The history of the simpsons смотреть онлайн бесплатно в хорошем качестве фильм

this is the evolution of the most popular familly

Update I created a second channel for simpson content only this is the
  • Shrikar Subramaniam

    The original simpsons looked so retarded

  • Cha cha Real smooth

    Lift up the bowl 🅱️OI

  • Tina Tedder

    I know that one in 1987 looked creepy

  • NewOne

    1:54 Bart is doing the default dance O.O

  • Curlyheadluny

    1:54 was Bart gonna do the default dance??

  • termtune

    BART ! play on th oo se cookies bart

  • Maxwell Mazur

    Maggie is THE SHIT!!

  • Cami Flora

    And act retarded to cause Marge said the cookie is of limits uh hello Mcfly what happens when the cookies uh I don't know EXIPRE !!!!!! there a bunch of stupids

  • Eric Xoring

    Homer’s voice is different?

  • stupid steve

    Oh I know the original Simpsons show, they were called the Sompsons

  • incrediyo

    1:57 Spot the grinch!

  • Emerson Kay

    1:37 caught me so off guard

  • Blankman !?!?!

    I like the second one

  • angel

    "Anyone who dosent get his or her butt here pronto will go without dessert!"Me: I DON'T EVEN GET DESERT!!!

  • immy_roze gymnast

    The old homer and marge look soo strict

  • Tgtv fire the animator

    Why is her hair so long

  • McLovin McLovin

    That got so depressing at the end

  • TheRandomGuy / TyToonz YT

    In the first one, they are eating steamed grapes

  • Salty Boi

    Marge in the first one looks like a high ass bird wtf

  • Cami Flora

    May be it's just me cause I think they will get a cookie after dinner

  • Matthew Lucas

    If anything still curious about how Fox will let go of this show one day .Were now on season 30

  • Broken ψ

    My mom actually watched it when she was a kid/Teen, She seen very old episodes.

  • Krix Pro

    0:28 When your teacher sees that you are cheating

  • June Millington

    The 1987 one is creepy

  • Christian Arteaga

    Lisa is trying to be a snitch on bart

  • PotatoBird Gaming

    1:38 me when I binge on Futurama at 2:00 AM2:01 when it's KRIKMMMAAAAAA!

  • Xelnop Gaming

    0:15 The Food Came From Marge's Hair 😂

  • block meme

    After many year of evolution the kids still kids XD

  • Adventure Boy

    I don't know why but I like the this version

  • Its KevinG

    Wtf look at her mouth 0:03😶😶

  • ZooPY ZooP

    The old Simpsons are Retarded

  • Ella Spivey

    I may be the only one to like the look of the early Simpsons.

  • Carmela Napoli

    The is the best why is everybody calling.animation.creepy it 😎😇👏👌😗😙😚💟👍😙😆🙂 and its.perfect.dont😢😩😧 if im everywhere plz

  • Who am I?

    Do the hommer ca da retta

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