Ilia Kulik and Ekaterina Gordeeva

Kulik and Gordeeva rehearsing Casi un Bolero together. At the beginning Scott Hamilton talks about Ekaterina's performance in Celebration of a Life. This is from 1999 Stars on Ice.
  • Valentina Kochetkova

    Кулик проигрывает Гринькову.Как Сергей любил Катю,этого не будет.Просто...жизнь продолжается...

  • Maria Maria

    To be fair with Ilia I think it's really difficult to be in a relationship with someone who has been in a much publicized, much loved pair that's GG, he was young when he married katia, only 22 , I think he fell inlove and just took on the responsibility that Sergei left. 2015 and he's just 40... they are divorced and well, maybe Sergei will always be Katia's one true love but Ilia was a selfless man who loved her and as well and their daughters.

  • music loversaxgirl

    Aww I just heard Katia and Ilia split up :(

  • Lyudmila Gura

    Лиза очень похожа на папу Илью кое-что есть и от мамы Кати!

  • fuscia

    I saw this performance and knew they were in love, before they ever announced it. You could see it, and I was so happy for them. They looked so good together <3

  • Marina Ivanova

    Вот как можно в неё не влюбиться?

  • Marina Ivanova

    Илюш,спасибо тебе..Не многие смогут переформатировать ситуацию.Что это?Любовь?Очень хочется верить.

  • Nailiya Ish

    Кате подходят крепкие, высокие мужчины. Как ее Сергей , а Илья мелкий, младше ее. Жаль Сергея красавца нет в живых. Но ее тоже можно понять. Жить надо дальше, растить дочь одной тяжело. Какая она молодец, выдержала всю тяжесть на плечах. Светлая память Сергею , как они друг на друга смотрели любя, как он целовал ее во время выступлений. Жаль, что так быстро закончилась эта любовь Я смотрю их выступления и наслаждаюсь ими. ..

  • Kimberly Anne

    They skate so beautiful.I wonder if they'll ever return to competition.Thier skating is so natural and a wonderful love story in itself.

  • momto3rs

    Sorry to be the bearer of sad news folks...but February People Magazine 2018 Special Edition...Goordeeva and Kulik DIVORCED IN 2015! That explains ALOT(her skating with Pelletier, Petrov, Zimmerman, Dmietriev.,as well as her daughters). The entire family performed "Stars on Ice" 2005,returning together in '06 and '07. The final Kulik FAMILY performance "Take me Home"(w Ilia, Katia and daughter Liza skating-included daughter Daria Grinkov as commentator)Daria,now 25,changed paths, retiring from competitive skating in order to focus on education- completing college, graduating with honors, and in 2016,married, wanting to pursue a family of her own.Liza, 16, continues to skate competitively; speculation of bids for a possible future Olympic attempts continue Ilia's last major and superb,but solo performance was his 2016, in "Legends on Ice". Katia continued through 2017, skating w Pelletier and others as partners. Seems now, people know why...Goordeeva has been quoted in her book(and subsequent movie, "My Sergei"), that "Those days with Sergei, before he died, were the best of my life,and I know that no matter what I do in the future, I will never have what I did with my Sergei I will never have happiness in life that I had when I was with him. Never.Even skating for me now,is no goal,it's just a job". If this remained/remains her attitude, her relationship and marriage to  Kulik was destined to fail before they ever even married.  (Goordeeva WAS involved, she starred on a Russian t.v. program in 2009, while married to Kulik.-"Ice Age 2"( the Russian form of USA's "Dancing with the Stars",but on blades).She was paired with the gorgeous-and incredibly similar in appearance to the late Grinkov-Russian, actor, Egor Boreov. Rumors ran WILD,as Boreov was the Brad Pitt/George Clooney/Hottest leading male actor in Russia at the time(and still is!)...AND he was single.However, Goordeeva was already married to Kulik.Check out some of Goordeeva/Boreov's incredible,breathtaking routines on youtube-especially "My baby You", "If I Should Love Again", and "Sex Bomb". Besides adding a few clear nods to the late Grinkov in their numbers, the two REALLY did sizzle (amazing the ice didn't melt into a pool of water under them!). They were CLOSE...,Boreov caressing Gordeeva's hair, kissing one another, heck, ALL of their physical movements..HOT! They won 1st place, Boreov married a beautiful Russian actress a few years later and had a daughter with her-they're still together-AS FAR AS THE WORLD MEDIA KNOWS,ANYWAY!Kulik and Goordeeva...DIVORCED-3 FULL YEARS! kept secret in the entire world.Ever.

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