C7 Quad Floor Transfer From Chair

I recently learned a different way to get up when I tip over. This is probably my 5th time doing it so I imagine it to get a lot easier over time.

  • Jamey Nealey

    Hey man that's awesome it's almost impossible for me to do that and I am a T3 para

  • Free Shopping

    i would like to share with you this new brand in here : https://goo.gl/wPcGmL

  • Joshua Brown

    Awesome. Where do you find those pants? I need to upgrade my clothes.


    BADASS Technique...........


    good job man, tsk for the tip.

  • mikesbigbreak

    Great effort Joe, I'm a T10 para and haven't tried this since rehab. Will look into it again for sure to add it to my bag of tricks.

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