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♫ Tracklist ♫
00:00 Beamic - Charl's Bronx
02:54 Devaloop - No sides
06:19 Coops - That Jazz (Instrumental)
08:55 AK420 - Long Way Home
11:42 Remulak - New Cone
14:24 Devaloop - Holzige Süße (Instrumental)
16:47 Tesk - B U T T E R
18:18 KarmawiN - Killing Time
21:14 KarmawiN - Raw
24:48 snares - verwelkt
27:41 Beamic - Pack Die Reisetasche
29:08 x Snares - Zweifalt part II


🎨 Original picture by Gavin Glakas
  • DarkOverLord23

    Perfect Driving On the Road when u sleepy my dude...S T I L L C H I L L oooh yeeea :)

  • A Scotsman

    You ever just listen to this while actually driving around New York?

  • DiamondIce 343

    This is relaxing. I enjoy this very much. Can't stop listening.

  • TheDelmo34

    shout outs to BIG L! love hearing his voice in these beats

  • ConsolePeasant 478

    its as all the cars are racing to the end of the city

  • William Harbaugh

    Now I know where Casey neistat gets his musci

  • Kirbae

    Lofi is one of the best things i've discovered recently

  • Johan VENTER

    School work is much easier listening to this

  • The Big Pescado 510

    Just smoked some top shelf and spit some freestyles for the whole 30 min 👌

  • Manic VI

    If I ever continue making videos, I'll have this song on my outro.

  • Kirbae

    I knew i’d love this as soon as i saw it in the search results. Thanks for sharing this!

  • Rafael Sal

    Perfeito pra estudar! Thanks!

  • FLAShSh0T

    My health teacher plays this on whenever we doing class work, it's so helpful

  • Unknown Identity

    I've always wanted to go to New York City...Maybe one day. ❔

  • Jin Lee

    Been a long time fan of lo-fi hip hop! Check out my EP Wonder and Wisdom for my take on the genre! (YouTube/Spotify)

  • Exor6t Beats

    Hey guys, If anyone is interested I have a Lo-Fi playlist on my account. I'm pretty new so I don't have many, but I'm working on an album and I'll be adding that as well as many others. I would appreciate any support or feedback. Thanks guys!

  • Ambilicious.Audio

    wow it sounds so cozzy!

  • ꧁i͝n͟s҉_o҉mniac̵꧂

    Our New York looks like sh*t

  • Shelly zhang

    Always calm me down when I'm anxious~ Love it!

  • Charlie ND

    I'm currently staying in New York and I thought that this would be fitting.

  • Tha Boi

    Damn watching this when high is the best thing ever

  • Andrew Campbell

    This is the best chilled hip-hop beat I have ever heard. But just listening to it, you know what would be pretty cool? I listened at the start of it, and you know what came into my head? James Bond and Homeland. What if you mixed like that kinda TV theme or film score with a nice chilled hip-hop beat. That would be pretty cool. I'd buy these tracks. They are so good. And you know what? Its just at the right pace too, its not too fast and not too slow, and you know what the 2nd track reminded me off?The bit in Tomorrow Never Dies when Bond comes into the Carver Media Place and its that music they had in the background when Bond goes to meet up with Carver, it reminds me of that kinda music. What you are doing right here? Man, its got a whole lot of potential! Oh yeah! I can chill to this. I don't need any meds, this will suit me just fine hahaha. ;) :P

  • naani

  • Les Davis

    Straight 🔥🔥🔥 fam keep it up!

  • Wael Khayat

    Low fidelity allows room for character in Music

  • shrls

    this inspired me to make this freestyle show love!

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