Eurovision 2018: Live reaction to Semi-Final 1 Qualifiers | wiwibloggs

We filmed our live reaction to the Eurovision 2018 Semi Final 1 qualifying results.


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  • paul thiago

    Portugal or estonia Portugal or estonia

  • Gjyle Behari

    Where's Albania??!😍😍

  • ANI275

    Israel Estonia and France my absolute favorites hope for 🔝3Kisses to Belgium who didn't qualify you were superb this year!

  • Tiago Fernandes

    William's reaction at Albania was the same as mine in the Eurovillage when I saw it! I voted for them and I wanted that so bad to be in the final. Congratulations Albania!

  • Music


  • Jovana Petrovic

    3:11 expected reaction by William

  • Reni Priegi

    I thought that Saara Aalto wouldn't make it to the final 😵😂 The most scary moment of my life

  • dreasbn

    that actually happens when more or less al countries are sending quality entries... it's gonna be tougher from year to year...

  • Emo Alien

    William melts my heart he is such a babe😍😍

  • Peter Griffin

    Finland's gonna win! Saara Aalto has the same number as loordi!

  • Juli D.

    Albania 3:14 😍😍😍😍🇦🇱🇦🇱 love his reaction 😂😂😍😍

  • TJ James

    i can relate to your reaction to Estonia <3 <3 <3 my winner

  • justin bieber

    His reaction when Albania qualified was literally me lol

  • Roman Lunar

    SLOVEnia 🇸🇮 made it yesssssssss so happy 😌

  • Ma Bo

    Williams reaction for Albania it's priceless. ❤️

  • arber Shehu

    WILLIAMS reactions about Albania.we love u William

  • Re Di

    Hahaha guys...i love the way you reacted to Albania's qualification...William was thinking "Yeees...thank god I can flirt with Eugent again"😂😂

  • Aniss Mi

    Williams reaction to Albania is priceless i love it 😍 ❤️❤️❤️

  • lady v

    Your reaction to Albaniaaaaa 😂 omg as excited as I was 😄 love from Albania 😘😘

  • Esc Shane

    4:05 Deban honestly wins best reaction of the year award.

  • grambi

    Disappointed too when Belgium didn't Q ! Same feeling :(

  • Life with Kazu

    bummer, I quite liked Belgium! Albania, Austria & Finland were my faves.

  • Ardit 2018

    When they announced Albania, I was like wtf.... and im even Albanian was

  • Arija Čepaitytė


  • שי צגאוקר

    "Let's do this" from Israel💜💜💜💜💜💜

  • thys michel

    I loved the Belgian sennek song but I understand its had a 1 year to prepare an atmosphere that was close to the clip.we had the impression that she was in total improvisation, without any artistic preparation.why this dress?why did you sing in the middle of the audience and not on stage?for me, it was a big mistake. She lost the song all its mysterious side, it should have taken the height and kept the dark side of the song.we can feed regrets because it was a beautiful song but too many mistakes were comitted. To summarize: great disappointment!

  • Jovana Petrovic

    William is not understood in music, so he is only interested in dressing, choreography and stage effects.

  • German Ball

    Same reaction by Albania

  • Garabato

    That was amazing!!! Totally Eurofans !!

  • L S

    This was so exciting. I also screamed of happiness at Albania and Ireland 😍

  • Saturinus

    OMG it was so nerve wrecking waiting for Finland to be called.

  • Albania Shqiperia

    Albania , haha Williams reaction ☺️😍

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