This Is Why Ariana Grande Dumped Pete Davidson смотреть онлайн бесплатно в хорошем качестве hd 720 фильм

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The whirlwind romance and engagement of Ariana Grande and Pete Davidson seems to be over. While many were left unsurprised by the news, the question still lingers — why? Let's get to the bottom of the end of summer 2018's most lit love affair, and break down the real reasons these two broke up...

Moving too fast | 0:18
Missing Mac | 0:54
Family feud | 1:35
Insecurities | 2:34
Objects of desire | 3:18
One less problem | 4:19

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  • crimsonshadow42

    butthole eyes... nuff said

  • Jim Kirk

    what did she ever see in him?on the other hand it gives hope to unattractive guys out there!if Pete can get Ariana , then I could do way better!!!!!

  • divark

    Great analysis, you could have an A on this subject

  • Zintle Sesethu

    thank u Ariana Grande u really made my day buy dumping this guy and may god bless you and just know that mac miller will always love you

  • summer aiak

    She came out with a new song and cut her hair, no she's done. Lol

  • Nercy Demeterio

    Dude looks like shrek's friend...the donkey

  • Bailee L

    But also wasn’t he sending naked photos of him and Ari to Mac..?

  • Jerry Huang

    She has poor choice in men

  • Filmtress Mu

    She looks like a clone and he reeks of a Satanist.

  • Nicki Swift

    Why do you think Ariana Grande and Pete Davidson broke up?

  • LauDor08

    All the reasons in the video seemed like valid reasons for Ariana and Pete to break up. Especially moving too fast and possibly being more infatuated than in love. Still a better explanation than the bullshit I read that said Pete sent Mac intimate pictures of him and Ariana and that's why he overdosed, thus killing himself. Obviously, I don't know Pete personally and we all know people aren't always what they seem, but even with him joking about his mental stability and all his jokes, nothing about him screams cold blooded so as a Pete Davidson fan, I'd like to think he wouldn't do something like that.

  • Austin Ullery

    is it because he was mad ugly?

  • jenna khan #selenator

    when pete smiles i honestly see a donekey ! or ass 😂

  • Aaron W

    Frankly living in his sisters shadow....

  • Imogen Lois

    I can’t believe she fell for him he’s so ugly!

  • Gemma Jowett

    He looks like a burnt potato 😖😖 and sounds drunk ☻

  • Ariel Carlos

    It was the reverse . he dumped her for eating donuts with out paying for them first. 😏

  • Chance The Rapper

    This dude gave me hope. If he can get Ariana, Jay Z watch out...

  • Alice Iradukunda

    Why he look like a zombie?

  • Abigail J

    He looks like a drug addicted donkey

  • scrubl0rd

    Yea, Ariana, you actually are a hot piece of meat for guys' pleasure; and a massive bank account. I'm allowed to say that as fact because it's how women judge men: looks, money, and THEN personality.

  • i am the tired

    He looked like a sewer rat companion next to ari

  • Aly Chang

    Pete really does look like a crack head😉

  • Spanky Gaming

    How come he looks like he’s on meth


    No offense but why would this beautiful angel MARRY SHERKS STEP BROTHER WTF

  • Red

    He looks like Kevin from spongebob

  • Ryan Ewing

    Sucks Ariana has a cool personality and seems really chill she’s not even that hot lame people have to suck

  • Tronald Dump

    Oh no Ariana Pete gets high! Meanwhile that slag Demi is slamming more heroine than every rock band combined and everyone says poor baby it’s just so hard for her

  • ThxForLoggingIn

    I never found Pete attractive tbh lol 😂

  • Nina Borghese

    Maybe she also really hated how Pete always talked about their sex life. He was insanely open with Howard Stern, she doesn’t seem like the type who would be okay with her sex life being so public with millions of people in on it. He was gross. So insecure because she’s so beautiful, I guarantee part of that was some form of self sabotage because he really couldn’t believe he “deserved” her. More common than you might think, but made worse by being so famous and hearing every day that she’s too good for you.

  • Ana Carenzio

    I just wish Malcom died knowing she was gonna dump Pete 😢

  • Christianna Pearson

    Yeah, let's all talk about Pete Davidson as if he doesn't have an auto-immune disease that causes him to look the way he does. Let's call him a junkie as if medical and recreational cannabis are as bad as heroin and the opiods that most people get prescribed from their doctor. Get over yourselves.

  • Minty._. Fresh

    Like Ariana grande said some people said I’m moving to fast but this one gonna last cause her name is ari and I’m so good with that wise words

  • Brianna Gibson

    All this is lies Ariana Grande broke up with Pete cause he was cheating on her with another girl

  • iiAlyPlayz

    sis he look like he got some chicken noodle soup on his head

  • Quicc-_-

    Yeah the question why does linger! Why does anyone give a shit!

  • Yellow Sunshine


  • Pumpkin the Wonder Pug

    Well if MM was a sacrifice then PD just missed the reaper...

  • geester crevee

    Nobody's business why. Leave them alone.

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