Russia v Saudi Arabia - 2018 FIFA World Cup Russia™ - MATCH 1

Hosts Russia could not have wished for a better start to their own FIFA World Cup™ following their resounding 5-0 victory over Saudi Arabia.

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  • samuel garcia

    Rusia 5 (Gazinsky, Cheryshev, Dzyuba, Cheryshev, Golovin) - Arabia Saudita 0.

  • It's Adrían

    Who's watching after the World Cup? Congrats to France!

  • Sonu Di Gregorio

    The first match was very good 😍😘😘

  • Elvis Presley

    Dzygoev was on for 1 minute and scored.

  • Abdullah Al Farhan

    So sad that I had to watch this match as my national team was receiving goals one after another in many different possible ways. The Saudi squad were very decent perhaps the goalkeeper lacked for some skills and Mr Pizzi was just fine. The thing that the Saudi national team needed in the opening match was the spirit of teamwork and unfortunately they didn't have it and therefore the whole team had collapsed easily. This spirit, however, is to be earned and not to be enforced and in order to do so, General Sport Authority needs to do some radical changes and make serious steps. One of these steps in my opinion is making a cooperative deal with ministry of education to develop young athletes and in-school sport facilities.

  • Crimson Hunter

    Started with a goal fest ended with a goal fest

  • Mauglis

    Anyone watching this after the final?

  • B O Y

    I still can't believe that russia lasted so long in the world cup

  • mohd faizal samsudin

    who the commentator names?

  • StimPad - FIFA mobile

    and now it is finished :( wc finish

  • Keilla Magalhães


  • Raskrutka v social'nyh setyah

    Дзагоев поломался выигрывали все матчи, Дзагоев встал в строй просрали первый же

  • Seokjun An

    Russia did surprisingly well this World Cup, and I'm genuinly proud of them! That's the power of the home team!!! That's how they beat Spain!

  • Charly Lopez

    Doesn't this game look fake? the SA goalkeeper in particular... and the defence...

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