Quadriplegic Dressing in Wheelchair - Jonathan (C7)

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  • Olek Walczy POMOC DLA OLKA

    I cannot it with my legs, disability has many faces.

  • justintex1

    do you wear a condom or foley catheter

  • More Than Walking

    Greetings from More Than Walking! We are a non-profit dedicated to sharing the path to independence after spinal cord injury, interviewing peer mentors and sharing their experience around the world. Leave a comment below if you are looking for certain demonstrations or would like to contribute videos to our channel!

  • More Than Walking

    Disability DOES have man faces, indeed! Thank you for posting all the videos you do on Youtube and sharing your experience!

  • miram guzman

    Where is the link where he dresses in bed? I'm a therapist and I am trying to problem solve for one of my patients.

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