The Cranberries - Zombie

Music video by The Cranberries performing Zombie. (C) 1994 The Island Def Jam Music Group
  • LLxke

    Andy, The office, if you know, you know

  • Alissa Stone

    20/02/19 anyone? ???

  • NYTFHS Oh Yeah

    Love that guitar solo at 2:16 she fuckin nailed it oh oh oh oh oh a o iiiiiiiiMiss u D

  • Justin Cercone

    Such a beautiful woman r.i.p.

  • Jen love

    que padre esta esta cancion

  • Amin Sayed

    Are you here from JOHN OLIVER'S BREXIT EPISODE?

  • chris juratovac

    R.i.p to her to Chester Bennington and to chris Cornell

  • vasya pupkin

    не тот видеоряд. нужно было показать зомбированное население России и стран снг

  • MadeInChina81

    song came out in my teens and I never paid much attention so didnt like it much. The 'zombie' part annoyed me.. no idea why YouTube 'suggested' it to me, maybe cuz of Metallica. Completely newfound love for the song and band now, such fitting lyrics. Wow. When IS the violence going to end?

  • Nicolas Sarango

    Time for one billion

  • Fabian Gianni Benavides

    This must hit 1 billion views by the end of the year! This is one of the best rock songs in history! That's facts 👌

  • Medusa Petrichor

    this is so oversung at karaoke bars it loses all meaning. glad i took a break and came back to the song with the video

  • prod. lenblyou

    My music teacher showed this to us

  • em märie

    That drum beat though... ❤

  • asylum.of.edits

    Am I the only one who hears 'they're fighting with their bums and their bums'???

  • Shreeyash Pandey

    Wanna sprite cranberry ?

  • Nero7up / Madara

    This was my childhood. Playing outside with friends or playing inside the good old Minecraft. Plus wonferful times with my family. Now I'm an adult and getting more depressed from year to year. I miss the freedom. I miss my healthy soul. I miss the times.

  • Nathanial Ponn

    Do you know she died lisa

  • 可The Main Butterfly is Burning

    yeshwa implied we were all weak because we feared violence and forgot how much stronger our love is

  • Doctor Aqua Super

    I will be there, Dolores. So 2019, huh? My closing storyline has reached the end. It's real this time. It's been quite a journey. I have no regrets. I will forever love you, Mom and Richard and Aidan and West Los Angeles College Forever. This was never going to last forever. Lost forever but not forgotten. I thought I could fight my severe depression but I was wrong. I give up. Goodbye and thank you for everything. So long. May the world continue without me.

  • aesthetic nibba

    Use this as a ZOMBIE button

  • Rocco Hilly

    This song is so real that's why you feel it in your Soul .


    I was 9 when this came out..I feel so old..but this is timeless and takes me back even tho I'm 34 that's not old but it is

  • Craig Johnstone

    Thanks eminem for showing u know great music💯👍👊

  • Nicolas Shiromizu

    isabeeeeeeeeeeel, isabeeeeeeeeeeel

  • SonOfJeff

    They’re still fighting in my head - MAKE THEM STOP!!!

  • ابو ليلا الموسوي

    Oh the good old days when people listened to music for the music not the naked chics

  • INCC74656I

    why zombie? is it meant to signify the lack of thought behind the actions of killing?

  • NicoleZanderArt

    This song is so timeless. Came out in 93 and 26 years later in 2019 its still amazing.

  • Jeanann Hartman

    Totally unique voice very good song writer. Gotta love protest metal or rock R I P

  • M J

    She looks like that kid from the movie "Sixth Sense"

  • Nathan Prendergast

    Mon tf The Irish ☘️ 🔥

  • account deleted

    2019 best of the best...

  • hinxnz

    The music never dies... and so does she...

  • Salt motion


  • CŁŤɪ௱ΛŤØ௱ #DN

    Another 90s singer gone... R.I.P

  • RainbowInTheDark _7

    She's so pretty. I love how she's does that "Zombie Eh Eh Eh Oh" part. Very multi-talented woman lost way too damn early. Rest in Peace.

  • Yassir Rais

    j'ai grandi avec cette chanson depuis mon enfance j'adore cette chanson

  • jodi rahmat dandy dores

    Dolores you'll always in my mind..RIP....

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