Olympic Spirit Canadian coach helps Russian skier cross the finish line Sochi 2014 Olympics

Is this what has become expected of Canadians?
  • Chewy

    What's all that Aboot

  • Forever Dreamies

    The world needs more Canadians

  • Muuip

    Great spirit!   Inspiration for all in all aspects of life!   Both from the skier keeping going and opponent coach helping.

  • phillip harrison

    my other favorite video

  • Maloy7800

    In all fairness, Justin Wadsworth was born in California and went to three olympic games for the US team. So yeah, good job, Canadians. :-))))))

  • Raspberry Rock - Off Grid Cabin

    144p? Seriously? This is what it looked like watching TV 40 years ago.

  • Maloy7800

    AMAZING!!! Good guy! thank you for being a gentleman!!!

  • Skier Evan

    Olympic Spirit. Well done Canadian.

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