UNBELIEVABLE ! Top 10 Shocking Blind Auditions The Voice 2017 ( No2)

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Best Got Tanlent 2017, best songs cover 2017.
Best Piano Street 2017.
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  • Bilgiş Özdağ

    2nd lady killed it :D OMG she has a beautiful voice

  • Jacob Parkhurst

    The last girl of this video was amazing

  • DylPickle PickleDyl

    Here before 3mil views

  • lem john

    all or nothing with the black was so nice i can't even believe it was real. sht wtf so good for main stream skills.

  • White snow27

    The guy in the cap he's😍😍😍everything his voice is something that is wanna hear before i go to sleep every night

  • antonio rendulic

    croatia, first guy... daaaaamn, soo goood

  • Benjamin Rapp

    As long as you love me. omg hes so good


    That judge with the glasses on is 'Slappin Tha Base'

  • Shauna Lye

    The dude in the army coloured shirt is the best

  • Ilham Ramadhan

    First guy i thought is the real sam

  • Twan Wildenbeest

    Why is the first one shocking, he isn't even good

  • Haleigh Nichols

    #6,7 were my favorit plus they were cute(:

  • city5productions

    That blonde judge is a Liddell odd

  • Alli Fernandes

    3 portuguese auditions!! Loved it 😍

  • Will Murray

    Is it just me or does the guy who did ain't no sunshine look just like James Franco in pineapple express

  • Nuno Santos


  • salima nacer

    the first one has strong voice .you feel like his voice come out without effort great talent

  • Ser Montero

    The first dude do it so easy look his face lol

  • Kassius

    stay with me is a sad meaningful song yall judges aint supposed to dance like stupid clowns

  • Filip Kos

    Mi hrvati(we croatians)🔴⚪🔵😂

  • Bloo

    What's the name of the boy who sang "ain't no sunshine" ?

  • Budiman Lasimpala

    You need to explore many countries, bercouse there's a lot of videos that more deserve for this Top 10

  • Kim Han-bin

    1st one the judges though "cringe" hahahaha

  • Erick Aceves

    Como se llama la csncion del chavo de camisa de militar y gora

  • Bizzclub

    This guy Pjerino Ružević is really good

  • Rick Schoonbeek

    The first one was so weird. There was only a piano, and the judge was imitating a guitar :P

  • Nicolas Medronho

    Daniela Mercury ali? Como assim? hahaha

  • Zan Rc

    Even the first guy was so nervous he killed

  • Kai Erskine

    One of the first judges looked like Kim Jon un 😂

  • gaduwe jeneng

    6 very unique voice😀

  • Pamela Marcon

    Como se llama el chico de la gorra ? Y que canción canta?

  • Besart Habilaj

    Every single one of the are good. They are all very talented. Bow your heads

  • Mlg moose

    dam that guy on the first one stay with me he is good

  • Mawgann

    It's DOLLY PARTON, not Whitney Houston.

  • miss morley

    Aint no sunshine dude looks abit like heath ledger

  • Jeremy Ng

    Why is kim jung on in Croatia?

  • Chandra Angela

    That girl is so beautiful. I love you.

  • The Voice Kid

    Thankds you for watching my video Please Like And Share With Your Friends. don't forget subscrible channel.

  • Ne0n Girl BG

    The second one was just... Lol. Respect!

  • Francz x

    zas je ovo na voice kids

  • brelyn simpson

    OMG the guy that is on the cover he's so amazing he makes me feel so light and happy

  • N0bo n0oB0

    the second audition was legendary!

  • Robin Eth

    the woman from second one looks like a gorilla xD

  • Lela M

    Ain' t no sunshine so beautiful 😍😍😍

  • Leo Gatz

    Wowww at the first guy... he's singing so effortlessly

  • WhosGrimm

    The girl who sung "what is love" looks like sansa stark from Game of Thrones!

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