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♫ Tracklist ♫
00:00 Beamic - Charl's Bronx
02:54 Devaloop - No sides
06:19 Coops - That Jazz (Instrumental)
08:55 AK420 - Long Way Home
11:42 Remulak - New Cone
14:24 Devaloop - Holzige Süße (Instrumental)
16:47 Tesk - B U T T E R
18:18 KarmawiN - Killing Time
21:14 KarmawiN - Raw
24:48 snares - verwelkt
27:41 Beamic - Pack Die Reisetasche
29:08 x Snares - Zweifalt part II


🎨 Original picture by Gavin Glakas
  • xxchris_999

    I need help I wanna find a song name just check my video called "sad edit 💔" I wanna know the name of the song Plz help me

  • Padraigh

    Line up the oldschool underground mc's for this tape and you will have a classic tape in '19.

  • The Slavic Express

    Feels like walking down the street in the rainy night drinking coffee

  • gharutyunyan

    I forgot number of projects I closed listening to this. Thank to creators!

  • Saint The Barber

    man I'm sittin' here by the computer screenblinded by the glare, but I don't see a thingsick of all the social mediaand all the bullshit that their feedin' usthere's no more agree to disagreehave a different belief it's "I'm deletin ya"if Dr. King had another dream he would seethe state of the world is in an emergencyin a world full of friends, theirs a serpents seasI know you feel it deep in ya, its hurtin' meits urkin' me, have to find the urge in meto be a prophets eyes to this hypocrisybe a leader to the lambs, spread my prophecybuild damns to the tides powered by hates breezeWait freeze....---=got too busy to finish. head thoughts.

  • jim gathua

    really cool got me feelin' like dropping bars right now. LOL

  • Chris Simpleton

    14:24 very "Pete Rock" like..

  • Rostyk Kalynych

    The type of music I will listen in my Belair 924 house ❤️

  • Yurick's Channel

    Kinda strange how this is the 9th mix on an 11 mix playlist while also being titled "New York".

  • Julius Hildemann

    Great music - but to many interruptions by commercials :-/

  • Chris Simpleton

    Very "mid 90's" feel.. Dope!!

  • just another brick

    I like the static sound

  • Janiro Kennedy

    Heat!!! Makes me wanna write yeah I'm old skool I still write. Typing is not the same

  • Valencia B Byrd

    yess yess yess may I have some more  ! yessss

  • MrSteno811

    mi ricordo solo il giorno dopo di stendere i panini e se ne tengo conto le folle rumoreggiano

  • Nabidu Taylor

    Lofi music is just jazz music for millennials

  • Muurish Awakening

    Definitely the music from back home (NY). Thanks for taking me back.

  • Gabriel Palacios

    You guys have to hear this at 1.25x 🤣😭

  • SativaDesign


  • John jonh

    This makes me want to eat cocaine and trade day and night

  • cedric hamlover

    My favorite Fantastic Music video!!

  • Navid Karim

    Need this playlist in spotify

  • DeeDee

    There's so much to discover in this World, my Brothers and Sisters.

  • AeAnimator

    Best Jazz (better than lofi)

  • diannesashlee

    oh snap this is sick!

  • Athletes University

    My boss commended me for my high productivity and I said thank Fantastic Music. Plug my earbuds in and away I go!

  • bıdıbıdıbidibidi

    i was stole my first car at 1991 at hellskitchen at radio frank sinatra my way was playing good old days

  • JT James

    This style of boom bap is my favorite shit. The vibe is second to none.

  • BeNy Sdz

    dimineataCand tacut, pe pilot automat trecutNeintrerupt, in filmu meu conduc pe langa garda, ruptSuntem multi insi impins in acelasi anturajCu aceeasi fericire scumpa si de scurt metrajCu aceeasi bani fixi si frica de filajCu aceeasi scarba si nemultumire de gramajVad p***e mai varza ca mine de 10 oriCum cauta un drac deghizat in inger pazitorSi-o iau incet de pe pamant spre noriIncep sa urc pe scari, trec prin diferite stariFara sa-mi pese de urmariPrintre culori vii daca vrei sa te strecoriZi, sunt sigur ca o sa zbor rapidCa instig copiii la prostiiScoala, zici ca vrea sa faca din ei trupe comandoCopii cand n-aveti foi rupeti dintr-un caiet dictandoHalal sfat, defapt in ce hal am ajuns sa facIn ce dracu m-am bagat defaptFumam flori ilegale, cand girofaru adoarmeSe vinde linistea in grameFumam flori ilegale, fara petaleMugurii sunt singurii ce ne scot din balamaleSi doare de fiecare data cand fumamNoi deliram, deliram, deliramFumam flori ilegale, fara petaleMugurii sunt singurii ce ne scot din balamaleSi doare de fiecare data cand fumamDeliram, deliram, deliramLuni, incep sa sun 1, 4, 5 nebuniSa-i adun, ca restul vad in p***e cei mai buni stapaniTi-asumi riscul ca daca te-adun trebuie sa consumiIarba, nu tutun, si-astia nu prea se joaca multMult, mult, mult, incat sa tina pana MartiVacanta pe care o imparti cu 4, 5 tovarasi spartiPrin diferite cercuri, Miercuri apar esecuriDame cu liste de preturi se trag cu noi de sireturiJoi, OCB spune-ne de unde sa le luam plineCu cine dracu trebuie sa mai vorbimVineri, facem plinu fara retineriRetine ca viata-i scurta si noi suntem tineriFumam flori ilegale, fara petaleMugurii sunt singurii ce ne scot din balamaleSi doare de fiecare data cand fumamNoi deliram, deliram, deliramFumam flori ilegale, fara petaleMugurii sunt singurii ce ne scot din balamaleSi doare de fiecare data cand fumamDeliram, deliram, deliramFumam, fumam, fumamADVERTISINGinRead invented by Teads

  • Noelia B

    voy a n-y en agosto, alguien recomienda algún bar para escuchar jazz en vivo?

  • Hybridsixtynine

    I passed my bachelor listening to this. Thank you so much.

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