What can we expect from Putin’s inauguration ceremony?

Vladimir Putin's presidential inauguration on Monday will officially start his fourth term as Russia's leader.

Igor Zhdanov takes a look at what we can expect from the ceremony.

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  • Joyful Joyful

    Absolutely magnificent.

  • Wilson Schmidt

    Why am i even excited to see his inauguration... just why

  • Tiffany Frehley

    ..... Wow, hey friends, ... I have to say I am loving many of the comments here. .... Thank goodness people are waking up. .... Made me smile. :)

  • In God We trust

    I like Russian language

  • sight to the blind

    20 years ago is the time of it being brought back huh that's funny because the number 20 is symbolic for the perfect waiting period. And let's not act like one minute and 15 seconds in that we all weren't slapped in the face with the Illuminati Elite Mariah all seeing eye and let's not forget the bombarding amount of double-headed Phoenix is that they decided to show. Symbolic for Saturn worship as well as rooted in Freemasonry the symbol of the Lion you can trace back to Egyptian times side note roughly 12 to 13 seconds in with the golden doors being open and the buildings alignment and choice of structure the two red pieces on the golden doors are the eyes then the structure slightly goes inward and then you can see the chair looks like the mouth of the Locust

  • Riki Shandley


  • TheTruthQuest123

    communism you say? one man billionaire while milions poorhow is this communist?

  • Hun Turuk

    01:14 WTF? Illuminati?

  • simon payne

    What to expect being your typical commie dictator and just dreaming of bringing down the west he's fuckin delusional.

  • Slava S

    путин... ХУЙЙЛЛЛОООО!!!!!!!!!

  • Robert Whiteside

    All that gold --- Trump is probably jealous

  • Ginseng Road

    Free Speech & Honest Elections (Russian Style) LMAO 🙈🙉🙊

  • Elias Saca

    Why does Russia even bother having elections? It will be so much more cost effective to just appoint Putin as the Supreme Leader

  • Bob Smithies

    GOLD the color of money, corruption and greed.

  • ktozheeto

    Люди живут в полной залупе,а у него сука все в золоте. Также бесят бабки поддерживающие его,сами живут в дерьме, но при этом каким то хером гордятся что их царь живёт в роскоши

  • Moise Nash

    Expect more protest staged by the west!!!

  • gotip58

    You can expect six more years of Putin picking the pockets of his comrades. Six more years of journalists being jailed or killed of for exposing his corruption...Six more years of the Russian economy declining… LMAO

  • Vanessa S

    There is so much nonsense in the comment section here. I don´t care for your freemansonic number symbolism that you´re seeing in this story. Rather than counting the words of the oath, you should listen to the content of the oath, which is the real message. As long as Putin keeps that oath and keeps working for the Russian people, you pretty much have proof that he´s not part of any freemason or other secret society. In fact, he´s the last politician on the planet that I would accuse of that. (Check out Merkel, Macron, May instead, there you´ll find actual connections)

  • KMF

    I thought they did away with royalty. Looks like they just changed the players.

  • TheWordprophet

    I thank my Lord Jesus Christ for the ability to see the evil satanic nature of everything about the architecture and masonic rites presented in this video.I thank God that I was not born into such a wicked, evil family of deceived souls as the so-called "elite" of this world.I don't own a car, or a house, or an airplane in this world...but I have FAR greater riches than Vladimir Putin or any of his counterparts as an heir to the kingdom of the living God by his Son Jesus Christ!Alleluia!

  • Question MK-Question

    So, Puti too is a 33 degree Freemason? Isee Illuminati symbols all over in this cip alone. I feel kinda disassociated though I knew it was a possibility since all nations are built on these foundations

  • John Thomas


  • PlacidDragon

    Absolutely magnificent architecture!

  • VArsovski10

    1:46 "33 words that will officially start his next 10 year as the president of Russia" :P :D :)

  • Vlad King

    Americans, please, stop killing innosent people all around the world. Your troops killed 2 000 000 korean people during korean war. Your troops killed 2 000 000 vietnamise people using chemical veapon during a war in Vietnam. You troops killed 100 000 innocent Japanise civilians usin nuclear veapon during WWII. You troops killed a lot of people in Iraq, Syria, Yugoslavia, Livia etc etc etc.

  • RebelRadius

    How utterly ostentatious considering that taxes aren't voluntary they are obtained by the point of a gun and the government doesn't produce anything, it merely rides upon the backs of the people.

  • MelodicNostalgic

    Lots of Love to Ruskies, Sorry if you consider it racist but i think this name sounds cute for Russians !!! :DFrom India

  • James Braithwaite

    33 words… the number of the Free Masonic cult… 33…how symbolic 🤔❓

  • Howard Ferguson

    Wouldn't it be nice to have a government and history that you can be proud of? Instead we have a bunch of rich guys that pander to every special interest group and minority that they can possibly suck off to get them ahead.

  • ryan jean- baptiste- de champion of mount olympus

    all hail tsar putin the great!!!

  • Ignatius

    He arrested as a 12 year old this past weekend and this is what you're reporting? lol.

  • Anais Nin

    Beautiful and breathtaking.

  • Ginseng Road

    watch Putiins greedy little fingers helping himself to the Russian Treasury

  • simon payne

    He's not a real president he's a fuckin commie murdering dictator just like Kim and Chinas evil dragon,snake worshipping emporer.

  • Daniel Alonso

    Impressive. Best wishes to Russia.- From An American Who Will Now Be Investigated by Mueller for Saying That.

  • Tebatso Tau

    Igor Zhdanov is my guy...

  • statinskill

    Did everybody see the eye over the throne?

  • jetsfan2351

    Trump’s Tower is more golden.

  • stringer 2295

    1600 protestors in jail including the leader of the opposition. For starters.

  • Eric Leung

    It's 'right on your face' people, as Jordan Maxwell and maybe some others before him has said long time ago. We can see these on RT news' website:'Vladimir Putin will ascend a massive, 66-step stairway .............. before his inauguration ceremony'. 'Following the 33-word presidential oath, Putin’s new term will start officially'........ .All these symbolism require insider's clarification. Is Putin promoted to the status of a 66 degree rising sun? And he now sits on the council or perhaps is the chairman of the iluminati- infiltrated 33 degree freemason? 66'' is > 33'', wrong?Iluminati spokesperson please explain.

  • kay9ne55 fortch

    1:45 so the top where putin will be seated you find the all seing eye?hmmm wonder what is it doing there?? i always had the respect for putin viewed him as the best president with swag,now after watching that it made me question everything.

  • Sir Curtis Seretse

    The decor in these Russian palaces is outstanding. It's as though everything in them has been designed and made by Karl Faberge.

  • simon payne

    These countries need to get with program here the world is modernizing stop with commie dictator 1person rules for 60fuckin years shit is old and played out russia china nk Iran and who the hell ever else

  • JohnBoy

    Look at this and compare it to Trumps inauguration. The usa doesnt hold a candle to this

  • Guns4Home Defense

    Foreign troops with AK will soon invade Canada America Europeans before end of time.

  • Ma Lay

    amazingly beautiful!

  • Russian Bot aka CNN's Anonymous sources

    ... I can probably tell you what's not going to happen. he's not going to have to deal with a whole bunch of a spoiled college kids and delusional jackoffs screaming in the streets and setting the Starbucks on fire.

  • King Of Tech

    did Jacob Rothschild pay for this. I guess so

  • simon payne

    No1person should stay in power for that long they gain to much power and oppress there own people because they think there godlike figures.

  • EL

    Wow! Looks like the Czar is alive!I just watched Putin’sInauguration. Such a magnificent gold palace. His speech was flawless. Beautiful anthem sung by choir. It was very controlled- no one even coughed- you could hear a pin drop!But one thing bothered me....Where were all the Russian citizens ???The celebration?The life?I have heard that the country is so controlled that all the streets are cleared when Putin goes somewhere!!The only people in attendance were there by invitation?I’ve heard that Putin controls the media.He’s a great speaker and I have always been impressed by him, but something seems wrong!I know he hates citizen unrest but the country seemed on lockdown after yesterday’s arrest of his running mate.

  • olivia-J Trans

    all the best Mr. Putin and Russia, long life to both, from Canada все лучшее г-н Путин и Россия, долгая жизнь для обоих, из Канады

  • Kyle Rusk

    How many country’s has Putin attacked? I’m a Marine and I’m with Putin. F### the US Regime.

  • sorcha mac

    This is criminal... so much money spent on restoring this place.... when there is such poverty all over Russia... just imagine how far this renovation budget would have gone towards eradicating hunger and poverty permanently!!!!

  • quocphu01

    Why no free media and newspaper but only state run in Russia?, the nazi the same, why ppl speak out got suppressed and silence ?, the nazi ulthe same, why all the one way traffic information brain washing its people?, the nazi the same. Iran, Syria, china, North Korea, turkey, ALL CLOSE KNIT EVIL dictatorship, arrest all, silent all, there is no transparency freedom and democracy, these thugs should be exterminated, it is the duty of man kind, they are the diseases that spread to kill humanity, a steep backward into dark history, when your brain wash reach a certain percentage of the population it will set and the mass will believe and uphold the false, that is how these bastard make their living, scumbag low life liers, they will meet tragic end, the world will be much better place without them.

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