The Voice | Best SHAKIRA COVERS in The Blind Auditions

Since 2001, Shakira has been immensely popular in the international charts. It’s not without reason that her songs are covered so often on The Voice. Check out the best Blind Auditions here.

1. Amina sings 'Wherever Whenever' (The Voice Kids Germany):

2. Edna Gonzalez sings 'Whenever Wherever' (The Voice Belgium):

3. María José sings 'Antes de las seis' (La Voz Kids Colombia):

4. Natalija Demeško sings 'Whenever, Wherever' (The Voice Of Lithuania):

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  • Axax Naji

    Using this music is like cheating

  • Jr videos

  • Jahan Jahan

    Last one is fantastic

  • Joan Martinez

    Shakira ❤❤❤ , su música es todo un arte

  • Sagar Mudavoor

    Who is the last singer?

  • KierstenLPS

    On the first one he waits for the beat drop lol! 😂

  • aadhi m

    ohhhhhh i heard this music in india long back 1& 2 songs

  • mouna nahid

    I love you shakira ❤❤👏👏👏👏

  • Raquelina Guzman

    Ka ja la cara de shakira

  • Ματίνα Κορκόντζελου

    The first lady had a very spastic voice

  • Mina Bina

    My name is Amina what the hell

  • wala abdalla

    No one as shakira she is the best..

  • Azhelika

    Не поняла почему все повернулись к маленькой.Не очень пела.А муррражки от второй исполнительницы.

  • gottfer

    so basically the kid was the best? lmao

  • Flashbek87

    Her voice reminds Brenda Lee's, dont you think that ? 0:20

  • Ivana Milovanovic

    I don't understund why every man who sing Shakira's song try to sing like her.Sing with your voice be special💓

  • emirin oyun larl

    varum nish maha shakira afdem deuch land koser

  • Jassi 62658 subcribe guyzz

  • Meera Milo

    Everyone sung well.. The last awesome🔥❤👍

  • Sahir the Imperceptible

    Lots of love for Shakira.....!!💕💕💕India

  • Theresa Noelle Gnebba

    So geil hat sich die erste nicht angehört 😅🤐

  • Test Moda

    The first is the little girl

  • Oğuz YILDIZ

    1:17 #Excellent #Perfect

  • morryto naves

    I like the song "loca" better tho but i still like this song also

  • si me criticas me vale

    La primera canta del navo 👀

  • Alistair K

    Anyone here who try to find Monique in this video ?

  • mikasa ackrman

    The last was shakira i swar wow we have to shakira

  • Wally 1970

    This is no more than karaoke 💩

  • Flaming Ryno

    I like to slap my thigh whenever I think I would want them. As if I'm a coach

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