The Voice | Best SHAKIRA COVERS in The Blind Auditions

Since 2001, Shakira has been immensely popular in the international charts. It’s not without reason that her songs are covered so often on The Voice. Check out the best Blind Auditions here.

1. Amina sings 'Wherever Whenever' (The Voice Kids Germany):

2. Edna Gonzalez sings 'Whenever Wherever' (The Voice Belgium):

3. María José sings 'Antes de las seis' (La Voz Kids Colombia):

4. Natalija Demeško sings 'Whenever, Wherever' (The Voice Of Lithuania):

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  • Rafael Fernandez

    Sólo el programa en inglés y el argentino son buenos . El resto de ñañitos son horribles cantando y los jueces

  • Minnie may Omar

    If u really love shakira😘😘Like my comment😘😘😘

  • 洪于涵

    2nd and 3rd is the best 💖

  • Ziyanda Snazo

    That not Shakiras voice

  • l love dance

    Shakira u r rocking the stage

  • PY

    First one... Hadn't heard someone sing this bad in long time..My ears..🤒

  • levia thaniel

    How could you not include the most popular shakira cover on the voice into this clip? #imconfused


    What is the name of the program

  • Dalai Medina

    Quién es el del minuto 5:08 ?

  • Minnie may Omar

    I love I shakira ,,I'm a big fan😘😘😘

  • Guylify Mark

    Is it weird that I found the last one the worst

  • Samantha Cooper

    The last one was soo goood

  • Matze Ginter

    Anyone watching 2019?

  • Calum Smith

    I’m shocked Monique Abbadie from the USA version. That was moving

  • wer pelis LA

    the voice global corta el final de las audiciones traten de no hacerlo porfavor

  • Denn Green III

    Last one was spot on!

  • Prem Lata Tiwary

    Where is Monique's Loca?

  • นายภูมิรัฐ ธนะภาษี

    In my opinionBelgium is the best cover.

  • subham paul

    On which chanel is it shown

  • killer frost

    Que cool cantan!!!Les salio increíble a todos las canciones de shakira!

  • Sabrina Villalba

    La primer cantante fue horrible 😣

  • Agent Smith

    Clickbait...smh...FUCK YOOOUUU!!!!

  • Anne Ree

    I don't like the last one .. she really force her voice to be sound like Shakira ..

  • SORNA TV best videos👆☝

  • shehnaj lee

    Last girl was amazing she sang little bit like sakira.

  • Laryssa Pimentel

    3:33 quem é o terceiro jurado??

  • Sandun Madusanka

  • Hth Hdjd

    No body has the same voice as shakira voice

  • DTK Gaming

    first: Nahhh Second: yey? third: yeah! fourth:YEYYYY

  • Droid Soccer


  • Amaira Rathor

    I thought the last one was litrally shakira she’s so good 😁😊

  • Prathamesh Sawant

    That singer from Belgium..damnnn she was so personified

  • awesomemagic150 Pro

    Maybe this is Nepali

  • muhammad ali

    awesome and heart touching

  • Yasmina Jackson

    The first one was bad

  • buket eren

    Second one is better than the last, I think

  • Syed Amir

    Love u so much ..... i Need your individual videos 'plez send me on my whatsapp number +918493971715

  • Heizel Joyce Rasos

    what is the title of this song?

  • timo _werner_m

    Würde ich drücken? Já

  • AnneFranksASMR

    So they didnt use all the shakira covers?

  • Killer Kitten

    I fail to recognize how that kid is human. I just can’t

  • Mariam Abdelouhabi

    Das war ja mal ultra schlecht😣

  • Yazid Yunus

    The last same voice shakira. Good job girl

  • Elieen *

    *2 0 1 9* Anyone

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