What Do Dogs See When They Watch TV?

Some dogs just seem to love watching TV. But are they really watching what we see?

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  • Shea Goff

    My cat loves watching tv my dog not so much but he does jump up when he hears barking or a doorbell.

  • Emerick Deneb

    the same is for cats? My cat loves attacking bugs displayed in my cellphone...

  • RRW

    What about cats? Back when I lived with my family, we always had a cat. Our previous pair rarely cared (although I do remember one of them attacking the screen when I was watching some astronomy show and they showed planet's orbiting), but the cat they have now/had when I moved out LOVED attacking the TV when I was watching two types of programs: Nature shows (My cat went CRAZY during the Dimetrodon part of Walking With Monsters for whatever reason), and believe it or not, Star Trek. IDK if it's the colors or what, but he often tried to attack the comm badges.

  • My ChildishWays

    Yellow and Blue you say, is that why dogs love the beach?

  • Scott Hannan

    Real Housedogs of Beverly Hills

  • 3 runes

    My dog barks at a cartoon cat from Coraline

  • squeezemyparticiple

    New dog SciShow heck ye. "Sci-Show?" No, "Fi-Do"

  • Olaf Elsbeurry

    My grandfather's German shepherd would bark at the t.v. when she saw animals

  • Zoophilia Consultant

    it prob looks like opening your eyes underneath lake water to them. thanks chris!

  • Gage Sutton


  • Terry Blanchard

    isn't it about time you treated your dog to a nice 144hz screen

  • FabrayFashions

    I have a cat that enjoys "watching tv" with me. I wonder how similar it is. I'm sure the idea of them watching movement makes sense, cats are hunters after all.

  • Daniel Hesse

    Well, the colors electronic screens "produce" are just an illusion, as they only actually produce 3, red, green, and blue, our eyes perceive other colors as those are the only three colors they can actually detect. If our eyes detect a little blue and a little green, it determines that the true color is a wavelength between those two, and depending on how much of each wavelength it detects, it estimates what it thinks the actual incoming wavelength is. Because dogs cannot detect any of these wavelengths, the illusion would not work for them, and they would not see a coherent, sensible image as we do.

  • Hope Weiss

    My parents have a huge hdtv in their room and the dogs really do watch it funny tho that our hound like dog watches more lol. I had heard the dogs can only see TVs that are in HD bc they refresh super fast

  • Kinley Bowman

    My friend had a dog that loved Disney cartoons. One day when she was sick she was channel hopping and ended up at the Disney junior channel and when she went to change it her dog started barking at her, and the dog stopped when she let go of the remote the dog wouldn’t let anyone change the Channel. The dog would react to the tv and it was supper funny.

  • BionicTenshi96

    Do animals understand music?

  • steph booth

    Dunno ya know. My 9mo pup loved the secret life of pets lol

  • Harlan Kempf

    My dogs have been happy whenever there was some sort of animal noises, especially turkey gobbles, coming from the TV. They lock onto the screen and keep tilting their heads with a funny "Wut?" expression.

  • Nahjah Rocknie

    My dog doesn't seem to know TVs even exist....

  • Imperfectly Laura

    If they can recognize images of other dogs, why does my dog bark at his own reflection in the mirror?!? (On a more serious note, this is a great video. Thanks for making it!)

  • Victoria Warren

    I'm glad to know there is a channel my puppo will enjoy!

  • Sophie Gillard

    My dogs love David Attenborough

  • DKsaNn

    So dogs can watch tv? Just as long as the refresh rate is high enough

  • Josh Guyette

    Analog TV was 30 fps, not 60 fps

  • Scott Hannan

    Marc Summers hosts “Walk? Trip? Treat?”

  • Ellice Jones

    If you make the dog channel i know my doggies would love it

  • Rachel Henry

    My dog doesn't ever seem interested in TV, but my parakeets always start chirping when they hear me watching SciShow. I've decided that means they like it.

  • Animal Land of Talking Animals

    my dog doesn't like walks....or stairs.....or anything that moves....like water

  • BellaDog Ajpw

    My dog lays on the couch staring at the tv then runs and barks at the tv when she sees a dog on the tv

  • toba thene

    My cat watches my phone sometimes

  • Elizabeth Earley

    My dog like to watch cartoons like scooby doo.

  • Wycube 7

    My dog just ignores the tv and is usually looking away

  • Scott Hannan

    Maybe a show called “Timmy” about a boy who always has to be told what to do...

  • rav ernot

    where is scishow dogs?

  • Smelly Fishs

    My dachshunds both love watching sci show. Only sci show. I have no idea why, but if they hear the sci show intro, they are immediately sitting on my lap, watching the screen. My min pin likes Gordon Ramsay’s master chef season one. My dogs are weird, but awesome.

  • Scott Hannan

    Today on “How It Smells”... we go inside a toilet factory

  • Maral Karimi

    I dont even have a dog

  • Minneapolis Jeff

    My dog will only watch James Lipton interviews

  • roflcopterkklol

    My Dalmatian can instantly recognise any animal on the TV even marine animals. Does not care about anything else so i fail to believe any of this is true.

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