Alien Hand Syndrome: When a Limb Goes Rogue

What would you do if your hand seemed to develop a mind of its own, beyond your control?

Hosted by: Brit Garner
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  • Roun Dair

    I t ru u no.Sorry, my hand did misbehave

  • Tina Abrahamson

    My brother-in-law's mother had this issue with her left hand, after a stroke.She could be just relaxing in the kitchen chair, he'd walk by her & her hand/arm would whip out and weasel tap him. Poor guy, I can't help but chuckle about it. Thinking about him telling me about her hand. 😆

  • Creepycreeper103

    "My hand is raping me!"

  • mondObelisk

    So, some medications can cause temporary alien hand syndrome. What would cause that? Since it isn't permanent, brain damage seems unlikely to me. Could it be a neurotransmitter issue in those cases?(Iirc, the medication in question was a sleep med, prescribed to a narcoleptic, if that helps any. Don't know which one, specifically, and I might be backwards - it could have been a daytime stimulant, not a sedative.)

  • Rogue Sierra

    So half the lady's brain wanted to die. Or at least kill the other half.

  • yugij0319

    Makes me think of that old movie where some dudes hand just starts to kill people on its own. Wish I could remember what it was called. Anybody know?

  • Audrey Bair

    Alien hands syndrome can be your wing man. Like ur at a movie and al of a sudden you arm wraps around the lady next to you. Boom wing man. Or should I say wing arm.

  • Shivam Pattni

    That was one hairy arm getting the coffee, damn

  • Mabus Beast

    Lmfao a spirit orb entered her brain then started to control her body in an attempt to kill her. She was weak minded

  • user.equalto.Null

    The scariest thing this could do, or me, isn't my hand randomly trying to kill me.It's that my hand could, at any moment, reach out and get me convicted of sexual assault.

  • PokéMind

    This brings a whole new meaning to "why are you hitting yourself"

  • María Fernanda

    I spent most of this video glaring at my right hand suspiciously. I've got an eye on you, dirty traitor.

  • Overwatch Toxic People

    Once i had this happen running to school, i think i got a Olympic metal

  • Daneve Obero

    Give your alien hand a rubic's cube.....

  • Blue Sap

    I have it but with my legs and sometimes my legs just won’t move and I fall down

  • Patrick McCurry

    I have occasional minor cases of this with my right hand. If something enters my right peripheral vision, sometimes my right hand will try to smack it away sometimes without my permission or even awareness. I never put sharp objects in righty unless I am able to devote full concentration to it, because it's actually stabbed my left hand a few times in my life.It goes far beyond the fact that I'm left handed, because of how almost purposeful the movements can be.

  • yoshinosakura

    I wanna undress girls

  • Najmah Chant it wasn't demons?

  • Mabus Beast

    Ms garrison from south park isnt crazy after all

  • Nightmear Wolf

    Sounds likes some type of horror show lol

  • The Mushroom Inside

    so basically your hand acts like an octopuses arm reacting to what it could do as what it will do.

  • witness of the great dorito survivor

    Hand slapping in mid comekdhdkejro Ohio jug GHG juvcckbbkvjjjbbjjjjbbj

  • Balthier Monochrome

    So.. Ultra instinct? From the way it was described as "it breaks down the barrier between, I could do this and I will do this" just imagining doing something makes your hand do it without conscious thought.

  • Doge

    Just get the hand cut off by a doctor!

  • Cube Theorist

    What would this be like with prosthetic limbs

  • Mr_ Weenie_Butt

    What happens if the brain went rogue?

  • Blue Sap

    I have it but with my legs and sometimes my legs just won’t move and I fall down

  • RS S

    If I had an alien hand, I'd name it "Thing."

  • Marija Duric

    CGP gray has made a video about this


    Thanks for giving me an excuse for dropping my computer

  • Pants-off Dance-off

    Stop hitting yourself! Stop hitting yourself!

  • Zes

    wrong, idts. no worry can relax no matter what. no such thing as fluenx or not, speakx/can spx any by any no matter what and it can all be perfx

  • Olorin Elior

    It's 1908... you want to type a comment on the internet... on a computer... and your hand slaps you

  • Katherine Beckmann

    lol I usually twitch or I slap myself

  • Sprinat plays

    One time my EAR started doing some weird stuff in a FUNERAL and they asked me WTH IS WRONG WITH ME!?!?!?!

  • Joe Baumgart

    That happened in a movie I saw once! He had to chop the hand off with a chainsaw, then replace it WITH said chainsaw!

  • inue windwalker

    Huh... This is interesting

  • Error429 [#TheChatLifeSource]

    when ever you wake up in the morning and maybe you slept on your arm and goes completely numb it might feel like that XDD I've tried to grab my phone to turn off my alarm with my numb right arm and it goes shooting right past it XD

  • pimp gaming

    I was going to the trash bin to throw away a bag then i got distracted and threw it the toilet.I have this disease

  • jaggamer256 8

    Just don't look at your hand then your hand wont know where it's going

  • lol

    Hmm maybe Luke had that aye?

  • Joshua Weasenforth

    What they don't tell you of the 1st example is, the woman invoked a demon, became demon-possessed, & then lost control of her hand, as it viciously tried to attack her. What they don't tell you about the dimentia patients is, they lose control of their system, though it's not alien hand syndrome, as it's actually dimentia.

  • aquablaze

    What if I am left handed... is it opposite or the two last the same?

  • Cheetahgirl55698 Gaming

    That was someone’s topic for the Tropicana speech in my 6th grade class. (It was cool) 🙂

  • Aaron Hoeppner

    Migi, Handle the defense!

  • Blue Sap

    I have it but with my legs and sometimes my legs just won’t move and I fall down

  • Lethal Chicken

    Hi I'm Jeffrey and this is George.

  • Hey Its Me!

    Maybe thats why people have wet dreams????

  • nathalie alexandra Tcherdak

    omg brit can i have your shirt?Or at least an address on where to find one? :D

  • SONBoomer

    No mention of Dr. Strangelove? For shame!

  • Rd Ctrlr

    I know I probably shouldn't ask this, but for sake of curiosity: For the thoughts of "I could do this" turning into "I will do this" – is it possible for them to go as extreme as, say, "I could kill someone" to "I will kill someone"? Or, maybe on a smaller scale, like, "I could break this" to "I will break this"? Just for sake of curiosity, and I'm willing to bet there are others thinking the same.

  • Nick G

    So like when I neck my friend and then yell MUSCLE SPASM... does that count?

  • Amazing Mezmer

    This is one of those things where you think "no, that can't be real." but it is a real thingAlso the metal image of your hands dunking it out is amazing.

  • Mary Light

    Oh, I get this sometimes. Tho it's far more subtle, like playing quietly w something and only after a while do I notice, or if my cat attacks it ^^;

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