Blooper Clinton Yelstin

Clinton and Yelstin laughing . Yeltsin says that journalists are disasters.Courtesy ; William J. Clinton Presidential Library complete version on
  • Paul Kazansky

    Now try this "funny" things with Putin haha

  • Ali Papoli

    Vodka solves all the diplomatic problems

  • vic ferg

    I got drunk just by watching this

  • Snowwie88

    Imagine the fun Putin and Trump will have.

  • MusicIsABigPrayer

    I'm sure that some day Kim Jong Un and Donald Trump will be standing like this, laughing together.


    They shook hands and Yelstin held on while he walked down the steps because he needed it for balance. This is hilarious.

  • babbisp1

    1:56 you're a disaster

  • Lukas Cielocaminante

    I can assure you with complete seriousness that they both had vodka before.


    Yeltsin looks drunk.

  • Brandon Gary

    God, the 90s were fun.

  • Pine Cone

    There is nothing more beautiful than two enemies making peace with each other

  • alan orellana

    best russian president!!! friendly relationship goals.

  • isa kandia

    Nunca olvidaremos a Bill Clinton, su visita a Chile,un tremendo Presidente, con un carisma y una simpatía inusual,

  • jacksonbear1

    I hope Trump and Putin are like this

  • Tar Morion

    2:22 what a picture...

  • 1000FOF

    For sure drunk as shit

  • Michael Airton

    It's not often you see a moment of such uncontrolled laughter on the international stage. Clinton can barely contain himself, Yeltsin's grinning from ear to ear at Clinton's laughter. Good stuff. Too bad it's usually not like this.

  • zejebant

    This meeting was very important to ex- president Clinton to use Russia President as a Support to destroy the ex Country called Yugoslavia, and they did it, no more yugoslavia.

  • Ognjen Garić

    And I thought that Trump's handshakes were awkward.

  • Jose López

    Lenin must be rolling over in his grave...

  • Stena Zvanichni Kanal

    Yeltsin was drunk as hell 24/7 back in the days...

  • Kennard Sloan

    boris yeltsin was the donald trump back and is his day

  • Le Marchand De Sable

    Yelstin looks like this dude in class who make you laugh but stay in place

  • shaolinwisdom

    Donald Trump has never laughed in his life. He's got no sense of humor.

  • Stanimir Potov

    Drunk people and Child s always tell the thuth!

  • Goreface69

    I didn't understand the joke but it's always great to hear Bill laugh

  • Kelvin Wang

    the good thing about Russian's : they have a VERY good sense of humour.

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