Full video: China's Grand military parade celebration

"Full video: China's Grand military parade celebration" no description available.
  • Wayne From the U.K

    Is it me or did he look bored out of his skull when he was being driven along to inspect his troops? Also, can anyone tell me what he was saying to them as he went past?

  • Yang Jingyi

    I am always proud of my country as a Chinese international student in Canada

  • Ishmael Moby

    Wow, Mao got a new haircut and ride.

  • pong foong

    Some day i future maybe you gonna drive my tank i dream

  • Anthony Hendra

    Not so grand compared to the human rights violations you did to overseas Chinese. Me and my family.

  • Mr.Thanet meengeanlaan

    Love​ chaina from​ thailand.

  • breathing below

    Love China from Ukraine & US

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