام عربي الله لا يساكم

  • Media TVShow

    Andrés Iniesta skill shower

  • Hamza Owais

    He is awesome Forca Barca Forca Messi.....

  • adarsha kumar

    growth of billioner .For online Bussiness new way to get rich that you can reg on

  • Danuta Czewżyk

    Wspaniały Messi. Dobrze, że żyję w czasach Messiego i mogę oglądać piłkę nożną w wykonaniu Messiego.

  • Vahan Tonoian

  • Exclusive Smule HitZz

    Omg... God gifted .... Love u messi

  • Dave 312

    Messi is way ahead of Ronaldo for me, the most skilful footballer I've ever seen

  • Syed Abdul

    Messi is the best Ronaldo is a loser

  • aAa MachineàPapiche

    Mais comment on peut le comparer à d'autre joueurs

  • fayis mulakkal

    Born to be the Best ever

  • Ary Roger Souza Jack Souza

    O cara apanha e não cai Credo , Lionel Messi o maior de todos .Só falta uma copa do mundo !!!

  • Nayan Entertainment

    Boss is boos lio messi is the boss

  • Phunkybob

    It will be a sad day when messi retuires :(

  • Rabiul Islam

    I heard God whispering - Unbelievable !!!!!!!

  • Geet MP-3

    Very good player,,,, absolutely,,,

  • ottomeister

    Ronaldo is one of the best players in history of football and the BEST what u can get out of a human beeing, and Messi is not human. Nobody can do what Messi is doing. He is the best player ever lived. When u compare him to CR7... u cant... Because Ronaldo is just better at things that come with his height (16cm taller). Messi is faster, more agile, more body balanced, very obviously better at dribbling, passing and shooting, even his freekick are very much better than CR7 ones. And Messi is a Team player, he helps his defence, because he loves to win and FIGHTING for the ball. And Messi dont dive, I never saw him dive.Ronaldo dives a lot but i think that Real Madrid attitude. Thats their thing...try to hurt enemies very hard and dive whenever another touches you. Messi Ballon D'Or 2018 and Salah numero 2. <3

  • Sandile Ngwenya

    1.7k people dislike this video? Really???


    Nice :) #rafiqullahpro

  • Back in History

  • Nils Wistrom

    I watch all these videos mainly because of the commentators.

  • Lee Hargreaves

    Cristiano Ronaldo is the best Human player but Messi is better.. "Great" players may have a Youtube video showing 10 great goals in their career but Messi has a Youtube like that every year. His #1 goal against Getafe is like Maradonna's against England, but Messi has many "impossible" goals like that.I've been watching football since Pele was in the World Cup. I've watched Maradonna, Bergkamp, Cruyff, Ronaldo(s), Ronaldinho, George Best, Gascoigne and everyone. Messi is the best I have ever seen, not just occasionally, all the time, every season.He's not just the best ever, he's relentlessly the best ever. He never stops being the best ever.

  • Shubham Awate

    Best football channel on you tube

  • Jose De jesus

    el numero uno.del mundo el mejor de.todos los tiempos

  • Yunish Acharya

    how do u edit video bro

  • Games Tuber

    I think Messi is king football

  • Rai Fitness KIng

    God of football #raifitnessking

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