Dimash Mademoiselle Hyde REACTION смотреть онлайн бесплатно в хорошем качестве фильм

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  • Zarauha Bisembaeva

    Спасибо всем за восхищением таланта ДИМАША!!! Любую песню споет мощно, после него уже никого не хочется слушать. ДИМАШ ты супер, любим и уважаем ждем новых песен.

  • Inessa Sakarya

    Stewen😊 please, I would like to see your reaction on a new Dimash's song (It is cover of Russian song ) LOVE LOOKS LIKE A DREAM (dont know correct translation but it is very close meaning). You could find it here: https://youtu.be/iIyjPwr-kqE

  • Terry Mayling

    Love this song. Dimash vocals are mesmerizing. I am so glad to see a young person as you react and appreciate this wonderful singer.

  • Nancy Bell

    I am sorry he sang on CBS....the show was awful. I wonder if those judges listen to him now.

  • tomanna W.

    Ты прав Стив, у него голос как очень сильный, качественный и очень красивый инструмент и он... и только он умеет на нем играть....)))👌👍👏

  • Paula Collins

    I love these type of songs by Dimash, very "James Bond-ish". I love you commentary Steven, you have grown so much since you began! Love you. Have you noticed since being on the World's Best, how many more Americans have been checking him out and reacting? The best thing about World's Best is that it brought Dimash to the attention of America and the World!!!

  • Mary JJV

    I love your reaction!! You so right about Dimash, we are so fortunate to have this Master Human Being the Best Singer in the World!! 💕💕💕

  • Luki Pratama

    It was full English...

  • Anjalena

    "It's like a guitar solo of the mouth." He actually can sound like an electric guitar. Go back and rewatch The Show Must Go On. During the guitar solo, Dimash does a screaming guitar sound. It's so badass!

  • Lyubov' Zelepugina

    потрясающая музыка, потрясающий певец

  • Evgeniya Leonidovna

    Честно говоря я удивилась когда узнала что Игорь Крутой автор этой музыки. Композиция совершенного по Западному звучит и очень достойно. Исполнении Димаша думаю комментировать даже бессмысленно все так слышат

  • Bahyt Kokonova

    Стивен Рахмет, спасибо👍👍👍😍💕

  • Gauhar Zhumagalieva

    Великолепное выступление как всегда ! Димаш ты супер!🔥🔥🔥❤❤❤

  • Carolyn Grinberg

    Kinda gnarly indeed. Anyway, thanks for your reaction - this one is SO amazing, even for Dimash. You know the story about Dr Henry Jekyll, and the evil Edward Hyde...the way Dimash altered his performance and voice between the two was wonderful.

  • Dorothy YeO Tan Har

    Great reaction Steven. This song is compose by Russian famous composers Igor krutoy 👍🏼 I love this song very much.💯💯💯👏👏👏👏👍👍👍👍👍👏

  • Altynai persik

    Реакцию на Олимпико 🙏🙏🙏

  • Yury Pak

    Man, 100% agree with you. Thx for sharing your opinion and such a sincere reaction. GJ

  • Je D

    I'd love and I like ur opinion about Dimash,yes Dimash deserves more attention and fame because he is one of a kind.talented and instrumentalist.😍😍😍😍😍😍🥰🥰🥰🥰✌️✌️✌️🤘🤘

  • Alima Alibaeva

    Thank you for your reaction to Dimash's beautiful performance. I respect you 😍 Dimash is the best singer of the World 🇰🇿💎🎤🎶🎶🎶💖💖💖💖💖

  • Federico Coda Zabetta

    Thanks, Steven for the original comparison between the Dimasch vocalizings and the "a solo" of a rock guitar🎸 . I think it fits pretty well with what we constantly experience listening to Dimasch artistry! In the case of Mademoiselle Hide I also love the way Dimasch it's getting better (if this it's possible) in, as you also said, mastering his voice, ... still acrobatic, still painting a canvas of emotions and passion with a lot of nuances, ... but in a more subtle and measured way, ... a less of a "diva" and a more of a singer who "can really sang!" ... All the best to you 👌😉😊😋😇😎!!! Love from Italy ... 💚💛💙💥👋 bye!

  • Jennefer Vaughan

    I loved your reaction and your kind words for Dimash. I agree completely and now I'm a fan of yours. Actually I became a fan of yours when you backed up his decision to leave the show. thank you for being so passionate for Dimash and his endeavors!!!

  • Dimash_Lilliana Corredor

    Thanks for reaction. He sings in English.I request that you please add Dimash's YT Channel so people can hear his other songs. Thus, helping to promote him. Link here:https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCGBxbj_RMKB22rhJnK9qReg

  • Gianmaria Salis

    Dimash is not of this world!I love his voice bud i love more punk rock music And your t-shirt ❤

  • moien- cazala

    Yes thank you StevenReactz I told the truth

  • cld48

    You are so cool.  I love Dimash and have been enjoying your reactions.  :)

  • Maan T. A

    Please react to Dimash Love is like a dream

  • hi i am natali

    Lol idk why everyone are commenting in russian, but your reaction was great, thank u

  • Agnes regards

    Great reaction. Dimash again proves beyond doubt he is the world's best!

  • Hot Dog

    Please react to Dimash & Super Vocal Boys - Queen Medley, thanks.

  • Jackie Tunberg

    The world's best - love this song - great emotion/face/voice/drama

  • Elizabeth Seminario

    Steve you need to react to Dimash & super vocal/ Queen medley / singer 2019. you are going to love it, it is new

  • Kanipa Abeldinova

    Yes, he deserves the best songs in the world from best composers. I am sure, Dimash with his incredible voice and fantastic talent is a dream for good composers. Thnaks for your sincere reaction!

  • Carrie Thompson

    He is definitely getting better as he gets older, if that's at all possible. Love Dimash!

  • Elizaveta Gorozhankina

    Димаш любую песню споет так, что будет шедевр неповторимый. Он поёт за пять -восемь исполнителей. Паганнини в голосе.

  • Kody Dixon

    You should react to the same song by Lara Fabian... I believe she’s the one who wrote it and that same pianist worked with her as well. She’s an incredible singer and songwriter. She’s well known for beautiful belting and holding long notes

  • Nataliya Iva

    When the performance of Dimash touches the soul of such brutal men that then you want to hear from us - women. Dimash - space!

  • Ελένη Αντωνίου

    Hello Steven! Give a little of your time to react to Dimash "Ogni Pietra" a Cantata composed from Maestro Igor Krutoy for Dimash!!Epic!!! If you want try the version from DIMASH concert ARNAU in Kazakhstan!! Thank you!!!

  • Rashka 1

    Диз за то что во время исполнения вырубает!

  • MrShaun42088

    so good! XD Love this!

  • Isa gomez

    I love Dimash!!❤... and I love your t shirt !!!!! 😍😍 Hello from Argentina 👋 🇦🇷

  • kayla engelmann

    Love everything you've said about Dimash!

  • Tricia K

    To insult Dimash and his Kazakh culture, where adults see their role as "paving the way" for kids, by supporting and mentoring them, - not competing with them, ffs! - on that show was an absolute disgrace!😡😡😡 And when some <ahem> people chose to believe Dimash was leaving because he was only thinking of himself, when the exact opposite was true, was so incredibly disrespectful... he would never have joined the show in the first place if he'd known he'd be up against children, and had actually been lied to about it, which was why as soon as he'd stumbled on the truth, he quit! The way he saw it, was that it simply wasn't fair to put kids in a position where they were expected to compete with trained professionals like himself, and instead wanted them to be given the kind of opportunities HE'D been lucky enough to have benefited from - which is a great attitude to have, and (as any Dear will tell you!) is completely typical of Dimash's humble, respectful and kind personality, and just one of the reasons we love him so very much!😍😍😍 (phew, rant over - sorry everyone, it's just because of the way the truth was twisted about this wonderful, wonderful man, just makes me so crazy-mad sometimes!😤)

  • Dasha Che

    Ну что сказать, глядя очередную реакцию - Димаш - это фирма!..вот и все, все самые красивые слова мира его, он многих покорил

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