Alien Hand Syndrome: When a Limb Goes Rogue

What would you do if your hand seemed to develop a mind of its own, beyond your control?

Hosted by: Brit Garner
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  • Lilly Belle

    First, I would try hitting it with a ruler when it misbehaved. If that didn't work I would just tie it down to my side. If all else fails and it becomes unbearable, I guess you can just amputate the whole thing. That would be devastating though.

  • Michael Seabrooks

    Reminds me of a video called "You are Two". Touched on this same series of syndromes but discussed the idea of dividing the brain in this way split the consciousness from one cohesive unit to 2 parts separated from a whole. The eluded to the idea that destructive alien hands may be that half of the brain retaliating against the fact that it has no control over the speech part of the body and isn't being given the freedom to express. As if it's a second person trapped in the same body with you but forced to be silent and expected to go along with whatever the controlling half is doing. Unfortunately the opposite half isn't aware the other have has become "independent" since they can no longer communicate internally so the actions of the other hand are a complete shock and surprise to the half of you that does the talking. it's a scary thought. Imagine the primary part of your mind that you consider to be yourself being the side that is cut off from speech and you become just a passenger of your own body.

  • TinchoX

    Holy crap I didn't know this even was a thing...

  • TemporalOnline

    How do they not know? When they cut the corpus collossum they discovered that each of the hemispheres of the brain developed their own conscience and as such as each side of the brain controls the opposite side, it is somewhat logical that this could occur.

  • Deborah Meltrozo

    You sure this ain't a social construct?

  • NetroxGameplay

    Could you make a video about Tulpas? I know two people who claim they have them but I'm not sure if its just self-deception or an actual thing

  • Zachary Taylor

    Once after a bout of what seemed to be the common cold (sore throat, stuffy nose, headache, low grade fever, tiredness, etc), I woke up on the couch after falling asleep. Normal right? But the weird part is that when I tried to remove the blanket to go to my real couch, I just couldn't grab the blanket. I could move my fingers, but just not close them with any force at all. Maybe after effects of sleep paralysis? Or maybe it was a dream my mind mistook for reality. I was tired, sick, and confused after all. I still don't know, but I'm doing fine now.

  • Kiba Bloodfang

    Once in high school my hand suddenly yanked the doorknob to my science classroom in the opposite direction I'd intended to turn it. Haven't had anything like that happen since.

  • christopher snedeker

    Dr strangelove anyone?

  • Onat

    this is scary and now i wonder why in particular is this scary.

  • realelliotth

    Brit is such a goddamn great presenter.

  • ClockworkHex

    groping impulsively...? ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)

  • Lord Balbero

    first things first: thumbs up for the shirt

  • Dutchik

    My friend constantly says he has dyspraxia.He doesn't make random movements.His motor skills are just really really bad.I have the same. But for me it is autism.


    There was an Ad i couldn't skip, so I had to restart the video three times I thought the intro was an ad

  • Kyrlics

    you call a hand slapping yourself alien syndrome i call it girl with tourrets on doctors who slaps herself silly every couple of seconds

  • Brandi h

    Stares at hands, confused Aliens

  • Dale Stephanson

    Dr. Strangelove? His hand constantly tried to kill him lol

  • SonicXRage

    The best way to deal with two fighting hands is to place an amiibo in between them to simulate the Smash Bros. Master Hand and Crazy Hand battle.

  • Extra Ampersand

    I have human hand syndrome I MEAN that's something an ALIEN would say. Of which I am not! Only an Earth person here! I'm on this planet for vacation I MEAN ABSOLUTELY NOT, GO EARTH SPORTS TEAMS! beams away

  • Anuvardhan K.N

    No, no, no Trump.... you are not supposed to grab women. Bad hand.

  • Michael D'Augustine

    If the brain is split, would it be possible that it splits the consciousness in two? We assume the consciousness is the person who can speak, but what if there is also a consciousness in the part of the brain that can no longer communicate with words?

  • christopher snedeker

  • Kaela Olsen

    THANK YOU SCISHOW!!!!! But will you PLEASE DO A VIDEO ON GLIOMAS??!?!?!? Or at least give me a yes or no???

  • Andrew Wood

    Open theory question: could the observed effects of AHS be very similar in nature to the recent computer bugs that were discovered? For instance, to continue with the coffee cup analogy: you see a coffee cup and your brain automatically queues up the “pick item up” subroutine and waits for the front of the brain to give the go ahead to execute. In normal circumstances, the brain doesn’t always give the go ahead and the information is discarded. Could the damage for some types of AHS cause false “proceed” signals to be sent?

  • Tracy Reed

    This reminds me of Dr Strangelove...

  • Larry Phischman

    Mein Fuhrer, I can walk!

  • György Mohl

    They all should just stop listening to Push the tempo... :D

  • Tim Davis

    So~ fidgets did have a use?

  • Eric Lytle

    You are new. Nice job!

  • Mich Rain

    My rogue went limb!! Halp!I wouldn't want Betsy to turn on me but I must say, this syndrome is the coolest. What a mystery the brain is.

  • Steven Dauley

    awesome shirt.... come to the shark side

  • I love bunnies Tracy

    Mischievous. Not mischieveous.

  • TuneLola

    This was the wrong thing to watch before bed.

  • axe&sword

    Its called demon possessed

  • Patrick Wienhöft

    So if people have these random thoughts of "I could grab this knife and stab that person" there is a chance a person with AHS might actually do that?

  • Kiwironic

    Explains Eric Cartman's Mitch Conner

  • rguitar78

    You mean a lobotomy?

  • Joe Cordo

    Im still stuck on how she was posting youtube comments in 1908

  • Winter Koala

    0:42What are those eyes?

  • Kevin Rippy

    Have they tried Figet Spinners?

  • Charles Fusner

    See, now in way, this is what I fear when we talk about developing direct interfaces between brain and computer: that whole difference between "I could do this" and "I will do this" not being understood by the computer. Today I learned there's an outside chance I gotta worry about my own hand doing the same thing. Geez. The more your learn, the more you got to be anxious about. For instance, I could post this comment, but.... damn it, hand!

  • DareDog101

    What about random twitches

  • Name not found

    Stop hitting yourself, stop hitting yourself.

  • oldcowbb

    my right hand raped me

  • Patrick Wienhöft

    Anyone knows the video about this by TheSeaRabbit? :D

  • Greg Higley

    A lot of times I'll be holding something and my hand will drop it all at once. not like getting tired, but more like a spasm. is that related?

  • sakurawolfie

    I feel like giving your hand a fidget cube would help a lot

  • Taco Tom

    I doubt that my hand will do tha- OWW!!!

  • SuperCharlesDC

    Can't you just chop it off?

  • redlove108

    This video reminds me of CGP's video titled "You are two". That video goes in depth more about the left and right sides of your brain. Pretty damn bizarre to hear about actually.

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