What Do Dogs See When They Watch TV?

Some dogs just seem to love watching TV. But are they really watching what we see?

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Image Sources:
  • Amy Lusby

    My pit bull watches tv while my fox terrier doesn’t at all

  • The Spare Channel

    When I was little my dog used to love watching the Jetsons. Does that mean he's yearning for the future?

  • Cuber77

    my dog heard the bark at 2:12

  • son0of0the0beast

    My snapping turtle watched TV when he lived indoors

  • Devin Elgert

    Has Malcolm Gladwell seen this clip?

  • Kazzy and Decchan

    (Gets a new TV)Dog: ...Bring back the rave machine.

  • Feraligono

    But what about *cats*?

  • puttputt524

    Neither our cat nor dog watch tv

  • Suraj Nainar

    My 144hz monitor ftw

  • Garfield

    I love how half of this Chanel is about quantum physics and the other is dog tv science

  • Cameron Smyllie -1000 subs with no good content

    My dog only watched the tv once and he was so freaked out his ears moved back and he backed away and barked at the tv for 10 seconds (he’s a lab/retriever cross called Clyde)

  • Bismuth Crystal

    One of my dogs only reacts to barks and howls and can't figure out where they're coming from; doesn't recognize the images as related, but the other gets super interested when any vaguely doglike thing is on, including animation. She has sat up and watched the entirety of Bolt with me numerous times. She's even interested with the sound off. It's fascinating. It seems to suggest she recognizes the abstract concept of "dog." Or she's so dumb she can't tell the difference. The former one is a bloodhound mutt, the latter a german shepherd mutt. So there's some more anecdotal evidence.

  • Drag0nEYE 1510

    my dog freaks out when ever she see's dog meat from fallout four

  • KitsuneNeko

    I've seen some that will react with familiar sounds... not just a dog barking or toys squeaking... but people and animals they actually know! So family videos and videos of your friends... people the dog has been around they seem to react to. Soooo maybe if you think your dog is lonely while at home you could always play videos of you just talking or playing with your dog. : D

  • Matthew Prendergast

    Just happened to be walking my dog when I watched this lol

  • Sandra H.

    You should take a look at the Elvis and Khaleesi Youtube channel, this bulldog loves Horror movies. XDD

  • message posted

    Dogs are stupid, TV is stupid.

  • The World's Largest Cubic Zirconia

    Dog TV = front window

  • jane wolf

    My Chinese Shar-Peis, loved to watch the german sheppards on The Hills Have Eyes. The part where the sheppards are protecting their owners. It was pretty impressive, and funny.

  • Ariana Johns

    I know this has to do with nothing related to this video but you know how when you use Siri and she says go ahead I’m listening!? When does it say she is not!? Exactly it never does, so when Siri here’s her name think more in to!

  • Dungeon Cat18

    I need to get that satellite program designed for dogs XD

  • KaceyCat

    Both of my dogs are corgis, and interestingly, one seems totally oblivious to the tv, as if it isn't even there, while the other will flip out and start barking at the sight of any animal, even cartoon ones that are only marginally animal-shaped. A lot of the time, we have to avoid Animal Planet or else he won't stop barking. And if even a single dog bark sound is played? That's invitation enough for lots of barking and grumbling and glaring at the screen.

  • Pastor Peewee

    My female pug doesn't react to general tv shows but absolutely loves the Kentucky Derby races not kidding she sits with me and watches it. I watch her and her eyes and head follows the horses. And when the horses goes off the screen she literally runs to the left or right of the tv looking trying to find them. I know it sounds like a joke but I'm serious. ..

  • Peter Jones

    Our dog pays about 0-1% of his attention to any screens. He prefers looking out the window and barking at anything that moves, except for trains. He also enjoys trying to kill me for just being near my Mom.

  • Kyubical Emanon

    the human eye cant see more than 55fps

  • Dylan Chevalier

    2:10 I watched this with my dog in my lap and she actually reacted to the bark and squeak

  • Emily Merritt

    My dog barks at animated animals. He goes nuts during cartoons lol

  • Sara Teubert

    Dog TV is a real channel that also happens to be great for stoners and insomniacs too.

  • Stephen Herbertson

    One of my three dogs not only watches TV with me at night, she recognizes the monster or bad guy in a show or movie and growls at it, and she even goes nuts when she sees the dog on The Simpsons, "Santa's Little Helper", and starts whining like it's a friend she hasn't seen in awhile. She's a 6 year old mix breed (lab, rott, pit, boxer, ?). What's funny is, my youngest dog, her daughter, couldn't possibly care less about the TV, and sees it as nothing but something that gets in the way of me giving her belly-rubs lol

  • Creeper Catgirl

    my dog likes to watch tv sometimes

  • Hailey Marie

    Why’d my dog chew up the season of The Dog Whisperer I had just bought? Do you think she knew?

  • SnowLeopard84 fangirl

    My cats like to watch me on the computer. Quick mouse/cursor movements especially excite them. So does lots of visual change. They really like watching Minecraft for example. Putting down a light source like a torch gets their attention, or big changes in color between indoors and outdoors. Also, the particles and drops get their attention as they move fast and spin around.

  • NextGen Rager

    Talking about 60 fps, hits 20 with the camera...

  • Chibi Blaziken

    Why is everyone only thinking about a dog's what about TV shows for cats? Can you do a video on that or at least a short

  • Maria Tortosa

    My pug watches tv all the time and he hates horses and any animals with 4 legs.

  • valencia carlin

    That's funny both my dog and cat love to watch tv. Sometimes I even catch them fighting over the remote 😅

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