Tonya Harding Gets Annoyed When Asked About Nancy Kerrigan During Live Interview

Disgraced figure skater Tonya Harding threatened to walk out of an interview with British TV presenter Piers Morgan after he pressed her on the 1994 attack on rival Nancy Kerrigan. "I appreciate being on your show, but I think I'm going to have to say, 'Have a good night,''' Harding, 47, said Tuesday in a satellite hookup between her hometown of Portland, Ore., and the London studios of ‘Good Morning Britain.’ Harding's appearance was intended to promote the new biopic, ‘I, Tonya.’
  • nina jokelainen

    Piers Morgan is idiot ,This lady is brilliant iceskater and they wanna want talk about Nancy Kerrigan :O After 20 has past and still they talk about this.She was very polite to Piers.

  • Patti Soares

    This chick is irrelevant. She is nothing

  • Julio Chino Martinez

    she is telling HER STORY as honestly as she can , putting not only the goods, but the bads in the movie, and all Piers Morgan have to ask, is Nancy Kerrigan, but Piers has a reputation for wanting to be famous himself...

  • leece _

    did she have something done to her nose? As it doesn't haven't the high lift it had when she was young. She actually looks quite different to 'young' tonya. . .

  • c laird

    Piers Morgan is a pompous English but head.

  • Harvey Witt

    Look, she was a young woman and she made some mistakes in her life. And yes, once she discovered what her ex-husband and the other guys were planning, she should’ve gone to the police and reported them. But giving her grief for all these years, please just stop 🛑 attacking her. And as for Nancy Kerrigan, she wasn’t a good girl herself. She had an affair with her married coach.


    says Piers who knew phones were being hacked

  • jimmy donohue

    Piers likes to cause controversy and will take any opportunity to do so. If someone speaks to you like trash on air it’s time to go.Piers would hack his own mothers phone for a story.

  • Jimmy Kane

    I’m so pleased for Tonya that the real story has come out and she can make a few bucks from the movie

  • More Books

    Did she get a nose job... or is it just the aging and extra weight making her face look soooo different... cuz I do remember more of a pug nose back in the day.../

  • Chris Kerr

    Oh no, someone asked an uncomfortable question. Boo hoo. I may not like Piers Morgan, but at least he asks tough questions. She knew about the attack and did nothing. She's a wolf in sheep's clothing, desperate to still be relevant/famous. I have WAY more respect for Nancy.

  • Sylla Atlas

    Honestly that was just tactless. Even more, it was simply disgusting. He’s one of those selfish stupid people happy to put someone down just to make themselves feel better, someone who is entertained by judging someone’s life because he had too much luck. Damn that guy just really screwed. Absolutely disgusting person.

  • 46foryounger Livestreams

    He is an azz but she is guilty and I am glad he asked the question we all want asked.

  • anfiscka

    And one more thing bothers me - it's not Tonya who hit Nancy, it's her former husband and his friend. But media keeps blaming her. Even after her being banned from championships. What a shame. I even see sexism here.

  • Sooz Kempner

    She is 500% nicer than I EVER would be to Piers Morgan.

  • Aries Llorca

    That was such a dick move for the reporter

  • j flo

    So, she thought she could promote a Hollywood film and not answer very essential questions?

  • Kev L

    What a nasty piece of work. She knew exactly what was going to happen to Nancy Kerrigan.

  • Adi Adrian

    Leave the woman alone, she's in her mid 60 i presume by the looks

  • Karen Llewellyn - My Mum Has Epilepsy

    Of course she knew.... her husband destroyed Nancy’s former career...


    “Good night” it looks like daytime

  • karry sasfoot

    Good job tonya.....always be proud that you did do a triple rock

  • Junie

    Tonya has more grace then the muck interviewing her and you can tell shes not ones victim now, Good for Tonya glad she has a good life.

  • Ewelina Jiao

    Everyone just google sth like "tonya harding body language" and you'll find out she is a pathological liar.

  • svetlana jovanovic

    A very interesting article RE: how it went down in court. Please read.

  • anfiscka

    I feel really bad for her. After all what she went through. I think press ruined her life and keeps doing it. I hate such journalists who only chases sensations. Who the hell is he to have a right to ask this question? Attorney? Policeman, or maybe a Judge?

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