Joe On Trump's Remarks: How Does GOP Not Immediately Condemn This Language? | Morning Joe | MSNBC

During a White House immigration meeting, President Donald Trump wondered in a vulgar way about a deal including protections for people from Haiti and nations in Africa. His remarks have drawn widespread condemnation. The panel discusses.

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Joe On Trump's Remarks: How Does GOP Not Immediately Condemn This Language? | Morning Joe | MSNBC
  • landyachtfan79

    They don't condemn these remarks because, knowing Trump, he has put them on notice that the consequences for condemning them & daring to speak out against them will be dire!!!!!! As in losing their jobs or..........maybe even...........their very LIVES!!!!!

  • Benjamin de Montgomery

    Can anyone tell me why a Norwegian would want to move to USA. Why Why Why would Norwegians want to go USA? Norway is actually better than Sweden. Clean Air hardly any violence, free education, trust fund set up by their government, even a first class prison system that is working. So WHY ?

  • George Minton

    In my view it is my feeling that the Republican party is systematically destroying everything that is great and good about the USA. I don't like to pay taxes and I don't like it that they waste my tax money but you should not like it that the rich get all of their taxes removed by getting the Republicans in the congress and senate to pass laws giving them tax breaks that the majority of us don't get. Why are you still voting in rich people as representatives for us? Don't do it or you will continue to pay all of the taxes and the rich will continue to pay nothing.

  • Joe Brice

    OK, Joe lets focus on Ryan and McConnell. Although Ryan and McConnell do not refer to people from Africa, Haiti or Salvador as shitholes, I am pretty sure they think it. Furthermore, Ryan's and McConnell policies usually affect people of color, policies which are definitely racist, which is worst than saying shitholes. Don't try to hide what Republicans have done with their racist policies for decades. Ryan and McConnell are not admirable.

  • Jo Black

    Trump has EVERYTHING he needs as a well to be for his lifetime, his kids lifetime, and their kids lifetime. He was in the rich mix and knows of things they were doing because of his lifestyle. He gave up his life for America because he knows the swamp is Huge. So while u all keep hating him we the people love him. Trumpet has sounded.

  • ThE DuCk

    Trump is a sideshow meant to distract while Congressional Republicans rewrite the rules of the game to make their power grab irreversible.

  • otsisippi1

    the red cross and clinton foundation failed haiti not trump watch what he does for haiti!

  • b bb

    Yeah, it's called immigration reform.

  • Jon cruiser

    Joe Scarborough and Mika are going down with all their EVIL LYING LEFTEST views for wanting to DESTROY AMERICA

  • Lucifaga X please watch this it's about border wall, trump told in 2015 that he will do what he did in 2018

  • Terry Oesch

    Mr mugue you can't touch the pink panther

  • Jon cruiser

    How TRUE THAT MIKA is as rotten as her dad who ripped off the AMERICAN people

  • Laboucane Dennis

    MSNBC winner of the Fake News Award..or at least an honorable mention.

  • Thomas Nagano

    Enablers...Germany 1936

  • Telly Vin-a

    whenever you think trump has reached a new low...

  • Kiki

    Donald trump is such an evil man.

  • Jason Blank

    lol! Now you know how I felt for the last 8 yrs! You people need to look at the stats!

  • Joe Palmer

    He just continues to appeal to his base...amid all this outrage there is around a third of the country that actually live and breath the crap that this goof in the White House constantly spews forth. Lie big enough, lie often enough and people will this case around a third of the people, so not all are sheep.

  • Joan Meijer

    It's a silly question - the GOP has no integrity any more. They are bought and sold to the people who brought you Trump.

  • Nacho Chitiu

    Snowflakes will never grow up. They don't even see how laughable their virtue signalling is. Pathetic!

  • Omar Alexander

    Sad day for the United States just day after day with the bad press of trump good God when can we get any relief I'm a register voter never took it seriously but the way this country going I think it's more important ever to vote black and brown alike we got to take a stand

  • Kiki

    Most of these people from africa like nigeria(super smart people,better educated too than some american) and others are highly educated,even more educated than asians ,cos most of them has bachalors degree already before they migrate to america

  • dodo dede

    MSNBC/CNN you make me sick talk about the swamps like evil Hillary corruptions and all the Democrats and don't forget yourself in the same boat BY THE WAY TRUMP DID NOT SAY THAT LANGUAGE STATED BY A LIYING DEMOCRAT

  • Moe Jaime

    So Joe this means that 30 % of voters are all Racist Pigs because the support Trump ?? !!! I think you are RIGHT JOE !!!

  • William Stewart

  • First Last

    Why would people from Norway want to go to a third world country.

  • gary walker

    liberalism is a mental disorder without a cure.. the humane thing to do would be a bullet to their head.

  • joseph colling


  • Real American Patriot

    Liberal Media WEASELS are the Worst kind of Race-baiting Propagandists for the CORRUPT and Politically D-E-A-D Democrat Party. We the Good People of this nation find this Highly Liberal Biased panel of Anti-Trump HACKS offensive in their incendiary attacks on our President. It is Totally DISGUSTING!May Almighty GOD Destroy the HIDEOUS SCOURGE of Liberalism and the CORRUPT Forces-of-Evil that embrace and promote this Most HORRIFIC PLAGUE upon America and the World. AMEN!IN TRUMP WE TRUST!AMERICA FIRST!GOD BLESS AMERICA!!!

  • Saint Mars

    The GOP is a party of morally bankrupt whores, who will do or tolerate anything for money. Paul Ryan and Mitch McConnell are blocking the human right of medical care for all but the very wealthy, the both of them enjoying platinum socialized medicine paid for by taxpayers. Neither could hold a real job.

  • علی خادمی

    ما دیوانه کم دیده بودیم یه دیوانه احمق بی شعور دیگه که دست همه دیوانه های جهانو از پشت بسته به جمع دیوانه ها اضافه شد


    We have to deal with racist people every day but when it comes from the president of the United States that's bad. Trumps daddy was in the KKK. His son was raised by an racist man Trump is racist and his supporters and friends and a lot of the senators are racist to it shows and we as Americans needs to get rid of racist people. Sen Tom cotton is a racist to Sen Perdue of Georgia is racist to .

  • Cynthia Madrid

    He thrives on DRAMADRAMA king.......sick.

  • G W

    As a Canadian, I've always called the USA a S---thole country. I guess I'm a racist now.

  • SugarPlum Fairy

    I am a fortune teller-- I am predicting it will not be a good year for Republican party or Trump. Its already s**t for them

  • Bill Clinton

    People from Norway have no interest in moving to the US.

  • Now What

    They don't condemn it because they feel the same way !!!

  • yvette saunders

    To the bible belt "It is easier for a camel to go through the eye of a needle, than for a rich man to go to Heaven"

  • Real American Patriot

    Liberal Media WEASELS are people who are definitely Morally Bankrupt. They tow the CORRUPTION of the Politically D-E-A-D Democrat Party. And on top of that, they will not give the American Public the TRUTH regarding President Trump's Strong and Effective Leadership which has resulted in the current Booming Economy, the All-time record-breaking Stock Market Dow Jones at +26,000 points, the Lowest Unemployment in 17 years, Jobs and Companies returning to America, tax relief for ALL Americans, the repeal of the ObamaCare Individual Tax Mandate, the Safety and Security of the country is better due to stronger border security. Consumer confidence is high, Companies giving bonuses to employees all due to Tax Reform and Deregulation. etc.SHAME on the Highly Biased and Dishonest Liberal Mainstream Media and its TERRIBLE Club of Liberal Media WEASELS for not reporting the TRUTH to the American People!!!

  • rex kenny

    Trump wants to keep his 30ish percent completely loyal to the Trump brand. When he leaves the presidency (which I don't think he ever wanted to win in the first place) these are going to be a huge target market for Trump Corp. This is the main game to end up making loads of money for himself and his family (see the add-ons to the tax plan giving Trump corp a much lower tax bill and inheritance taxes slashed). If he softens his tone he may well increase his popularity , but among people who are not the commercial target market at the possible expense of those that are)

  • Lidia Mancias

    what a boring show !

  • joe cole

    Nobody moves to Haiti. It is a country that practices voodoo and human sacrifice. Democrats complain about statues of Jefferson Davis and Robert E. Lee. No complaints about human rights abuses in Haiti.

  • Berta BCorkery

    The Republicans are the disgusting politics they're a lier everything about it.

  • Jzeke 420

    “Of this small sample of immigrants coming from africa, 43% have bachelor’s degrees compared to 33% of ALL americans.” Lmfaoooo misleading stats much? You just compared a small sample size to hundreds of millions of people...... liberal media at its FINEST

  • Chan Yoke Onn

    How abt all d school shooting dat n killing so many kids d stupid president allow uhh

  • RD Sufusa


  • TheLookingOne

    To win in 2018,Dictator Donald and the fascist GOPwill manufacture a 'national emergency' or a foreign war

  • William Stewart

  • Daniel Swanson

    Trump is a vulnerable adult who is being manipulated by the Republicans. A psychological evaluation needs to be done to insure the country is in good hands.

  • rapunzel eh?

    how do they not care? pedophiles don't think pedophilia is wrong. racists don't think racism is wrong. liars don't think lying is wrong.

  • daniel letterman

    Reagan provided amnesty. Is that forgotten ?? This has to be prepted over and over !!

  • Dean Rockwell

    Where's the lie though? NO ONE can deny what he said, not ONE! LMAO!

  • annie lane

    Idk from all the MSM ....those countries don’t look to livable :/ I may be wrong but though they could be just showing the bad parts ?

  • todd zola

    I am a Republican since Reagan. And I support this side. Why truth shall set you free. I said this first well technically the movie but, I sent it out on Twitter.

  • madcurls

    This is what happens when there is no other people of color in the room. This is what happens behind closed doors. This is what happens when you place your hope in mankind,

  • altitude illume

    "he's evil" --- wow. #NOREPUBLICANS

  • Laboucane Dennis

    Winners get to go to Haiti on their own dime for 2 fun filled weeks.Bring your own toilet paper.

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