That 2 A.M. Fresh Air

A lofi mix for late nights & early mornings...
What happens next? Part 2 here:

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0:01 1. C A F U N É 修 - Dreaming 夜
2:28 2. Bad Season - Flower
4:28 3. baechulgi - lost
5:57 4. Babyotter - Jus Chillin
8:32 5. Chiru Beats - r u ok
10:14 6. Grenn - Busy
12:54 7. Grenn - my heart is still connected to my body
15:23 8. isko - 7:06
18:43 9. jhove - Rainfall
21:02 10. Jon Presstone - When I wake up and you're not there
23:25 11. Losics - Say goodbye
25:56 👌 Take a break
28:45 13. omar - journey
31:04 14. ProtoCall - Cicada
32:54 15. setawave - amani usiku
35:10 16. STATIC - I have left
36:48 17. STATIC - Rainy day regret
38:33 18. Sunlight-91 - Atmosfere
40:26 19. Sunlight-91 - carps waltz
42:18 20. tired - wow
44:37 21. tzelun - searching
46:43 22. tzelun - without reason
49:41 23. vanillachill. - change
52:33 24. Wolfgang von Goth - Lies
54:34 25. Xii - dusk

Artwork: Wren @sleeprealms

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  • It'sChris:D

    I am sitting here in the stillness of my room, listening to this calming and beautiful music, watching my orange and white patterned goldfish swim in my aquarium. I briefly pretend they are Koi fish, and remember the pond I used to play at where there were Koi the size of cats, waiting in the water for me. I can remember dipping my fingers below the cool water. watching them rise from the darker depths to the surface. I am writing on my novel, the one I've been dreaming about for 5 years now. Faithfully, I chip away at it during the only moments of free time I can manage to find, around midnight. My husband is catching a break from our balmy warm house. He sits on our back porch, in the cool night and I bask in the warmth. We are perfect opposites, and yet we make one perfect team . . . together. The gentle swell and sway of the music seems to carry me, and I am at peace. Lofi. . . what a high.

  • Banshee Candee

    He else can’t find number 4 babyotter jus chillin

  • Noah Davis

    Sup y'all I'm high af y'all

  • Ben Weeks

    lo fi radiates a certain aesthetic i've never felt in any other musical form.. so relaxing and pleasing at the same time :) can't get enough

  • R C

    Anyone else getting the occasional goosebumps?

  • Alma Sembayeva

    So sad, viewed with many ads!

  • Bot yt

    We should be able to meet up I need people chill like u

  • Dankous Memous the third

    I actually found this in my history after i woke up The night before that i did actually stay up until 2am and i guess i jusy straight up turned this on

  • Edit: wow thank you all so much for so many likes!

    funny enough its 2am here as Im listening to this

  • KD eZ

    Hey people from 2030

  • Homework Radio

    What happens next? Part 2 here: ❓

  • Willyrex Roberto

    hi,im back in 1 year i promise

  • maple syruppp

    I'm always loving the arts in lofi omg

  • Dumb Kid

    It’s 3am... but, heyListening to this whilst the birds are tweeting really loud and breathing in the super fresh air after it just rained not long ago. Feels a bit lonely

  • Lyndsay Aldridge

    Man bros, this really just lets your problems melt away.

  • Toxic _

    People really changed..

  • The Friendzies

    ITS ALMOST 2 AM AND IM NOT SLEEPPPPI have trouble sleeping-And I’m an Aries so that makes it worst..


    I want to meet a person to share this music with or someone who gives me the same vibes as lofi does 🏔

  • emeer faiz

    who's watcing at 2 am??? only me?? lol

  • Nika Bero

    My soul left my body and its drifting in space with stars.

  • Zayed Productions

    I appreciate this clip it. Brings so much joy and relaxing to my life thanks see you in the future

  • SeanMozzy

    lo-fi videosour safe cosy corner of the internet where everybody is chill, kind, reflective & mellow im so proud to be apart of this communitypeace ✌️☮️

  • gobbotube

    Oh my.. thats Wren's art.. Her drawings are so good! uwu

  • Smurph

    that view! that view, with the stogie cuzzz !!

  • kyle phan

    Chillhop music: music on my Chanel are the bestHomework Radio: hold my beer!

  • Josi

    I often listen to this when I feel lonely or like nothing makes sense. But when I listen to this read some comments I feel those bad feelings less, it gives me hope. Like, that one day, it’s all going to be ok.Have a wonderful night God bless you 💖

  • Ethan Quinn

    This music really makes you feel ok inside, at least for me. Its just a vibe unlike anything else

  • Vialpando sisters Vialpando

    Lol I am listening to this at 2am

  • Sarah Nagel

    My favorite thing about lofi music is that it can transform your bedroom in to anywhere you allow the music to take you. A cafe at 2. AM., a rainy day in a country you've never visited. It honestly brings forward such a strong sense of Hiraeth

  • Ants Infinity

    How long is she gonna be staring out there

  • VbgVbg 113

    This is so chill, i like it

  • justin yoo

    Ive nev like music like this but recently my youtube have lo fi music recommendation n i just click in n i fall in love. Nowadays, whenever im alone in the room i will play these music be it im busy doing something packing the room or doing nothing staring into the air. I feel more chill than listening to songs w lyrics. So calming n relax. I feel that i found some me-time..

  • Blake Seiter

    And they say the skys the limit.The limit is your imagination.Smile, and appreciate life for what it is. You got this. Have a nice night.

  • Billy S.

    great vid, only thing to change next time is the white flashing, I know it's for the lightning effect but it's blinding and it moves me out of being chill

  • nada nada

    I’ve been doing nothing but thinking to much today. Somehow I ended up in this video, thinking that I wasn’t gonna get even three minutes through it, but here I am, more relaxed and nostalgic than ever. I love this community so much🖤

  • brian cruz

    it’s not 2am but i’m still vibing as if it were, chillin in my room thinking about all the little things in life good and bad, just me and my thoughts.

  • William Mills

    Awesome awesome love it man but had a thought... if this was a smoking ad u killed it. Tempted to go buy a pack. No I don’t smoke just late night breeze and me

  • iTobbz

    S U M M E R B R E E Z E

  • Dreams Of 8-Bit Genesis!

    I always enjoy the music...however I have one's raining...AND THIS DUDE IS HOLDING HIS CIGARETTE OUTSIDE IN THE RAIN

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