‘Cornerstore Caroline’ Viral Video Outrage, Warren DNA Results, & Trump Comments on Saudi Journalist

MONDAY. Hope y’all had a good weekend, Nation. Let’s just jump into it…
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Important Links/Sources:
‘Cornerstore Caroline’ Viral Video: https://www.nytimes.com/2018/10/12/nyregion/woman-calls-police-black-boy-brooklyn.html

Elizabeth Warren DNA Test:

Jamal Khashoggi’s Disappearance:
https://www.apnews.com/83aaea8dfba64402ade0feedfb8c569c https://www.theguardian.com/world/2018/oct/15/how-much-damage-can-saudi-arabia-do-to-the-global-economy
Edited by: James Girardier
Produced by: Amanda Morones
Art Director: Brian Borst
Writing/Research: Philip DeFranco, Cecelia Applegate, Neena Pesqueda, Dylan Siegel
#DeFranco #Trump #CornerstoreCaroline
  • Zoe McMahon

    Phil I’m pretty disturbed how you left the sexual assault story. I feel like you’re acting like she maybe didn’t do it out of racism when she 100% did. That was a video of racism. White women have been doing that forever. That was almost a modern day Emmett till.

  • Clairo Z

    If I thought someone grabbed my ass, and then was attacked for asking about it, i'd call the cops too.

  • Noah Cohen

    Again, really good video. This is some high quality news dissemination. Thanks, DeFranco Team.

  • ZomBiE_TraSh

    wow classic Trump, thinks Indians and Native Americans are the same thing.

  • Jim Fortune

    Steve Mnuchin will take a moral stand on this issue. Just kidding.

  • Michelle Park

    Lol brushed up on her astronomical ass

  • Maya Lynn

    I've never met a white person that self identifies as a Buddhist who isn't a huge douche.

  • Kelly Christine

    I would punch that woman in the face if that were my kid. Good thing the mom was calm. 😂😂😂

  • Philip DeFranco

    FOR THOSE SAYING THE VIDEO IS PRIVATE: It's not, I promise. YouTube has had this glitch for about a week and as of this upload, it looks like they still haven't fixed it. SO FUN. Sorry if you got here and the video wouldn't play, refresh the page again if you're still having the issue. Thanks for sticking around and tuning in. <3Cornerstore Caroline (00:06), Warren DNA Results (3:49), TIA (5:40), Saudi Arabia Journalist (6:34)

  • Jake38nine

    People bet money on a lot of stupid shit and never pay up. That's all I see this is from Trump. The media just wants to make it a bigger thing because the media hates Trump. Pretty sure Obama has made "bet jokes" too and Hillary has said many worse things than Trump ever has. People, get the fuck over it.

  • Jumping Jax

    LMFAOOOO! What is going on at 3:35???? 😂😂😂😂😂

  • Tom fair

    Im anti violence but please someone slap that woman silly... kids are off limits!!! Play your games with adults who can fight back. WARREN, my wife is actually 44% American Indian and receives NO benefits or jobs r/t her heritage. The reason, she said that she does nothing with that group and felt it would be robbing true tribe members that these programs are for. No matter what bs is said ,she used it for school and job placement.

  • Jay Mel

    They probably have the audio, but because the consulate is bugged.

  • Lesley Tate

    Someone calls the cops on my 9yr old for NOTHING I won't just be quiet and go away either. Racist, pure and simple

  • Chrispm84

    As much as I hate Trump, I hate how this situation has constantly had context removed from it, including in this video. If you watch the whole video, it's made clear by Trump that he's stating what he might say in a hypothetical conversation with Warren. He did not say that he would do it, but rather that he might say that he would. It's the difference of my saying "I might tell Trump that I'd give him half of my life savings for a high five." vs "I'd give Trump half of my savings for a high five." One of those sentences is a hypothetical and the other is a plain statement. I can't stand Trump 99% of the time, but what those on my side of the political scale do to warp what he says, which happens far too often, annoys me even more. He's completely capable of making a fool of himself.Mr. Defranco, in the future, please don't take things out of context like this. I really enjoy your show because you're usually very unbiased with most topics. And again, Trump really doesn't need you to help make him look bad. That's actually a job he can manage all on his own.

  • Tina Jackson

    The Elizabeth Warren thing is ridiculous. She did it to not lose a family heritage and carry on a proud family story of having Native American ties. The fact that it is tied to Trump and his comments is sad. I don’t believe she has received any special treatment or privileges due to her changing her race to Native American.

  • P. H

    Bitch every human originated from African, I don’t go around calling myself African genuinely stfu

  • Christine Near

    I also technically have Native American blood in me I am I believe 1/16th Native American but my family is pretty sure it is because this woman was raped. I would never consider myself Native American. I did not grow up in that culture nor am I actually genetically close enough to have any real blood connection. I think it would be wrong to place any claim on being Native American especially because it probably came out of a woman being raped. I am a liberal but I think it is disgusting that Warren claims to be Native American.

  • Hope Hurley

    He's a kid. He probably doesn't understand the concept of sexual assault.

  • Omar Munoz

    Do people still edit their videos with the play/pause effect? 😒

  • al katraz

    Believe all whamen! #metoo

  • rasta man

    one thing here everyone seemed to miss about warrens DNA test...the DNA used to identify warren as native american wasnt actually native american DNA..it was indigenous peoples in Mexico, Colombia, and Peru, not native north american...so shes exactly 1/1024 th of nothing native american.

  • Matthew Wong

    1/64th Native American? For once I agree with him, who cares?

  • Yourowner

    Okay ive had this happen me brushing up against a women and she threated to call the police but ....... after she threw her self and then i was able to tell her it was an accident and not ment to happen both partys cooled down and moved on in life this was just to far for both party's to go but if you get touched and don't know whats going on until its explained should you be yelled at? like this women she didn't deserved to get yelled at she deserved a "im sorry this happened he doesn't grab people so it was most likely 100% an accident and i will talk with my child about the space of other people" but instead the yelled at the victim as she thought what she was doing is right i feel sorry for her that this happened and im embarrassed that as people we cant come to terms with anything

  • OoWeE Comics

    #believeallwomen until they can be accused of racism, because it's way easier to accuse someone of racism than rape

  • Jay Mel

    Oh my god those poor children, they’re so scared and crying. How heartless that woman is.

  • Lantern of Diogenes

    As a WHITE woman with native American history, I find it incredibly irresponsible for Warren to check that box, she has not a single clue as to what life is like as a native American woman. Not one clue. In the same token niether does Trump and i find this entire back and forth extremely rude to real Native Americans who live true native lives, respect thier history and don't have the luxury to pick white woman or native on a box.

  • Megan McMillan

    Did Trump actually refer to Native Americans as Indians? Unfuckingreal...

  • Jason P

    Dear Saudi Arabia,Please try to send oil to $400/barrel.Love,Canada

  • Indira Gutierrez

    As a kid, if the adult in front of me stopped walking abrupty my enitre face would hit their bum.

  • CNC295

    1X1024th does not make her native America. ROFLMAO - Trump owes here nothing.

  • jsonic

    Anybody who thinks that crazy woman is in the right is just as looney tunes as she is. :D

  • Iony Ion

    Gotta love how you totally ignore the fact that the Cherokee Nation dismissed her claims as Native American. It's okay Phil, keep calling yourself objective and unbiased. What you choose not to cover says just as much about a channel/narrative as what you choose to cover.

  • Richard Jolly

    Where is the CNN calling Kanye a uneducated negro news story?

  • Puggles

    Cornerstore Caroline needs Betterhelp.

  • Shyhalu

    I'm 1/2014 Black, I'm gonna go register for welfare and start listing myself as Black on those diversity forms. Because you know, my family's history is dying out or something.

  • Morgan Houze

    The video of the little boy crying is the most heartbreaking thing. Shame on her.

  • Iony Ion

    Trump should give Warren 1/64th - 1/1024th of a million dollars LMAO

  • Strange Tamer

    I had hope, but ur trash. Gg.

  • Jim Fortune

    "I didn't say that." That's Trump every time he gets caught in a lie. Does he not know about video recording?

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