Origins of Freestyle Skiing смотреть онлайн бесплатно в хорошем качестве hd 720 фильм

This film segment is from Dick Barrymore's "The Golden Years of Ski Films". It highlights when skiing began in North America (it was brought here from Europe) and of Hot Dog Skiing. Barrymore appears unaware of the first National Championships of Freestyle Skiing at the Waterville Valley ski area in 1970, but films what he calls the World's first Hot Dog contest on March 10, 1971 at Aspen Colorado. Some skiers featured are Dave Wheeler, Squirrel O'Callahan, Scott Brooksbank, Airborne Eddie Ferguson and Greg Athens.
  • fabio m

    origin of freestyle is boarding

  • Hristo Velev

    That is one of the most fantastically entertaining things I've ever seen 😀

  • naoyuki sasanami

    Hardest binding setting

  • Moneyandtime Freedom

    TECHNIQUE: Lean way back on your tails, fronts be damned and wave your arms and poles as much as humanly possible. GOOD STUFF!

  • just1eon

    Its funny how Americans rly think they invented anything 😂😂skying didn't have its Origin in north america

  • Dim May

    Круче и задорнее видео о лыжах я не видел👍

  • Steve Blake

    Where is Wayne Wong?

  • Alex V.

    all that started in Europe) history exists apart of America dude!

  • CreepyGUYcool1! Productions

    These guys are made of rubber.

  • r m smith

    No mention of Wayne Wong? what a joke.

  • Dave Bossard Realtor

    It was fun being a part of it from the early 70's to the late 70's as a competitor and to early 2000's as a FIS A judge.

  • Android480

    That old, ankles locked, parallel style used to be considered "aesthetic". I remember watching older skiers as a child, and being impressed by it. But god damn it looks so dumb in hindsight, they look like wobbly little sausages, bending and flailing all over the place just to keep the skis close.

  • JC Rio

    And then Candide Thovex descended to earth from heaven to show the humanity what freestyle skiing is about. Amen.

  • Richard Mason

    6:42 -- Nice one Greg. Good to be able to watch you again. From Dick Mason -- Thredbo.

  • extreme sports for life

    the more sketchy the better

  • moto1p1

    @1:07 He seems to have been accidentally shot by Claudine Longet!

  • MrChangCJ

    Holy shit I fking love this. Their din number gotta be infinity man

  • Powder Skier

    Single buckle boots, long straight skis, and stretch pants...those were the days!!

  • red blue

    so the competition was to see who could through their body around at top speed till they basically died

  • Robert M

    WongBanger! Wayne will always reign!

  • Maui Millen

    Hot dogging changed to moguls not freestyle . Freestyle was a term to describe moguls slope style aerials etc

  • august kelly

    I feel like this is how I look when I ski

  • Kasper

    Freeskiing started with Sondre norheim

  • Brett Vogel

    Glad this isn’t popular anymore because except for the crashes, it’s worse than watching grass grow.

  • mookie714

    this is the perfect contest for people who hate their knees and ankles

  • Jordi Sans

    WTFF 7:40 min the fucking reception flip is awesome

  • Jue Min

    these ancients are so good and so crazy!LOL

  • suanshine

    I'm wondering where is helmetnazis?

  • Justin Noble

    Basically, there were two types of freestyle skiers then: those in the backseat, and those in the trunk. Sheesh!

  • Markz

    oversimplified hello?

  • xxx Kermit

    This looks like a mix of falling and skiing.

  • tommmah

    You lost me when saying skiing began in america.

  • 智黄

    It's so funny to watch.

  • mehdi Jillabi

    skiing did not originate in america

  • death2pc

    That's me, 17th on the left at 1:50................................

  • notproplayer 3

    I've never seen anybody ski this good before

  • jetaddicted

    Ski invented in America?!Some nations in Europe and central Asia beg to differ.

  • Ace Line

    Amazing! Ultrahigh Physical performance!

  • preston leaper

    Great job mark , we really enjoy your work . Maybe do one on woman? - the 70's through 85.

  • τοbιας frαηκ

    I‘ve got my knees blown out watching this video

  • Chris Herne

    Skiing was not invented in the USA; see

  • special T

    These guys had big balls at least

  • sebastas2

    And that´s how America, being an egocentric country that calls itself as a whole continent, came before every other country in europe and their thousands of years of history, and saved us all by creating a new sport we can enjoy...or at least thats how they tell it...

  • Jiany Star Massa vich

    I have a friend that still hotdogs to this day loooool

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