Rolling Sky - Play All Speed Levels in Half Screen [TIPS]

Rolling Sky - Playing all speed levels in half screen | 100% Complete, all gems and crowns by Tuan Nguyen
This video was made for entertaining purposes, not anything else. I made this video because of reasons below:
1. We have been had 3 new updates with 3 acceleration levels, and I feel pretty tired with this speed (I did replay these 3 many times)
2. Lilliput is fun at first. But now, feeling less funnier, so I decided to try this way to find something new within the gameplay.
Actually, in this video, I used Reachability function on my iPhone 7 plus. The feature makes it quicker and easier to reach to content at the top of the screen. Reachability is currently available on the iPhone 6, iPhone 6 Plus, iPhone 6S, iPhone 6S Plus, iPhone 7 and iPhone 7 Plus. The solution requires you to double-tap the home button.
This video contains all speed levels, that are Bonus 21 Christmas Gospel, Level 34 Golden Christmas and Level 33 Faster (the 3 newest levels). After these 3 speed levels, I do hope Rolling Sky official team will bring us more surprise in future levels (without acceleration, of course).
New Year 2019 will be coming soon. Best wishes to all of you guys.
***[Christmas Gospel is out]***
New Level: Christmas Gospel! Wish you a happy new year!
Level Collection: Enjoy the Christmas and Halloween collection of levels!
Daily Gift Box: Sign in for free lives and unlimited gameplay!
Event Countdown: Collect fragments to unlock Alan Walker themed levels! This event is about to end soon, hurry up!

Christmas Gospel (Bonus 21) - Perfect ways:
Dancing Line - Christmas Party:
Dancing Line x Rolling sky - All Winter Levels:
Dancing Line - The Earth (Color remix):
Dancing Line - The Racing:
~~~ Rolling Sky All Levels (Reversed Themes):
~~~ Rolling Sky 2/Rolling Dream:
~~~ Rolling Sky 2/Rolling Dream | Pre-alpha:
~~~ Rolling Sky All Levels (Widescreen):
~~~ Rolling Sky All Levels (Portrait mode):
~~~ Rolling Sky All Levels (Non-Themed vs Normal):
~~~ Dancing Line Missing Textures (Part 1):
~~~ Dancing Line Missing Textures (Part 2):
~~~ Dancing Line All Levels:
~~~ Dancing Line All Levels (No Animation glitch):
~~~ Dancing Line All Early Animation Levels:
~~~ Dancing Ball All Stages (Dark Mode included):

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  • 徐麒麟

    Only apple can do TuNa Way?

  • Nur Wahida

    U almost show ur face reveal lol

  • Bảo Lê Hoàng

    You're probably the most talented player of RS :))

  • Jaden The Gamer YT

    How do you move your thumb like that lol especially on getting all the gems and crowns in the Christmas gospel

  • Hữu Trọng

    rolling sky all level easy waypleaseee!!!

  • NeonBolt

    TuNa way....What?!?(Something looks fishy to me.....hmmmm..)

  • The Gamer

    I know you left-handed player but why play with right hand?

  • Xanh Long Hack

    Wait......And you just really do my idea ?So great my friend :DB/c i've already done with Faded Remix gameplay ( Half-screen challenge ) in my vid there : 1 month ago btw

  • Quân Lê

    Hay và tay bạn nhanh đấy và cho mình hỏi chút màn nào là màn khó nhất đối với bạn khi bạn bị die nhiều và luyện nhiều ? Có phải màn cube không ?

  • Hữu Trọng

    rolling sky all level easy waypleaseee!!!

  • Ace Cabacungan

    How you get half screen?!

  • NeonBolt

    Wait WHA?Are you a robot?Your hand isn't looking normal

  • Ali

    Thank you TuNa Sandwich , Very cool!

  • Tuan Nguyen

    Christmas Gospel APK: Christmas Gospel (Bonus 21) - Perfect ways: Line - The Earth (Color Remix): Dancing Line - Christmas Party: Join us at: Rolling Sky Discord server:

  • Devan Alexander

    Nice! And you can play both hands?

  • The Gamer

    Can you try this with dancing line?

  • Tuan Tran

    Tuna way là gì vại tuannguyen

  • 무한의계단중수5

    en sub1. christmas gospel | 0:00:102. golden christmas | 0:01:173. faster | 0:02:39kr sub1. 성탄의 복음 | 0:00:102. 골드 크리스마스 | 0:01:173. 더 빨리 | 0:02:39

  • Phuong Nguyen - Top 5 Video

    Ready to eat SHA100k cakes? =)Taste likes Tuna XD

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