Eurovision Prediction 2018 (ALL 43 SONGS!!)

I don't know own any music. This is for fair use.
  • Dimitris 23

    Παμε Ελλαδα!(του χρονου τορα)

  • Cas Du Pantalon

    Greece didn’t even qualify...

  • John Georgiades

    Greece didnt even qualify

  • HUUB

    Australia was last in televoting.... and where is Denmark????

  • HUUB

    Euhm... Greece was not even in the final....

  • patricia molina pozo

    I LOVE the song of Greece. However is out of the final like Belgium. My favourite songs in the final are Bulgaria, Cyprus and Czech Republic

  • Tal Edri

    Israel is the winner

  • HUUB

    Greece wasnt in the final

  • Jcantonny Dubreuil

  • David Maher

    You got this so wrong lol

  • Dzhon Kiberskotch

    Your winner is non-qualified. But Greece 2018 is poor

  • Benjamin Christensen

    Didn't quite go that well for Greece..

  • Giló Papagaio

    stupid video... look now for Greece! Complete flunk!

  • Esc Fan

    Can you give me a link to this simulator pls? That would be nice!

  • artem ջջջ

    what is the position called

  • Mr. Tortik

    Сколько вам уже говорить Греция даже в финал не прошла!

  • _Rexi_1946_

    This should’ve been the actual results n We would’ve been so much prouder

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