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♫ Tracklist ♫
00:00 Beamic - Charl's Bronx
02:54 Devaloop - No sides
06:19 Coops - That Jazz (Instrumental)
08:55 AK420 - Long Way Home
11:42 Remulak - New Cone
14:24 Devaloop - Holzige Süße (Instrumental)
16:47 Tesk - B U T T E R
18:18 KarmawiN - Killing Time
21:14 KarmawiN - Raw
24:48 snares - verwelkt
27:41 Beamic - Pack Die Reisetasche
29:08 x Snares - Zweifalt part II


🎨 Original picture by Gavin Glakas
  • hiphopdipendente fuoriconnessione

    I imagine Guru rapping on every track of the video......jazzzzmatazzzz!!!!!god save good music

  • Seth Arkin

    This is a great mix. It brings back memories of hanging out with my DJ friends in Hollywood in the late 90's-early 2000's, finding obscure electronica albums at Aaron's Records (RIP), and hearing these mellow mixes at some of the great but now long-gone restaurants in the area.

  • Jomari Masipag

    Almost 1 in the morning but still going with school works thanks to this 🔥music

  • Magdiel Betancourt

    Reminds me of Central Park I dunno why but the vibes it's giving me or something like times square

  • FamilyMan Ent

    I love the back droops

  • Nitro Nitrix

    Finna blast this track in a car, chilling, pitch black night, cold breeze, New York lights shining.

  • Reinkarnegian Channel

  • ThomasFaitChier

    It's 3am and you re in the car in the Dark and you smoke your join.. and this great song make you so chill.. love from belgium

  • Hendrik Raudleht

    Best vibe mix ever created, keep it up 😎🚬

  • Reim Estella

    nice. feels good to listen to

  • Pa Musa Ngom

    The best on YouTube. Thanks for uploading this

  • Kill La Kill Yourself

    Aw fuck yeah, that's jazzy. As smooth as a good whisky.

  • marco ninja

    I'm outsid your house in my bmw , listenning to some smooth jazz while sharpennig my 12'inch K-BAR ....Be aware

  • Samuel Rawlins

    Love this - totally gives off a New York vibe!

  • Wraith King

    Insert generic comment about music or a really long story that nobody gives a fuck about here.

  • Lamarr Sanders

    Man this mix all of it is EXTRA DOPE!!! It's been awhile since I made beats like this and this got me in the mood!!!

  • SamLikesArtFilms

    amazing! i love this mix so much!

  • Adik River

    Love it. World view is not the same)

  • Doot Doot

    This all sound like ppls vlog intro music

  • Hot Head

    keeps the flow so funky

  • Lukasz Suwaj

    Awesome sounds. Thanks for the upload.

  • D-N- JAE

    My Go to study music

  • RavenTheShaman Livestream9999

    GREAT memories! Lived up there from 2005 to 2008!

  • human151

    I love the artwork on your videos!!! Great choice. These images really ad to the chill vibe.

  • *BartierPatri* _

    I can't download the background pic, Can i have the link for it

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