Putin Recalls Two Heroic Stories From Syria: Russian Special Forces Achieved Impossible

Russian president Putin Recalls Two Heroic Stories From Syria: Russian Special Forces Achieved Impossible and defeat large group of ISIS terrorists
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  • Daulet Kasimov

    Не какое супер оружие не заменит наших воинов.

  • jeremy jo

    Some underground Isis might be watching this video may he shit his pants for good go ahead spetsnaz we love you salute

  • Apocalypse Casi

    We're salute president of RUSSIA!🇵🇭🇵🇭🇵🇭🇵🇭🇵🇭🇵🇭🇵🇭🇵🇭🇵🇭🇵🇭🇵🇭✌️✌️✌️👍👍👋

  • Joseph Sokoloski

    I have to say it, President Putin is a strong leader. I am a former US Parratrooper, I have served in the Middle East. The European people owe Russia a lot. From defeating the Nazis in WW2 to the destruction of ISIS.. I have traveled to many places I would love to visit Russia and see some of the historical sites..

  • restituto rebucas

    russia is one of the serious allies of today. putin will never leave you. hope philippines and russia will have good relations and make philippines as russian base.

  • arry firmansyah

    I'm from Indonesia but i love russia .. bravo

  • fresh ingo

    The Russian armed forces may not be the most modern in some ways right now but It is a pretty respectable force and one you don't want to be against.

  • Ja no

    Em nome do povo sírio Muito obrigado a aqueles que deram suas vidas russos ou sírios 🇧🇷🇧🇷

  • Salvador Paulin

    ISIS is created by westerner....

  • Volkan Demirci

    Ne guzel yaglama olmus

  • Konstantin Sergeev

    Россию , не надо любить , Россию надо уважать . РОССИЯ- ВЕЛИКАЯ ДЕРЖАВА и только она может успокоить америку .

  • Arjun Raghu

    Lots of love from India our all weather friend Russia. Long live good over evil 😎Salute the Russians who are destroying the ISIS.

  • leander campos

    God will always guide and protect you all Russian heroes long live your nation and bless Putin. Spasiva from Philippines.

  • cool cool

    Love Russia Mrs putin I want meet you im from Africa

  • Viktor Kuzin

    а арабы как всегда отошли.вот они чудесные бойцы

  • mikkoj1977

    Nice propaganda video.. shame that i aint true.. only thing russia done is keep Mass murderer in pover..

  • Roman Ermolaev

    Работайте братья. Всем уважение , здоровья и счастья

  • David Simkha

    Sounds like a Hollywood screenplay. Nevertheless Respect Putin's ability to unite his people.

  • Nagraj aur Super Commando Dhruva

    Russians are great people and very brave...

  • AngelMediadorEntreNosotros 7Seals

    ...he aquí como cae vuestro yugo; he aquí el fín de dos Bestias; he aquí el principio del reinado de paz; he aquí la llegada del Nuevo Mundo; he aquí la llegada de la guerra para los causantes de guerra; para los que crearon armas; para el demonio del armagedón; que dieron armas a las gentes; que armaron ejércitos; he aquí a la revolución de las revoluciones; he aquí el reinado de los humildes sobre el mundo; que siempre les perteneció; y que fué momentáneamente detenido por las legiones de satanás; que fueron probados por el Padre; como prueba a todos los que piden filosofías en los infinitos mundos; los demonios del mundo, nunca creyeron que caerían; porque para ellos no exsiste el dios del espíritu; sólo exsiste el dios oro; un oro que lo creó el mismo que os dió la vida; el mismo que dá y quita; y de verdad os digo demonios del mundo, que todo os será quitado; porque toda riqueza no os perteneció nunca; todos son iguales ante dios; nadie es menos ni nadie es más; los Mandamientos os enseñan que es así; y la divina parábola a la que no hicísteis caso: es más fácil que entre un camello por el ojo de una aguja, que un rico en el Reino de los Cielos; he aquí el aviso celestial; con vuestra filosofía nadie entra al Reino de los Cielos;.- Alfa y Omega DIVINO JUICIO A LOS CREADORES DE SISTEMAS DE VIDAS, QUE NO SE GUIARON POR LA LEY DEL PADRE; SÓLO SATANÁS DIVIDE A LAS HUMANIDADES; VUESTRO SATANÁS ESTÁ ENTRE VOSOTROS.-7 Seals www.AlfayOmega.com

  • Mark Cooke

    Ex British Military..I would fight alongside Russians in destroying isil and Isis and terrorists in general

  • Cj Reddy

    Russia is blessed to have you as her strong son Good health nd lo g life to president

  • Wainda Youngthain

    Please help to establish Peace with UN families for the people who are in fleeing please 🙏🏼.

  • Jamshid Khan

    did you forget your humiliation in Afghanistan....??????shame upon you and you grandfathers.......cruel upon weak people.......humiliated by mighty ones

  • Igor' Sergeev

    Американец - деньги. Русский - вера и честь.

  • Hedi Abbes

    Vive la RUSSIE et long vie à mr POUTINE 👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍

  • xenopac666

    Goosebumps hearing of their pure heroism.

  • Cj Reddy

    Mr.president pls liberate libya nd restore peace.You can & world is with you

  • Aleksandr Ivanov

    We Best warriors In planete 👌💪🇷🇺

  • makeen ibada

    The soldiers call an airstrike upon themself (their coordinate) - this is what patriotism is, my father was a colonel in the air force, he once said: Put your life into the number 2, because mission is always in number 1

  • Eagles Network

    Russia is being ruled by a former KGB officer. The KGB moto is "denny, destruck, counter-attack".

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