Leg Spasms and Autonomic Dysriflexia

I recently spent nearly everyday in bed for just over 3 months because I made a mistake in ordering my spasm medication. I was in another country and the package was lost during shipping Blah Blah Blah! So during this time I shot this video so that viewers can see why people with paralysis need spasm medication.

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  • wmontero1971

    do you use baclofin for spasms

  • etsirtle

    .  .  .  and I thought all of those days you were on a exotic island having a nice time, man I was wrong.  I'm glad you are OK now. 

  • Iron Mangetter

    when u nut but she still suckin

  • Charles Michalski

    This dude is a saint i feel for him ppl like him make the world a better place

  • No One

    Could you please, please, please post more of your spasms? (: you have very interesting videos!!!!!!!

  • Olek Walczy POMOC DLA OLKA

    Spasms are terrible. I have them early morning. During the day sometimes I have spasticity in my left hand. One day a have got spasms when I got up, happily my wheelchair was closlu behind me. Without any control I fell on it. After it I am still scared that spasms could catch me when I would be walking. Good luck bro!

  • MAIZA Cerqueira

    Bisous,bisous bisous

  • mdzura117

    And i thought my leg spasms were bad - yours look intense. I haven't been on any medication yet, but I'm starting to consider it because mine are getting worse

  • Sunil Yadav

    We explore the univers ,we go to the moon but we unable to cure spinal injury,Lots of people are waiting when it's medicine will come

  • Brenda Kennell

    Amazing how your timing is impeccable! This video comes out right when we are getting ready to do a unit on SCI in our OTA classes. My new students all feel like they know you since we watch so many of your videos. I hope these rough days are behind you, and we can talk/Skype again sometime when you are in FL.

  • bakedbeans44

    why not get a baclofen pump

  • opinion mine

    I love this so love this. You so deserved it that time, you were a shit and you see life was shaking you. Makes me feel so good :)

  • Katie Oliverio

    Thank you for posting. I am studying for a neuro exam (currently an OT student) and this was super helpful.

  • Santiago

    Hey buddy, its your old friend James ;-) I hope your feeling better since filming this video.If your'e able to, try to buy Valerian root. Amazingly, I have't had to take any baclofen since I started using it. Maybe it'll help you too. You can order it from amazon, a vitamin store, or a herbal store. I hope you have better days ahead. Be good o yourself ;-)

  • Peter Lajer

    dear goo to Leving there is Medical Cannabis that will take your Spasma CBD Cannabidiol!!!

  • Calvin Cooley

    Those headaches are gnarly! I'm a T4 and kind of spazzy but those are the most intense spasms I've ever seen. Dangerous.

  • vengaBoy boyzzz

    Naltrexone ldn 4.5mlg

  • MAIZA Cerqueira

    Bisous mon,cherié Chirs

  • MyChannel+

    Use medical marijuana. ..it's the best way to fight spasms immediately

  • Carli Mcgoff

    Thank you for sharing this! I'm studying for my boards (just graduated from OT school) and this was helpful :) I'm going to keep watching your videos! You seem like a super cool dude! 

  • Shaniqua P

    I'm in a wheelchair I have HSP and my two boys too. I know I get spasms real bad to. Hereditary Spastic Paraplegia (HSP)

  • alternitive energy nut

    Hey there I got off all my spasm medicine by eating cannibus was hard as hell I did same as you in vid there my legs would stand me up then I would flip over in my chair but now im perty much the same using nothing during the day and eat cannibus and some zaniflex at night

  • shannon grams

    Chris,  I watched your spasm video.  I have a friend 46y.o. c4 quad.  He used to suffer, but now, he has few, it is very rare.  If you see my message  and want more info, drop me a line.  Maybe it will help.  ~S

  • Suraj Lama

    Same problem Man. How can we get out of this problem?? Do you get Cold? I get much cold even I Can't use any air on My body It's like virus for me why?

  • luvaquad

    Interesting. Back in 2006 ..2 yrs post my c4 quadriplegia .. The place I was at forgot to order my Zanaflex 4 mg. It was critical I had it every 4 hours with severe spasticity. I went into AD ..ambulated to a hospital followed .. Every hospital event I bring my meds..I cover it with my surgeon beforehand ..He authorizes it. Nurses have a hour window to get it to you. If they kept your med filled on the floor and usually dont.The time variance is up and down and us quads require a timely schedule. The med itself can have a variance in the breakdown compounds. Round Zanaflex doesn't last as long .. oval barely gets to 3 hours so that hour I find paralysis pretty evil lol. The liver is why I don't take 6 mg .. and await that 4 th hour .. no med researched for us quads is a huge concern. Baclofen makes me comatose. . It also removes any possible feeling of wacky signals ..spasticity has its purpose I feel. It's how I move ..taught how to use it. Oxycotton is evil.. both like others are typically ordered for us paralyzed people ..Once I declined their use it ticked doctors off .. my body started to change thou. We can't numb it all ..if the unfixed spine can have a shot.. or if the brain is to recall feeling what we cant.Ty.. lisa T.

  • jessiejones907

    Hope you're doing better now bud. I've had the same issues. It sucked.

  • Rebecca Johnson

    I'm in health care I see this, it's awful. Sending you a huge hug hope it's gotten better Becca

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