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Doping scandals have cast a shadow over the Olympic Games. Until we eliminate drugs from sports, we should at least update our athlete promos.

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  • Dylan Trainer

    Holy crap I've met Shalane Flannigan!

  • Chad Sun

    If they all dope, they will just compete on how much they dope. And as they push more, it will overburden their bodies and they will die.

  • XXXUchihaIRL

    Why did you have a Bulgarian flag in the Russian section?

  • Wolf NZ Outdoors

    Every time I see an athlete advertising some breakfast cereal or energy drink or whatever else the advertisers want to associate with maximum performance, my gut response is "Buy ______ - the cereal/fruit drink that contains anabolic steroids".

  • Butt Soup

    I would watch a movie where a woman goes on a drug binge in an insane attempt to get her foot to change size

  • Sabrina Marks


  • Philippe Carphin

    "Had Regis Philbin scream in a jar and made him inhale it" oh man, I'm still reeling from that one.

  • Special Agent Washing Tub

    Rich Pound is almost funnier than Dick Pound if you're British.

  • Zaherul Huda

    29%?LolMore like 80%

  • philipralph

    I refuse to dope. THAT is why I don't have a gold in the decathlon.

  • vincentpol

    Americans only whine about fairness when they lose.

  • Frosty Film Watcher

    I related so hard to the Now you see me 2 joke...serious buyer's remorse.

  • J. C.

    Gattaca was a damn guidebook for how to get past these tests.

  • Hannah Risi


  • Paul TheSkeptic

    It is important. We need to keep this shit out of the athletes.

  • tritone11

    The clip at the end is SO good. A bit discouraging that they have the budget to make a video this good just for a quick laugh. This stuff is expensive😵

  • Claudio Maia Santos

    A terrible fact: Professional athletes are guinea pigs.Since EVER, Olimpics is a way of diplaying the "nations worriors".Olimpics is NOT about sports, it's about Winning at all costs.Professional athletes have short professional life, they age faster, they get hurt. It's the opposite of well being and life quality.The good side of it?These drugs are first tried on athletes, than perfected, than used in smaller doses and in a more controled way to prolong life, to enhance health to prevent disease an aging and a lot of other applications.This is happening since Dr. Mengelli in nazi german, during war. This is happening since cold war.I Think we should have two olimpics:- The drug free olimpics, with powerfull regulations, and,- The Pharmaceutical Olimpics, Where athletes are paid to be guinea pigs, and drug development could increase more transparently.I say all this as FisEd teacher and a personal trainer, and it saddens me.

  • Samuel-Thomas Archer


  • Alice

    John is secretly Eliza Schuyler-Hamilton confirmed

  • Mikel Seidl

    You know what you don’t see enough of in sports today? Chimp nuts.

  • Erin Modzelewski

    It's Derek Klena!!!!!!

  • Erin Whewell

    Is that Derek Klena?

  • This is God

    I prefer a fully jacked foot long from my wife while I’m still in the pool!!!! Hope the other swimmers keep their mouth closed when swimming after I’m done! Or they might be able to use that as excuse of why they popped positive on doping!I was swimming and suddenly got a protein testosterone boost snack mid stroke! Lol

  • Polaide

    Ok, finding a tampon was easy, but I have trouble finding some one who will sell me jet fuel in moderate amounts. Any suggestions?

  • Christian90z Bunke

    They should just make it legal, I don't care how I just want to see what the upper limits of human capacity are. Besides they spend an entire summer just competing and the only fun thing they get to do is having sex with tons people from all around the world.

  • Darth Obscurity

    Done away with gendered products? Why was that even a tiny bit funny? The entire hygiene section is nothing but gendered fucking products, and I'm not talking about tampons, pads or makeup, things that are strictly female.

  • Casey Hauck

    All I can think of is my chemistry class "doping the HOMOs" (adding impurities to the highest occupied molecular orbitals)

  • Sean C

    All things considered I really don't see why they don't just create an entirely new classification/division for the Olympic Games. We already have the Special Olympics and the Paralympic Games specifically for those suffering from either intellectual or physical disabilities of some kind. Then there are the traditional Olympic Games for the average, ideally non "doping" now we need the next step, a brand new style of Olympics in which all manner of doping is both entirely acceptable and in some form a basic requirement. Essentially an Olympic competition pitting doper against doper in an all out, potentially heart-stopping and very likely rage inducing competition, with victory being decided either by actually scoring higher or (in the event too many competitors suffer heart failure or are in some other way disabled) by way of literally being the last one standing!!!This new form of Olympic games could, potentially, be known as the "MAXIMUM Olympics" or some other unnecessarily upper cased word to evoke images of the kind of colossal athletic abilities that can only be imparted by various drugs, supplements, and possibly unapproved medical procedures!!!!

  • OmegaUberDeathbot

    I used to have to watch people pee in the Army. I used to call it being a “Pecker Checker”. We used to get to work at 6 A.M., be told we had a urinalysis, and wouldn’t be able to leave until we did.

  • Franz Conradie

    Create a Olympics for doping ONLY! I would watch that!

  • Rude_i_Wredne

    19:37 I almost died of laughter.

  • thecrayonguy

    absorbed twin...

  • Gongasoso

    Fully-Jacked Foot-Long is a Steel Panther song waiting to be written.

  • Wil Z

    DICK POUND parents took their time to choose the best name they can think of for their son.

  • casey hoffman

    I get the problem. However, I still lose respect for an athlete that cries when they don't win, even if they were cheated. Again, I completely agree doping is a huge problem, but I don't think it warrants that response.

  • Ezra Gans-Crocker

    The guy in the ad at the end looks like MatPat but hot

  • Greg Geiger

    How do these people have any sense of pride or accomplishment if they cheat so damn much...

  • ClareBearPhD

    I wonder how a dick pound translates into the metric system...

  • Sir Arliss Feathergill

    How can doping chaperones be trusted, if their best job qualification is CAN SEE they don't come across as shining examples of humanity, also who in their right mind wouldn't accept a $10-$100 bribe to not watch closely while someone pees.

  • Coco Loco

    John let me correct you on one thing. EVERY swimmer wants to be eating while they’re swimming. The most common things I hear in practice every day is “I’m hungry” and “did you say pizza?”

  • Connor Stickels

    The marathon where a guy was in a car for 11 miles, that was the least interesting part of that race. Check out SBNation's video

  • Bella Rayne

    Thrillering. He said thrillering. Lmfao. Love this show, love John.

  • Doombringer

    actually someone CAN have 2 different dna strands in their body, its rare but can happen

  • JokeCubed

    Why not just have two different Olympics? Have one Olympics where all the athletes are clean, and one where they're juiced up. So it's like "Sure, you can do as many drugs as you want, but you'll be competing against people who can also do as many drugs as they want." We'd see some amazing feats of sporting prowess, and really, isn't that what the Olympics is about?

  • Kurumi Shinoda

    Playin' with them pills like they FIFA

  • Mr. Waffles

    This makes me wish that John Oliver did an episode on mental health hospitals, when I was in them I had to piss in front of people. At first it was incredible hard to do that but over time I got use to it.

  • T. T.

    Whistle while you work.

  • Anna Khan

    One word drones ,and yes even Mexican can use it ,to see any if there is Petrol on the other side,then put up the ladder go up. Then use your rope to climb down

  • Widdekuu91

    6:13As a Dutchie, I still cannot believe John just dissed the bikes.

  • themarinara man

    I liked now you see me 2...

  • Astrobrant2

    What cracked me up was when the Russians, who had been banned for doping, complained about cupping. Well, that's pretty much a big "duh" for both sides, since cupping doesn't do a damned thing but give you big round bruises. The only thing dumber than doing it is protesting it.

  • bender42 bender42

    "Be better than God intended!"OK, that's my new personal motto.

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