💫 my skincare & night routine 💫

here is what i do everynight, including my skincare routine and how i fall asleep faster :)

as a disclaimer, i know absolutely nothing about skincare! i am not.....educated. at all. all i really know about my skin has been through years of experimentation and finding out what my skin hates less than other things (my skin is very sensitive). everybody's skin is so so so different, you never really know how it'll react! pls be careful my loves~

i've ignored my own advice and have been on my computer for hours watching old olympic events. it's midnight now. i'm not sure why i did this. i really should've been finishing this video! silly me...

anywho, i'll see u again soon!

much love,


SONG: in love - BLVK
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  • Kuhoo Not Kuhu

    Ive watched this like 5 million times (from diff accounts) cz it's just so relaxing

  • PrinceMomoFairy

    jfc can people not play around with the CC? theyre not for jokes its for Hard of Hearing people to know what's being said when someone in the video is talking! not for you to make comments and whats being said! that's what the comment section is for!

  • nini !

    I love you like oh my gosh sksk

  • Neuza Mendonca

    you remind me of Andrew cunanan

  • ifeanyi paul umez

    the captions give me L I F E

  • SuperLizzy908

    i love u sm your my fav youtuberrrrrrrrrrr

  • simone

    this video is so warm omg my heart is melting <33

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