Wingsuit Proximity Flying BASE Jumping Compilation

Want to learn to fly a wingsuit?
Ready to find a Squirrel Suit?
Want to see more of world's best wingsuiting?

Music: Coming Home - Sirensceol
  • fezftdu ,


  • Darren T

    Can someone please tell me what soundtrack this is?

  • Francisco García

    we must stop ruining this kind of sports with shitty music, theres no need of music, the sport is good enough in his own right. i know is about personal tastes.... but.. come on are u kiddin? dislike if you disagree

  • Manish Niraula

    bad ass game of this planet.

  • Ajinkya Adhau

    Can I join ur group bro❤️

  • Avoidance Technologies

    "Whose the highest risk taker in the land'?

  • julie patrizi

    I wanna do this it’s awesome

  • 3 Subscribers Without Any Videos!!!!!

    Remember the guy on dragons den a long time ago said this wingsuit idea would be a realityHe wasnt kiddingI remember Kevin O Leary saying whos getting in that suit, you?

  • d byko

    living on earth is a short and wonderful experience...basball


  • 2689 5467

    may the gods protect you when ever you take!!!!

  • Syon Cheung

    Redbull gives you wings.

  • المشاغب الكولومبي

    انا مع الحراك الشعبي

  • Dan Thomas

    Even better than the wing suit is the Gopro. Its the next best thing to being there.

  • Reza Akbar

    great channel... plis comment and klick like my channell.. thanks

  • Asipha Artist

    Young White men of all time are so creative and brave in adventurism. The world was always benefited from their creations and inventions.

  • Tobias Seeger

    "you" have no "friends" ....

  • Ash Kp

    I wish I could fly like an eagle..GODDDD

  • Bê Mốc

    Móa oi. Nhìn thích thật ấy. Nhưng sợ chết quá.

  • Zeka Torres

    O esporte mais irado do mundo ! Sou loko pra fazer um barato desse uma vez !

  • Siberian Siberian

    Хочу поставить десять лайков!

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