This Is Why Ariana Grande Dumped Pete Davidson смотреть онлайн бесплатно в хорошем качестве hd 720 фильм

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The whirlwind romance and engagement of Ariana Grande and Pete Davidson seems to be over. While many were left unsurprised by the news, the question still lingers — why? Let's get to the bottom of the end of summer 2018's most lit love affair, and break down the real reasons these two broke up...

Moving too fast | 0:18
Missing Mac | 0:54
Family feud | 1:35
Insecurities | 2:34
Objects of desire | 3:18
One less problem | 4:19

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  • rihanna navy

    I like grande but theres an emotional instability in her relationships with people. Jeannette mccurdy and victoria justice. . . I think ari is drawn to drama.

  • Han Man

    Gtfoh all u media Whores are the problem

  • Queen Eva


  • Ronald Isabel

    I'm sure she knew about his drug use

  • six bullets is bad at destiny

    She lossed her virginity to mac probably

  • KellieSand04

    He smokes weed, not crack!

  • Curtis Washington

    Because his skin begins to melt in sunlight?

  • chomel yhang

    I'm so happy yeeheeey...!!!

  • Javier Munoz

    Biased as fuhhhhhhhh

  • Ncan Ncin

    The Best Choice For Pete.anyway , he a lot look better after breakup with ariana LOL 😂Go With Kate Is A Perfect Choice Pete. 👍😂

  • Ethan Samuels

    she only miss mac coz he gone

  • Cameron Pryor

    Wonder if she would date a fan I’ll take one for the team

  • Ciprian Gheorghe

    He's too good for her anyways.

  • mohamed haji bashir

    he looks weird not like a human🤔🤔🤔🤔

  • Clarissa Osorio

    After she heard that Mac died she must have felt bad and made a song and did it on SNL that just broke daivisons heart by just singing a song about her ex’s and she made the song for Mac then somebody asked her why was Mac not talked about in the music vid she replied “he was right beside me the whole time”. R.I.P Mac miller

  • Maria Flores

    Mac miller was the one

  • Leon Karinae

    Bunch of puppets on a stringCommodities for mass consumption... A manufactured sex doll such as Ariana Grande would never know what true love means... I'm sorry for her cuz in the end... She is just an abused child with everything outside and nothing inside. ... And that phony fake gay dude... BlahHe looks like if Mugatu (zoolander) had sex with a transgender chimpanzee and made Pete as a result.. Poor kidJust another mk ultra slave!

  • Tyler Durden

    Knew it wasn't going to last. She's just too far out of his league and she lost interest.

  • Bohemia Lite

    Pete Davidson looks like the guy from the episode men I forgot his name the character.

  • E Z

    Wait what? He seems pretty insecure

  • Siri Olsen

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  • Ma My

    I think He dumbed her

  • MrAussieJules

    maybe one day she will learn to be a loving woman, not a spoilt brat. then she will marry a guy like.burt reynolds or sean connery, or a navy seal. but i doubt it. spells trouble for her as she ages.

  • Lily

    Ariana left Pete because it was the worst time for her, to be in the relationship.Not only that she has milions of fans that expect her to do amazing music but also as we all know, she got through sooooooo much so It’s normal she wants to focus on her self.

  • UltravioletStudios -

    All of these grande fans coming at Pete in the comments smh. He might have problems but making fun of that helps no one. You all should stfu and leave him alone.

  • Maliken

    They broke up because Pete Davidson failed a major shit test on Howard Stern, whom set him up with a killer question just like he did with the Fall Out Boy frontman & bassist. "Do you stop and wonder how you got a girl so unbelievably hot" ~ HowardDavidson's response was something like this: 1. "some people are just meant to be together." 2. he self deprecated himself 2:503. We were in bed together and we went through my phone and I asked her why she would choose me over ANY of the 1 Direction boys. "I was like, really? Me? Over them?"You can't do that to the hunter-gatherer female directive. She will toss you aside mate. It will always go unforgotten. The fallout boy kid did the same thing when he talked to Stern about looking in the mirror doing anal with Ashlee Simpson and I was like, "I can't believe I got a girl like this". They divorced. You cannot talk about fight club m8

  • travis morrison

    Really its just fn weedddd

  • Katie Marie

    Thought I'd end up with Shaun but he wasn't a match wrote song songs about Ricky now I listen and laughter even almost got married and for Pete I'm so thankful wish I could say thank you to malcom cuz he was an angel

  • Panagiotis Giotis

    He needed the drugs, he needs to cope with his illness

  • Usxless

    What is Pete famous for????

  • Juliette

    This is old and mean and should be taken down . Everyone knows this stuff🤷🏻‍♀️✌🏽

  • Black Girl Prepper

    Regular people and celebrities should keep their dating or relationships private. Stay off of social media telling the world who you're dating! Don't go to "red carpet" events together! Just do things in private!!!

  • David Farnell

    I think the moment it was over was the moment she realized that she was Arianna Grande and he was Pete Davidson.

  • TheAxMan

    I just wish she wouldn't date sober people all the time

  • Nicki Swift

    Why do you think Ariana Grande and Pete Davidson broke up?

  • Prettypinkdork

    After recent events I’d say there’s a decent chance he dumped her

  • Jerome Isaac

    His skin looks like shit

  • Alima LimesBost

    To be honest, the only thing that threw me off in Ariana Grandes new songs is that she has to put what she and her love do in bed, which is between her and her love. But also to be honest, in this new year, thats all people talk about. So I'm not supised.

  • MaraAutumn J

    I think Pete is attractive

  • Catherine Diane

    "felt objectified" says the woman who is scantily clad in her videos that are provocative and sexually charged! 🤷

  • Burger Terminator

    She's not that hot

  • Michael bell

    He used all his material up, nothing to talk about

  • sandra terry

    Sick of hearing about these two. They moved on now would you.......geez

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