Tonya Harding Gets Annoyed When Asked About Nancy Kerrigan During Live Interview

Disgraced figure skater Tonya Harding threatened to walk out of an interview with British TV presenter Piers Morgan after he pressed her on the 1994 attack on rival Nancy Kerrigan. "I appreciate being on your show, but I think I'm going to have to say, 'Have a good night,''' Harding, 47, said Tuesday in a satellite hookup between her hometown of Portland, Ore., and the London studios of ‘Good Morning Britain.’ Harding's appearance was intended to promote the new biopic, ‘I, Tonya.’
  • SuperShawnm27

    I do not like Piers Morgan, but I love it that he is attacking her. She's a POS. She acts like a victim What a bum.

  • Karma IsAbtch

    I’m not a Tonya fan but...I have a greater sense of respect ✊🏼 toward her for ending this interview vs trying to duke it out verbally.

  • Kenneth Robey

    Tonya Harding was by far the best ice skater the Yanks had...... She had no silver spoon sticking out her ass like the other snotty establishment types who got on the USA team by mummy and daddy being uber rich. Tonya did it with raw talent. Piers...... You like to be controversial.....but you were just being a right JEB-END to Tonya, here. Tonya, you were the best skater, from a working class back ground...... And you were HOT..... Which made watching you even better !!! #PIERSYOUJEB-END.

  • earth angel

    After YEARS and YEARS of apologizing for something SHE DID NOT DO, she has the right to not answer those disgustingly inappropriate questions.

  • George

    Piers Morgan is trash. Why is he on Good Morning Britain?

  • TigerLily

    Piers Morgan didn’t need to be an ass about this. Yes, she made a mistake. It’s in the past.

  • emma

    Ok why can’t people just believe her? I mean I do. She didn’t know about the attack, leave it at that or go and shun the person who hit her! Oh my god some people!!

  • irishinsight

    Ummm at the very least she is a victim of abuse! From her mother and rotten husband. I think if this had all happened today it may have been perceived differently. Abuse is taken more seriously now. This interviewer clearly already has an opinion and simply attacked her in this “interview”. What a dick! Also Nancy did just fine! She won silver! Tonya could never skate again!!!

  • 040618

    The interviewer was so annoying

  • Bart Simpson

    piers morgan is someone that should be banned from interviewsHow many people have left off from his interview ?

  • Jackie Burke

    Piers Moron was one of the earlier purveyors of fake news. When he was the editor of the Daily Mirror newspaper he bought and printed fake photos of British soldiers abusing Iraqi prisoners during Gulf war 2. He shouldn't have been given any job in journalism after that.

  • ytubepuppy

    She should have taken a hammer to Piers Morgan. What an irritating POS he is.

  • Pa.

    she did recently admit she heard ~something~ prior to the attack. it was kinda dumb because she proved she lied/omitted for so long herself.I'd bet she knew everything and helped to plot the attack in some way. that said, she was an excellent skater (maybe my fave ever), and kerrigan gets too much unreasonable hate.

  • Killer Queen


  • irishinsight

    If only rapists were treated this way....

  • JennyBee23 K

    She didn’t get kicked off she walked out

  • Mafalda Rose

    Nancy Kerrigan strikes me as someone who makes a big deal about everything. She acted like they shot her in the leg. Yes, she got attacked and that was unfortunate. But seeing Nancy’s face after winning silver, she seems very ungrateful and stuck up.

  • Brb09

    Wtf was Pierce trying to do?? Get her to say yes I knew??? As if she hadn't been through this a million times.

  • Kenneth Royer

    If its Inside Edition then you know its FAKE NEWS!

  • Tom Yazel

    at least she doesn't have that Nancy teeth and donkey bray...

  • SuperShawnm27

    Tonya is a POS. Plain and simple.

  • Henry Black

    Putz Morgan, England's finest tablodian, has a very small wangnoodle.

  • Derek Vinyard

    He is such a British jerk. Like he is going to get her to slip up and accidently admit a secret she has been carrying around 24 years so he can win a Pulitzer or something.  Furthermore, the movie is called I, Tonya. Not , "what happened in "94" or "I, Nancy".  To a degree , Tonya is a victim, a victim of her environment.  I am sure she knew about it but would be a fool to admit it at this point.

  • TuckerDoesEverything

    If I had to listen to this for 20 years while my skating career got banned, I’d react the same damn way

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