Doping: Last Week Tonight with John Oliver (HBO) смотреть онлайн бесплатно в хорошем качестве hd 720 фильм

Doping scandals have cast a shadow over the Olympic Games. Until we eliminate drugs from sports, we should at least update our athlete promos.

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  • Leonard M

    Young daughter: Daddy, what do you do at your job?Dad:..................Eat your breakfast sweetie.

  • The construction guy

    Ivan Abajiev the bulgarian weightlifting coach said it before he died in 2017; "i never gave my athletes any illegal drugs! The russians had people and they swapped our urine samples with dirty ones. "

  • GHustle4

    They do the same in the NFL

  • Lilly

    My physics teacher always used to say “no dope no hope“ 😏

  • kirby march barcena

    @9:30 I will never even want to hear or eat a "fully jacked, footlong" sandwich at the poolside.

  • D Evans

    So was it just the Russian woman or were all the women who placed better than her using enhancers

  • Omar Mahfouz

    So just because an american athlete lost to a russian, this mean the russian was doping? Why are we ruling out the possibility that the russian was a better athlete?

  • What Up

    i love doping but i think there should be both. if we're intelligent enough to create something that enhances us i think there should be an olympics for that and then another one for no doping. i'm fascinated by the possibilities of enhancements. there just should be one for both

  • Roman Gibson


  • Greta Van Fleet

    So, Americans are complaining about doping? Let me say again...AMERICANS are complaining about doping?! Are you for real!?

  • TheGoldcountry

    You have to do this for the armed forces (US). People watch you pee.

  • The Garden of Eatin

    Dick Pound. Yeah, and Hulk Smash.

  • kenneth mortensen

    Everyone here does not know cycling. Tyler hamilton won a stage in the tour de France with 3 Mountains with a broken collarbone. Even with drugs that is impressive. Especially when you know they were All on EPO.

  • Alberto Marini

    Montano is claiming at Savinova? What to say with Jelimo, the best at the time?

  • C G J last name

    If I'm not wrong the 1904 Olympic race was the best one. So many shenanigans...

  • Adam Evans

    Vanished twin is a actual medical condition. It’s pretty rare but one of my best friends actually has it. I believe it’s call Chimerism. There was a women that got in serious trouble for getting state assistance because he dna didn’t match her children but it was because of her vanished twin. Look it up

  • seb447 -

    Love the J.cole reference 11/10

  • gokul balagopal

    Money is the problem

  • moose

    If she is been honest, she will tell you that early lead means nothing in track. Everyone knows that. It's simple energy conservation and total energy output formula.

  • ぶたじろう

    Ya know, it would be funny if doping is going to be allowed like how speed runs used to consider glitches as cheating but now it's not.

  • paul mryglod

    I believe some of this may be inaccurate

  • Emanuel Goldstein

    that's a meth pipe, not a crack pipe. crack pipes are straight tubes

  • Sophia The Magnificent

    Okay starting now John Oliver is the King of TV forever.

  • Kevin Fox

    Don't know about anyone else, I know this isn't the intended takeaway from this piece, but I'll have whatever Dick Pound's got for me ;)

  • Cole Ballenger

    Anybody else get kinda irritated when it isn't a crack pipe?

  • mike west

    I take adderall and preworkout before hockey games. It definitely makes me a better goalie.Let people dope. The majority shouldn't be making decisions for the individual. Especially when the only conceivable harm comes to the individual.Basically the same reasons we should legalize all drugs.

  • Jim Cornette

    Is this like a fucking culture in Russia and China? Do they ever play clean? Sports - they'll cheat, Video Games - they'll always fucking cheat.

  • Jimmy Alexzander

    Steroid users are both cheaters and losers, It is that SIMPLE. Nobody watches the Olympic anymore cause of the rampant steroid use.

  • Cyclops Was Right

    where are all these places that people are handing out candy ? I always hear about __ being handed out like candy, but the only time I ever got candy for free was on Halloween when I had to walk around the entire town, in a costume, begging for it. Is that how these people get drugs ? Do they dress up and go from house to house until they have a giant bag of drugs ? because that's the only way candy is ever handed out.

  • Starscream Jesse

    This is why I love pro Wrestling. At least they know it's Entertainment

  • Angela Waterfield

    you know the twins/blood excuse may have been true believe it or not- "Chimerism" is a condition whereby a person has not one but two complete genomes (sets of DNA) in their body. One genome is found in one region or organ(s), while the other genome can be predominant in other organs or tissues.

  • Jtx 2048

    I don't think Jordan Peele accurately represented himself. I think he would cast a white guy, just not right now. Right now that's not what he wants to create. The stories he wants to tell don't involve white guys in lead roles. I don't believe he is discriminatory, even though the literal interpretation of his words means exactly that. He simply didn't explain his feelings very well.

  • Mushroomstamp

    Fuck this no Olympiad for me

  • Elazar Pimentel

    You are the wind beneath my wings :)

  • I. Wynn Wynn

    Ironically, marina looks anorexic and the opposite of a doper!

  • nublex

    whenever he says "that is true" you can basically replace it with "in my opinion" or "that might be true" or mostly "that is not true".

  • GHustle4

    Who in the hell would name your child DICK POUND and what woman would sign off on that lmaoooooo

  • Xellos Kaczor

    If you are stupid enough to die for gold medal, id watch that. And u deserve it.

  • Juib Morrowind

    At first I thought John said "it is a reminder that NPCs exist" ... I was so happy to hear that joke.

  • Jason Douglas

    Wouldn't the Olympics be fair if everyone is doping ? They should test to make sure everyone tests positive.

  • Ten Pound Sterling! (T£N!)

    This is why E-sports are important, no one needs to dope to earn a medal.

  • timmy timmytimmy

    Smuggle muffins syndrome - Genetics Home Reference - NIH days ago - Alport syndrome is a genetic condition characterized by kidney disease, hearing loss, and eye abnormalities. People with Alport syndrome experience progressive loss of kidney function. Almost all affected individuals have blood in their urine (hematuria), which indicates abnormal functioning of the kidneys.

  • Peter Jarnes

    To actually win something while cheating makes you a loser!

  • TennantJunkie1993

    Six years, a month and 22 days after Tyler was born? And Harry Anderson's gonna recorporealize in my apartment on the first anniversary of his death Tuesday.

  • moniqueharris9

    Love old John Oliver videos. This one, mainly becausw the Rio Olympics were a complete shit show. Literally! Diarrhoea fest from their nasty ass pools. hahaha

  • ekLuca

    SLOVEEENIAAAAA <3 Brits welcome, just bring money! :D

  • MrSlanderer

    Lots of smartasses in the comments who seemed to have missed the point of the episode. “Just let everybody dope.” You’re certainly not an athlete.

  • Christian Hainds

    2:50 You know, the story of Fred Lorz in the 1904 Olympics is good... but it's not quite Pretty Good.

  • Vlikker Maastricht

    John, what is the meaning of life?

  • puspita

    What’s the name of the guy at the end in the parody ?

  • nil bogg

    If you stay in the military long enough you'll end up on both sides of that peeing equation multiple times. They call it "meat gazer duty".

  • Jon dow


  • kenneth mortensen

    Bicycling is a great sport. Its the hardest sport in the world

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