Wingsuit Proximity Flying BASE Jumping Compilation

Want to learn to fly a wingsuit?
Ready to find a Squirrel Suit?
Want to see more of world's best wingsuiting?

Music: Coming Home - Sirensceol
  • Divyansh Sinha

    A Feeling like superman.


    People take their life's Ina game. Great !

  • Danilo Curro'

    io ci butterei la suocera.

  • Navin R. Johnson

    I would like to try Wingsuit flying but I don't think my beer gut is very aerodynamic.

  • Yuriy Saygon

    Ахренеть, как это круто! У меня больше сотни прыжков, но вот так рисковать я не готов )))

  • autotactic

    I wish I could do that but no money

  • naani

    I got so many questions

  • karma kali

    Their action speaks about their courage, dedication and hard work. Immense respect for these special people.

  • Desmobrenner

    Da brauchst du echt Eier für....

  • Tawfiq Alhtami

    هل ما أراه واقع أم اني احلم

  • Deideng

    hobby for the bored of life.🤣

  • Evgeniy Ch.

    Помрут точо не в постели.

  • Phil Graves

    Sorry ,had to turn this off as soon as that gay, crapy millennial song came on.

  • Dmarea Robinson

    No music please. The sound effects will do just fine.

  • kraasss kitaa

    For me it so dangerous, and i nervous to do that kind extreme

  • Orion Karl Daley

    Please try this for your next flight -

  • jesus mesquita

    This makes me cry 👍👍👍🎯👍👍👍

  • Tawfiq Alhtami

    هل هم يحلقون او يسقطون

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