Olympic Spirit Canadian coach helps Russian skier cross the finish line Sochi 2014 Olympics

Is this what has become expected of Canadians?
  • ᅢ오

    The world needs more Canadians

  • Muuip

    Great spirit!   Inspiration for all in all aspects of life!   Both from the skier keeping going and opponent coach helping.

  • Randy Palmer

    No one commenting on Becky Scott watching her husband perform one of the greatest acts of Olympic sportsmanship in history? Man, you love someone enough to spend your life with them and then they validate every quality imaginable as a class human being in a matter of seconds. Every guy should strive to be as awesome as that.

  • Azula Quaza

    The coach is American

  • Chewy

    What's all that Aboot

  • Maloy7800

    In all fairness, Justin Wadsworth was born in California and went to three olympic games for the US team. So yeah, good job, Canadians. :-))))))

  • GXQ11 roblox

    canada haters should be a shame of them self when watcing this video

  • phillip harrison

    my other favorite video

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