Origins of Freestyle Skiing смотреть онлайн бесплатно в хорошем качестве hd 720 фильм

This film segment is from Dick Barrymore's "The Golden Years of Ski Films". It highlights when skiing began in North America (it was brought here from Europe) and of Hot Dog Skiing. Barrymore appears unaware of the first National Championships of Freestyle Skiing at the Waterville Valley ski area in 1970, but films what he calls the World's first Hot Dog contest on March 10, 1971 at Aspen Colorado. Some skiers featured are Dave Wheeler, Squirrel O'Callahan, Scott Brooksbank, Airborne Eddie Ferguson and Greg Athens.
  • Buz Advrt

    Crazy. It's hard to believe they keep getting up. How frequent were injuries?

  • Robert M

    WongBanger! Wayne will always reign!

  • TheBlackManitu

    1:22 - 1:50 it must look something like this when i go to work

  • sebastas2

    And that´s how America, being an egocentric country that calls itself as a whole continent, came before every other country in europe and their thousands of years of history, and saved us all by creating a new sport we can enjoy...or at least thats how they tell it...

  • preston leaper

    Great job mark , we really enjoy your work . Maybe do one on woman? - the 70's through 85.

  • PopcornSticker

    i'm in 5th minute and i'm laughing so hard that i might be dead  before the video is over

  • MAMUES 5sffb

    freestyle ski started with Candide Thovex

  • Adam Hanly

    So this is when there was a surge in chiropractors.

  • Nate

    pole plant game strong

  • Jadyn S.

    Watching the Olympics and thinking about my great uncle David Wheeler! He placed second at the first freestyle ski competition in history!! He was an amazing and crazy skier! RIP Uncle Dave you made skiing what it is today! 

  • special T

    These guys had big balls at least

  • Cocaine Media

    My ankles...they're broken!

  • Alex V.

    all that started in Europe) history exists apart of America dude!

  • xxbubu

    This is so great, thx sooo much for sharing! Today all is standarded even the moguls. Its not compareable with back in the days. They are the real heros.

  • Powder Skier

    Single buckle boots, long straight skis, and stretch pants...those were the days!!

  • Sean Dillon

    Now we throw triples off back country jumps

  • ticklemedammit

    Proof, skiers jack up the snow

  • maksim onoprienko

    and no any drugs, some alcohol may be.

  • mehdi Jillabi

    skiing did not originate in america

  • just1eon

    Its funny how Americans rly think they invented anything 😂😂skying didn't have its Origin in north america

  • Davy B

    Learned from that video that between Hot Dog and Moguls, I prefer watching hotdogers, clearly

  • rahkin rah

    thank you! good stuff! I was in Vail in '73 for that.

  • naoyuki sasanami

    Hardest binding setting

  • Kasper

    Freeskiing started with Sondre norheim

  • Fedunoff

    Subscribed! We are waiting for you! Happiness, peace and goodness! Finger set as always!

  • MrChangCJ

    Holy shit I fking love this. Their din number gotta be infinity man

  • Vincent Mourguet

    Franck, Simon, c'est ça le vrai STYYYYLE !!! la classssssse :-)

  • tommmah

    You lost me when saying skiing began in america.

  • Ace Line

    Amazing! Ultrahigh Physical performance!

  • Maui Millen

    Hot dogging changed to moguls not freestyle . Freestyle was a term to describe moguls slope style aerials etc

  • Bob Hatcher

    The first "World Professional Freestyle Championship" was held at Waterville Valley, NH in 1973,  Wayne Wong won it.  Other notables from the Waterville Valley area were George Askevold and Floyd Wilkie.  I was there.  There were no rules, just a panel of three judges giving scores.  The cool thing about the scoring was "Extra points given for wicked cool recoveries"

  • James Lougheed

    RIP Squirrel O'Callahan. You died doing what you loved. We will never forget your inspiring contributions to our great sport!

  • Dim May

    Круче и задорнее видео о лыжах я не видел👍

  • Moneyandtime Freedom

    TECHNIQUE: Lean way back on your tails, fronts be damned and wave your arms and poles as much as humanly possible. GOOD STUFF!

  • red blue

    so the competition was to see who could through their body around at top speed till they basically died

  • Trevor Brighton

    I call all the old skiers who do the quick turns with their legs up against each other hot doggers, not directly

  • 智黄

    It's so funny to watch.

  • Danny Podesta

    Fun watching airborne Eddy's run with back scratchers and mule kicks, awesome!

  • Brett Vogel

    Glad this isn’t popular anymore because except for the crashes, it’s worse than watching grass grow.

  • r m smith

    No mention of Wayne Wong? what a joke.

  • diet shazta

    if you French fry when you gotta pizza. you're gonna have bad time

  • xxxx85


  • Johann Fischer

    "The oldest wooden skis found were in Russia (ca. 6300-5000 BC), Sweden (ca. 5200 BC) and Norway (ca. 3200 BC) respectively." -Wikipedia"Skiing began in america in the mid 18 hundreds."Soooo either the first sentence here is misguiding by sentence structure (i.e. its only referring to skiing in 'merica) or i smell biiiig bullshit.

  • Dave Bossard Realtor

    It was fun being a part of it from the early 70's to the late 70's as a competitor and to early 2000's as a FIS A judge.

  • xxx Kermit

    This looks like a mix of falling and skiing.

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