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Doping scandals have cast a shadow over the Olympic Games. Until we eliminate drugs from sports, we should at least update our athlete promos.

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  • opticalcanine

    Russian economy is so trash that all they care about is the Olympics lmao. Who gives af? Seems so petty

  • Pablo Ruiz

    8:38 fuck you. most of these athletes don't want to win for the money, they want to win for how it feels

  • jan rees

    Amazing how it all turned out.

  • Laurids Jensen

    Now u c me 1-2 were pretty fun just sayin why u hating

  • VarinderSidhu ROMANS6

    So, when you gonna talk about men (trans women) competing against real women? Is that fair?

  • Robban Dahlgren Jonsson

    But she wasn't just beaten by the doped athletes.

  • TradingTroops

    0:54 I hadn't ever thought about it, but now that it's been said out loud, thrillery is one of my favorite fake words to exist.

  • Dudepool

    Is it cheating if I "dope" myself before watching this?As a dude who smokes, i kinda miss virginia slims. Only because they made me feel like more of a giant. so tiny! i loved it!

  • Krieg

    American athletes crying over other countries doping :'D

  • Keyboard Dancers

    I can't imagine why people bother to pay money to watch these sports which all seem riddled with chemical falsehoods.

  • Wilfried L. Bounsi

    Be better than God intended!

  • Pablo Ruiz

    6:18 how cant cycling be cool. I mean, we use lycra intentionally..

  • ZionHillCalling

    2:02 No vodka, only imports.... Americans really are completely oblivious of the rest of the planet.

  • TooReal

    What happens if you can't pee with someone watching lol

  • Dietmar Wohlleben

    2. July 2019: "WADA suspects 298 Russian athletes of violating anti-doping regulations "

  • JuliSstar5

    Lol the editing of the word allegedly in the news reel clip 1:28

  • Hugh Mann

    I’m not sure what’s more disturbing about this video: top athletes count cheating as a win. The motivation behind that. We talk about it like it’s funny. Russia is pushing us to either ban them for good or lower our bar. Our kids watch this too. The video of the dying breed of an athlete whose disheartened isn’t gonna inspire future olympic athletes. The system is “broke”. Not really l o l.. it’s just simply nobody that can do anything, cares. Some countries can’t afford to have their athletes tested? This video made me sick! Top athletes from around the world making “excuses” like 5 year olds with chocolate cake all over their face trying to lie that it wasn’t them that ate the chocolate cake not understanding that it’s obvious their lying. Y’all do realize that our olympics is dying? We used to take so much pride in the olympics that athletes that doped disappointed Americans. Now its “humorous”. We need to wake the hell up! Everything Americas stood for, Our national pride, is only hanging on by a thread. And we’ve been manipulated into believing that we can’t stand up for how we feel by scum bag democrats and republicans via “political correctness” because we would “upset” someone else. But political parties have divided us in EVERY WAY POSSIBLE So were individually wrapped, tightly packed, sheep that are allowed to entertain ourselves by watching people making fun of EVERY DAM THING that we should be stopping because we don’t want to “make waves”. We should be brainstorming because we’re in serious deep shet!!!

  • Jarrod Yuki

    i dont give a f***, i would rather have steve rogers or bucky barnes compete for my nation than some lame athlete from the countryside.

  • Ik Ben Er Pik.

    And Doping generally doesn't even work xD

  • BeastNation2009

    Sees Brandon SchmidtI've become thirsty all of a sudden...Not sure why. 🤣

  • Scott Ashcraft

    Marine Corps piss tests are the pinnacle of forcing you to urinate when you're not ready.

  • tearbag

    I laughed so hard at that vanished twin excuse, I needed my inhaler

  • Sucheth Hegde

    But friendship was the most powerful drug of all, last time I checked

  • biker

    she feels the same as women who compete against trans women

  • End-Gamer

    MEAT GAZERS! Air Force style.

  • Jason Bourney

    20:14 "*Be better than god intended*" lol

  • End-Gamer

    Russia should be banned from any Olympic/world sports events for ever.

  • jan rees

    Fireworks have amazing ejaculations. Female fireworks must be extremely impressed

  • Hugh Mann

    Plus the fact that on my iPad with my account I can only see vids of “last week tonight” dating back 3 years ago but on my cell i can watch recent vids from “last week tonight”. And am i the only one who’s getting 5-7 year old videos that haven’t been commented on it at least a year showing up as “recommended for me”?! Wth is youtoob trying to pull?

  • Kyle Mouttet

    I wonder how many other people find it impossible to pee when someone watching them..?I could be positively busting to pee, about to piss myself, almost unable to make it to the toilet before peeing.. but if someone's watching, all of a sudden, bam. Impossible to pee.

  • Maximillian Veinhardt

    Abolish the Olympics.

  • Carleigh wilsonator

    You think he knows that the words "schuyler" and "Hamilton" have any kind of connection?

  • Blair Brown

    If they ever perfect gene editing,doping's gonna become irrelevant.

  • Heraclitus Blacking

    @1:25 KGB? Uh, the Soviet Union isn't around anymore guys. Please stop with the Cold War.

  • xl

    What if you have a realistic dildo with layers of skin, hair and stuff .. that can produce liquid on demand ? Does the examiner make sure that the penis is really connected to the bladder of said athlete ?

  • Richie Ponsford

    Not sure why there are thumbs down here?Probably the Russians, no?

  • Huan Matus

    what's the point of this ranting if an american doctor can officially prescribe any anabolic to any american athlete "because of asthma" or some other bullsh*t and WADA can do NOTHING about it!!!!! So that USA legally has some f*ckin steroid-women which don't even look like women. I'm pretty sure some of american female athlets ingected so much testosterone "because of asthma" so now they probably have gigantic d*cks inside their panties.

  • kenneth mortensen

    We cant stop everything cause one woman is mad that she cannot win. Cause she did not just get bet by one.

  • Pink Rose

    This is like the urinalysis testing or piss tests that we had in the military 😂😂😂

  • Sanjay Rana

    Inspiration porn. 😜😜😜😜

  • Jorge Lopez

    cough! @FloydMayweatherJr and @CaneloAlvarez

  • Julian Ricky

    Let them dope let's see how fast and strong everyone get's would be a lot more interesting.

  • Lorenz !

    So many US athletes are doping though ... but nobody sees the truth

  • Elementary Watson

    Get rid of the whole Olympics. there is no reason to recognize someone just because he has wasted his life to run faster than everyone else. You are not a fucking cheetah. Use your fucking brains and contribute something to society

  • sakurakhadag

    I have never noticed how much John blinks. 0:54 Try and blink with him xD

  • Akram El-Masry

    i have a friend who is a gym addict he doesn't dope but .. he eats like a fucking monsterlike i like food and i eat a lot and i weight 100kg or 220lbs but i dont eat third the amount of food he eats when u try to eat with him u feel like wtf is going on !!

  • Derek Magruther

    Ok so she runs for a living not to something or away from anything, I'm sorry but asking what's the point is long over due.

  • Dudepool

    To be fair, they are just following in the footsteps of the greatest American hero, Steve Rogers.Hot Pockets are like the McD's of frozen food. Everyone loves to rip on them, and act like they don't eat them, but we all know whose name you're praising when you have the 3am drunken munchies, and are smart enough to not go driving. Caliente Pocket!I love hot pockets, and hate outback steakhouse. They're food is way too overpriced, and honestly, bland and boring. I waited years until i could try a "bloomin onion", and was more disappointed than that time i got a dime bag that fit nicely in my wallet... at least that had some good flavor...

  • Leeroy Dagnasty

    “Full anus, clear tests, can’t lose”Genius

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