Spinal Cord Injury Recovery 2015 | Paraplegic | Prateek | T12 Incomplete | January-December 2015

My name is Prateek. I reside in Bangalore, India. I have a T12 Incomplete Spinal Cord Injury which I suffered in May 2014. It left me with no motor and sensory functions below the waist. The video shows my recovery efforts in a home based environment in 2015. I hope my video shows that RECOVERY IS POSSIBLE. Watch my other recovery videos on the same channel : https://www.youtube.com/user/prateekkhandelwal5/
Enroll for my Spinal Cord Injury Home Recovery Program : https://www.facebook.com/scihomerecovery/
Connect with me on prateekkhandelwal5@gmail.com. Keep fighting!
  • aleem ____sir

    Sir i am also patient 3 years's my opret has been done in karachi liyaqat national ..so plz sir help men me from pakistan my cell no 03068371341

  • Sampuran Yadav

    Sir mera d5 d6 fracture ho gaya ha 4 months ho gaya recovery nahi hua ha

  • pragati savant

    I have my brother who can’t walk he is in bed from 7 years and I want him to stand on his own legs please suggest me

  • noor mujassam

    Call me this nmb 03006556431

  • sadflute

    https://youtu.be/7g-H88oCKzM best video on YouTube

  • Cynth G

    Yea i did noy get the family help like you do so im lost stuck in a chair

  • Yug Singh

    Bro from where you are taking physiotherapy

  • Santa Lukam

    Hi. I am also a spinal cord injury patient since 2011 my skyper: giang.tran67

  • Joe Campos

    I am a c7 vertebrae injury I can move my feet and feel them think there's a chance of me walking again?

  • MD Aamir

    Sir mere Bhai ko kamar ke nyche koi bhe part nahi kham karta hai 6mont huwa hai please please please help me sir

  • NickWheelchairBLOG

    https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=bHUJQKvIkXYvideo how to get dressed in a wheelchair

  • sonu alam

    Hello bro. Mera bhi T12 farcture hai mai bhi bahut pareshan hoo bhai please ye mera number hai ispe contact karo bhai please 9128187512🙏🙏

  • Dinesh Rathour

    Sir plz help me me c4c6 ka pesant hu plz 9639732166

  • Kuldeep raj Sarmal

    Sir June 2011 Sci with l4 l5 l6 multiple vertical injury hui thi now I am walk with 3leg stick but left foot ke fingers uthati nahi hai foot drop ko kaise theek kare plz suggest vedio

  • Professor of Perseverance

    I'm paralyzed from plying football. I sub, please return the sub so we can support each other. Have a blessed day.

  • Ajit Mishra

    Hello Prateek. Need to talk with you. Pls contact me @9831392911

  • rida ishtiaq

    i m from Pakistan ..and i got an ancident in Feb 2018..my i got injury from D12 its like compression from D12. im sill on bed .. can stand ewith supports.. give me any advice plz

  • Motivational,inspirational,love,etc.....(Shot Film)

    Hello sirApne konsa cathater use kea tha?

  • Bhaskar Dey

    Sir, i have been suffering for spinalcord injury for 6years... but now i can walk with help of walker and Elbow crutches... but sir, Elbow crutches ke help se walk karneke baad se mere knee me thorasa problem horahahe...jab se me elbow crutches walk karrahau tab se mere knee thorase pi6ese band hogaya.. internet me dekhatoh isse "banana legs" kehete hai... me pu6na chatahu, aap konsi Knee brace use kia jab elbow crutches walk kia?

  • రజక కామాన్ మ్యాన్ వాయిస్

    Hi sir 2011 spinal cord L4,L5 surgeryAfter iam not walking Wheelchair & bed reastPlz your contact number

  • Zaver Chheda

    Superb, Apka phon number pls My number 9819804421 pls call me

  • prasad tech and electrical telugu

    Hii bro im also spinal cord injury completed i have no leg moments can help with any tips moments my legs

  • Puja S

    I hope you can walk now

  • A Y

    You are so determined to walk! Your determination will be blessed. Jehovah God give us this loving promise in a better world at Isaiah 35:6, ” At that time the lame will leap like the deer, And the tongue of the speechless will shout for joy. For waters will burst forth in the wilderness, And streams in the desert plain." You are not alone in your efforts. Jehovah will see to it that you will walk and run as you please, in Paradise here on Earth. Keep up your fight spiritually and physically.

  • Yogamaya Rout

    Bro are u fyn now....Can u walk now like before?????

  • amit Matre

    Please share me ur contact no

  • Kalyani Banerjee

    I want to talk to you in details bcz my husband has facing same problem since 2008

  • omi tripathi

    Sir mera d3 d4 me fracture ho gaya h or mera operation 1month pahle hua aj mai dusaro ki help se baith jata hu mai kb tk chalne laguga sir plz bataiye

  • prathap Sanike

    Pls call me 9493081054

  • Asif Asif

    bro your bladder and blow now control

  • Sharon FLOYD

    Congratulations on all your hard work. Now go out and live your life. God bless

  • sumit sisodia

    Hi Prateek , My younger brother have same problem. Please help me to guide the rehabilitation.


    Prateek how are you doing now? i have feelings of empathy towards your suffering. i am God gifted healer using ancient healing techniques and herb oils for skin, glands and pain issues. i am into holistic healing since childhood for more than 4 decades and prepare herb oils for more than 20 years. my services have always been absolutely free without any vested interests for the love of God and Humanity. my wife too was totally paralyzed below her ribs 22 years ago and has since recovered about 90%. if you feel that i can be of help to you then please let me know. i am currently residing in Qatar and planning to visit Mangalore/Bangalore shortly. email lanmatp@gmail.com

  • Monu Gupta

    7 year from pair nhi chal rahe hai theek ho jayege

  • Mardham Pavan

    I am 42yrs lady my L1disc was fractured there was numbness in left leg and in buttocks I had surgery 2months back till I have numbness in buttocks and also lack of urine and bowel sensation I can walk slowly how much time it will take to be normal help me someone

  • aleem ____sir

    Sir muja ingish zyada ni ati sir men 2 years 6 month say bed pay hun sir mera opret b howa 2016 july ko so abhe tak koi improvment feel ni ho rhi ha sir sir pleasss help men ..

  • Nitesh Gaur

    सर मेरा 2016 में एक्सीडेंट हुआ था जिसमें L1 फ्रैक्चर हुआ था और ऑपरेशन करके प्लेट लगा दी गई हैं अभी तक फिलहाल कोई मूवमेंट नहीं है कमर से नीचे कोई ट्रीटमेंट हो तो बताएं मैं लखनऊ और बनारस में ट्रीटमेंट करा चूका दोसा कोई फायदा नहीं है

  • noor mujassam

    I am spinal cord injury and I after surgery m recovery in 7 months I totally walking

  • fz couture

    I hope that you are able to arrive at the end with of the road successfully my father has the same healthy situation too

  • علاء الدين عبدالله

    سبحان الله دعواتكم ربنا يشفيني ويشفي جميع المرضي

  • Ambuj Singh

    What an inspiration Prateek! I will work harder at my recovery now!

  • gary bangalisan

    sir please help my wife,she can't walk,more than two years,now shes pregnant,

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