The history of the simpsons смотреть онлайн бесплатно в хорошем качестве hd 720 фильм

this is the evolution of the most popular familly

Update I created a second channel for simpson content only this is the
  • Eric Xoring

    Homer’s voice is different?

  • stupid steve

    Oh I know the original Simpsons show, they were called the Sompsons

  • Tex Hewitt

    Do the homer shake classic

  • ZooPY ZooP

    The old Simpsons are Retarded

  • Ella Spivey

    I may be the only one to like the look of the early Simpsons.

  • Charlie Ong


  • NewOne-

    1:54 Bart is doing the default dance O.O

  • TheRandomGuyChannel YT

    In the first one, they are eating steamed grapes

  • Curlyheadluny

    1:54 was Bart gonna do the default dance??

  • Emerson Kay

    1:37 caught me so off guard

  • `` PlagueDoctor ``

    Is it weird I like the original Simpsons better?

  • Sami Van Aalderen

    At the end when they all danced I cryed of laughing

  • The Driftin AE86 and The GT86

    The new Simpsons are the best for me

  • canibal3240

    Maggie has full grown baby teeth

  • Adventure Boy

    I don't know why but I like the this version

  • ainje ukulele

    "Anyone who dosent get his or her butt here pronto will go without dessert!"Me: I DON'T EVEN GET DESERT!!!

  • termtune

    BART ! play on th oo se cookies bart

  • Matthew Lucas

    If anything still curious about how Fox will let go of this show one day .Were now on season 30

  • Shrikar Subramaniam

    The original simpsons looked so retarded

  • Cure dream///🖤🖤🖤 does fandubs

    1:34 holy shit XD she got sum movies

  • RappingBeanieDog

    the oldest simpsons looks ugly because it's a horrible style and just looks uncanny compared to the actual show. Then the latest seasons are kinda ugly because they're cookie cut shaped and pretty much feeling inhuman in some way. I don't know how to explain it, but it's I guess? I know people still make the show, but it just has something I don't like.

  • Salty Boi

    Marge in the first one looks like a high ass bird wtf

  • immy_roze gymnast

    The old homer and marge look soo strict

  • Härra Elutu

    0:28 When your teacher sees that you are cheating

  • Isaacro067 ツ

    0:40 Homer's Voice Was So Loud And Also Really Retarded

  • block meme

    After many year of evolution the kids still kids XD

  • nye-nye99 Dexion!

    1:38 me when I binge on Futurama at 2:00 AM2:01 when it's KRIKMMMAAAAAA!

  • Carmela Napoli

    The is the best why is everybody calling.animation.creepy it 😎😇👏👌😗😙😚💟👍😙😆🙂 and its.perfect.dont😢😩😧 if im everywhere plz

  • McLovin McLovin

    That got so depressing at the end

  • Tgtv fire the animator

    Why is her hair so long

  • incredible gamer

    1:57 Spot the grinch!

  • Maxwell Mazur

    Maggie is THE SHIT!!

  • Ledian Gamer

    Do the hommer ca da retta

  • Christian Arteaga

    Lisa is trying to be a snitch on bart

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