Tonya Harding Gets Annoyed When Asked About Nancy Kerrigan During Live Interview

Disgraced figure skater Tonya Harding threatened to walk out of an interview with British TV presenter Piers Morgan after he pressed her on the 1994 attack on rival Nancy Kerrigan. "I appreciate being on your show, but I think I'm going to have to say, 'Have a good night,''' Harding, 47, said Tuesday in a satellite hookup between her hometown of Portland, Ore., and the London studios of ‘Good Morning Britain.’ Harding's appearance was intended to promote the new biopic, ‘I, Tonya.’
  • Scrug Krux

    I think it's an undisputed fact that she knew and had a hand in having Kerrigan attacked but this was years ago. The movie, the interviews and the drama being stirred up is so pointless now. Like beating a dead horse. Kerrigan loves the spotlight and so does Tonya.

  • Gen X

    That photo of her posing with the woman who played her mother is disgusting. What's with these haggard women like herself opening her mouth real wide while taking a photo looking unkempt? her lipstick looks smeared and gross .

  • Julia L

    it was a slow day for Piers clearly. He didnt have to take that particular tone with her. Lost all respect for him. He is speculating. And in the case that he is not, then what is he basing it on? Maybe he should share that info with the rest of the world and the justice system. Love his documentaries, but there was always something mean and nasty about him, like he is always holding back some complex. Perhaps, you have a Tonya Harding of your own? No?

  • MrJoeyBoombotz

    Tonya is the worst. I wonder how many abortions the selfish heathen has had.

  • Dawn Loves Couture

    I like Tonya. She paid for what happened, whether she knew or didn't know. There have been murderers released from prison who have been able to come out and start their life over. Tonya never had that chance. Let her move on. Nancy was a poor sport who thought she was entitled to win.

  • AM OK

    Piers Morgan is a pompous ass.

  • C Man

    Tonya and Piers deserve each other.

  • trut hurts

    trailer trash once and always...

  • 77tubuck

    Deport Pierce Morgan now!

  • Some One

    FU Tonya. Boycott the movie.

  • Kristel Kleer

    Piers Morgan needs to watch what he's saying he might be asked the same questions. You never know his name might come up like Weinsteins then wotcha gonna do Piers? They're starting to pull some well known names out of the predatory hat in Hollywood. Lol.

  • Imogen McD

    I’m British and most people in Britain very much dislike piers Morgan because he is a dick and annoys every one

  • elfology

    Tonya Harding was the better skater.

  • silvernephy

    I can understand her frustration. She can't go anywhere or do anything without people bringing up the Nancy Kerrigan scandal. My personal feeling is that she had nothing to do with what her crappy ex-husband did. Tonya was a far better skater than Nancy, she had no reason to sabotage her. The irony of Tonya's ex husband doing what he did is that if he HADN'T, Tonya would have EASILY won. Instead of insuring Tonya's future, he destroyed it.

  • peace on earth

    she was only one to gain by getting Kerrigan out of her way...she was the mastermind behind it.

  • Linda Dobson

    Piers Morgan is a rude, haughty, arrogant and ignorant man! Nothing to do with this in particular, but watching him on the morning show, and he shouts down anyone who doesn't agree with his point of view!

  • Yashnil Benimadhu

    Tonya Harding is a crooked opportunistic liar!You do not have to be a genius to know the woman was jealous of Nancy Kerrigan and that she obviously had something to do with the attack.Sad Hollywood has time to waste by making movies about a criminal!

  • vistaprime

    Tonya handled herself well. Piers is the most hated man in Britain and has been fired by every place he worked for. Even Omarosa took him down and JK Rowling. Tonya should have Piers if if he knew about the breaking into phones of high ranking politicians and celebrities at the Daily Mirror newspaper. Of course he did. He was the editor and he ordered it. He's a corrupt, miserable old queen.

  • Vivian Pough

    Did anyone felt like smashing Nancy Kerrigan other knee after hearing her say WHY WHY WHY repeatedly. I sure did.

  • Allison

    well, ed ticks everyone off, come on.

  • Eliza Von Zeux

    I don’t really like piers but i 100% agree with him. Tonya Harding is playing the victim and she is being treated like a star. She is a disgusting person to be honest.

  • daniel kinney

    If she lied to the FBI then how can we truly trust her?  Anyone with nothing to hide tells the truth especially if it's a friend on your team.

  • leafyutube

    Any dumb fool can see Tonya and Nancy had a lesbian affair, but Tonya felt jilted after Nancy left her for another woman so she got back at her. It was a hot lesbian love triangle.

  • Boats n hoes

    Irrelevant old has been that never was

  • Passive Agressive

    All this woman ever did for fame for set up to have another persons leg broken and she still trying to use it to be famous. she gives trailer trash a new meaning.

  • DuchessDiz

    I'm confused why Morgan says Nancy had her Olympic dream shattered because of Tonya....umm, she didn't. Nancy did compete at the Olympics in 94 and won Silver. Tonya placed 8th. Personally, I've never been a fan of Nancy Kerrigan...she's extremely stuck up and pretentious. Tonya is a hot mess but I don't blame her after knowing her story. Either way, Nancy did not have her Olympic dreams shattered by Tonya. Where is the journalistic integrity these days?

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