Continuing coverage of Vermilion Parish teacher arrest- KATC

Continuing coverage of Vermilion Parish teacher arrest- KATC
  • Pat Beaudry

    But the super is not an educator. He is an administrator. Not a teacher

  • Radnally

    Public school Superintendents are way overpaid across the whole country. Instead of a $30k bump for this clown, they could've given 30 teachers $1000/year raise. Typical corrupt upper management.

  • Aseem

    Get another job bitch or just transfer somewhere that pays more.

  • Brandon Caldwell

    What's mixed about this. A person was expressing their right. So much for democracy.

  • Pat Beaudry

    Petty personal attack. How Fucking stupid are the board of vermilion .about as smart as a cockroach

  • Keith Purdue

    This lady will be very rich. The officer, school board pukes, and police dept will pay out the butt. Suits, ACLU, class-action coming down on the board.

  • Sayaam

    And now the fake news... What a bunch of clowns! Stop watching their news and tell anyone in your town who ads with them no business From you. Hit these clowns where it hurts.. communist pigs!

  • Rich D

    I would love to be a fly on the wall for about a month to see how much "work" this superintendent actually does

  • Amy L Beam

    oh big deal, the School Board won't charge the teacher. I certainly hope SHE BRINGS CHARGES AGAINST BOTH POLICE AND BOARD MEMBERS! This is a national disgrace. Whether the salary is justified or not is NOT the issue. The issue here is that a teacher was intimidated, knocked down, handcuffed and arrested for questioning the raise after she had been acknowledged to speak.

  • Aracely Rea

    Ganancis Guys I just got $3265on my paypal from this tool without paying anything:(just go to) ~>

  • James McCutchan

    was she cussing and screaming? no.was she recognized to speak? why was she arrested ?

  • Rumple Stiltskin

    Are you sure this is the right 'V". I thought I was reading something from Venezuela. Oh wait, same leftist bullshit, same actions. How does it feel to be communists. Freaking dolts.

  • Deep South

    perfect time for the PEOPLE to rise against that stupid cop and stop his UNCONSTITUTIONAL actions. that fucking black cop is the one that should have been removed and in jail

  • vital instinct88

    The teacher should have just walked down the hall, I hate when people bash police, and ignore the fact that the perp didn’t follow orders.

  • Pamela Beimers

    Know the diff between a teacher and a large pizza? A large pizza can feed a family of four. The sad decline of our primary educational system...a mystery, really.

  • jakemda

    no one is above the law, judgment should be passed upon the officer and anyone ordering the arrest.

  • Edward Woods

    Get rid of him. Then see how he feels about the money he was making. Everyone that cares knows the more kids that fail the more government money the school board gets

  • Officer Mahoney

    All superintendents and school boards across the NATION should be looked into, judging by the comments on how much they get make.

  • G-Man

    Those back wood community's can literally get away with murder ...

  • Andrew Layton

    You, Mr. Superintendent CAN have a raise... AFTER THE TEACHERS GET ONE!

  • Wilson Solt

    There is nothing more corrupt or cowardly than a school board. They want cash, but don't want any responsibility. That is why we have zero tolerance. They are cowards.

  • Mike Mike

    Thank God the teacher wasn't black and the cop white..

  • djinvinceable

    How the hell are there “mixed opinions”??!?

  • Keaton Terrell

    I’m curious about the comment from the board member in this video. He said that teachers haven’t gotten raises in ten years. To my knowledge, teachers get raises every year. Their pay is based on years of service.

  • Todd Woodworth

    superintendant scum .

  • Crazy Moose

    I think I'm going to home school now.

  • Karen Ross

    Ass , the teachers did that not the super

  • Pat Beaudry

    What charges . she broke no laws.

  • Chipwhitley274

    Damn Acadia... you have even lower teacher salaries ranked 59... but the superintendent is ranked THREE? At a $237,490 annual salary?!!! Nearly 100 THOUSAND Dollars more than the price objection of the Vermilion superintendent Salary.

  • atestring100

    Fire the Rent A Cop!!


    I can read a script too.

  • Gilbert Gonzalez

    LoL!! She did not follow the rules. She got sent to the office. She got punished. Oh well, too bad. Sock it to her !!

  • Pete Kevin

    What kind of society are we in where a raise depends on "what everybody else is making", instead of actual performance? I guess that's what regan meant when he called it "trickle down economics!" I call it, "Don't piss on me and tell me it's raining!"

  • joespappa

    100 percent together? Screw thursday.. WALK YOUR BUTTS OUT AND STAY OUT is what needs to be done.

  • bugsz1

    Since when is it an officers job to violate the law? Just doing his job? More like violating his oath.

  • Brad Kirsch

    Get used to it boys and girls. If you don't bow to authority, you will get crushed. This is the new normal in the Fascist States of America.

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