10 REAL Kids Who Are One in A Million

Top 10 amazing children you won't believe actually exist
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In this video are ten unusual kids you won’t believe exist. Some of these kids were born with health conditions and disabilities while others discovered a unique talent. Some of these kids also accomplished something incredible for their age, bringing on media attention and exposure to the rest of the world. While these kids are unique and different, the world should remember that they are just kids, and are entitled to a childhood just like the rest of us, even if it is unique. These kids are one in a million.

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  • Mike Simoneaux

    I love that beautiful girl and adorable Indian boy. God bless all of them!

  • Gacha Girls

    I saw gabby Williams on tv once but that was a few years ago

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  • Reham Elfarmawy

    it does not matter how u look or if ur very different from other people just be ur self and don't bully people and call them names then the people that u bully will be sad and might bully other people be ur self and don't think that being different is a bad thing its a good thing.

  • TheRichest

    CHECK OUT "Famous People Who Seriously Let Themselves Go"https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=j7OYN_RZv1I

  • Broke Busted

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    Everyone is beautiful

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    Cool but sad to be sad

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