you're the dream i never wanna wake up from ~ lofi hip hop mix

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►Hey all it's Feardog here and today I have another love lofi hip hop / jazzhop / chillhop beats music mix for you all. It is good for studying, sleeping, relaxing, meditating, gaming etc. I uploaded 2 mixes this week so I hope you all enjoyed both of them because they are veeery long and took a lot of time to make. I hope you all have a fantastic day/night!:)

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0:00 Aso - her garden
3:06 sad boy with a laptop - you're the dream i never wanna wake up from
5:28 Wulf Morpheus - Until we speak again
7:11 halberd - long ago
9:17 卿Mittens - I Love You Too Much
13:19 burbank - sorry i like you
15:23 Caleb Belkin - for her
17:12 lofty - sleepless
19:35 enluv x eisu - just friends
22:12 mf. tired - cigarettes & coffee
23:24 quickly quickly - getsomerest/sleepwell
28:56 Pabzzz - Love
33:33 卿Mittens - Too Easily
36:22 Wulf Morpheus - Sleep until the Moon comes out
38:04 Wulf Morpheus - Why is it still Cold
39:24 Caulden - April (Full beattape)

sad boy with a laptop:
Wulf Morpheus:
Caleb Belkin:
mf. tired:
quickly quickly:

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📷Artwork by Crisalys:

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►you're the dream i never wanna wake up from ~ lofi hip hop mix
►you're the dream i never wanna wake up from ~ lo-fi hiphop mix
►you're the dream i never wanna wake up from ~ lo fi hip hop mix

#Feardog #lofi #aesthetic
  • Miss Retro

    emotions are strange

  • LALISA Dance Queen

    Music can be bridge were people can unexpectedly tell what theres hearts truly says and how they became really passionate people and help other even though they dont know each other we are all conected in a way and we dont even have any idea...

  • Kashootmeplease

    Went through the comments and saw everyone else pouring out their hearts, so.. why not?I just recently found out I have Depression, and I've had anxiety since I was in kindergarten, even though I always run around with friends and act so confident, although I never am. I'm constantly having panic attacks, but I've just gotten good at hiding them. Whenever I feel bad, I always tell myself, "Shut up, other people have it worse. You're just spoiled and full of yourself," which obviously doesn't make anything better. BUT! If you're going through the same thing as I am, just cherish the good moments. When you see a funny meme, or when you find nice music, when you're with the ones you love! Even though I've never met you, YOU make life worth living.

  • FERREx x

    I love this, like, aesthetic my real mood.

  • Sayra Camacho

    "I fall in love to easily.." is my new national anthem 😂👏

  • Rajiv Perera

    youtube comments are usually such drivel but I live for comment sections like this one

  • unicorn light


  • LIL TRAVIS Thompson

    Hola soy latino y me gusta tu trabajo bro

  • Katie.Officially


  • Feardog

    I made 2 long mixes this week, hopefully all of you enjoyed both of them because these two are probably my best so far <3If you haven't watched the other one yet, I highly recommend you to do so :)☯Discord server:

  • re nun

    the comment section is actually pretty kind compared to others.

  • sayori time

    This is a great song for people that are alone 🤗❤️💕


    This makes me want to wrap myself in aesthetic and never leave💜

  • Darius

    I was not prepared to hear Everything Stays. Thanks for making me cry holy shit

  • Mees Mellink

    When i look in the mirror i think things like“Nobody likes you besides your one friend an your sister”And it’s bad and i hate it but i just can’t think of other things. But this kind of music just calms me down but makes me cry but it’s fine sometimes i just need to feel emotion, it’s ok to be sadTo the person reading this:I love you and you deserve the world you are meaningfull everybody will miss you if you go away get rid of people you don’t like, fill yourself woth posetive thoughts, if you can’t get rid of some thoughts it’s fine don’t pay to much attention to them. If you’re still sad just remember you’re never alone.

  • Totoro

    I always listen to your music when i'm drawing

  • これらの鍬

    fuck!!! I heard "Everything Stays" and I jumped while writing my essay! that shit is my jam!!! I freakin love adventure time, and have watched every fuckin episode atleast 4 times already (except the finale, i dont accept that AT is over.)..

  • Alice

    Just gonna say it now. This is my absolute favorite mix of music of all time. Every time I need to do homework or relax or when I’m sad, I listen to this mix. Thank you <3

  • Emma Woodul

    Are you tired of me yet? I'm a little sick right now, but I swear, when I'm ready I will get us out of here.

  • Nori Kiwi

    "I know you would never read that, this isn't even written in our native language. I know I suck. I know I'm probably the worst thing that happened to you. You have to look after a dumb, weak grilfriend, unable to be fine, or to start a conversation. I can't speak to anybody, you aren't an exception. My heart is heavy. I miss you so much, and my mouth can't pronounce anything. I know what you're thinking, I know you perfectly. You think I'm mad at you, you think I just want to leave you, I'm playing the fool as usual, because I'm a sadistic person who like seeing you freak out. The truth is... Well, you have already heard that. You know I'm not feeling well. You know I'm the most foolish fool, because I don't want anybody to know what my problems are. I let my crawling anxiety suffocate me. I cry when nobody's looking. You know I can't stand pity, heh... I'm breakable, like everyone, but I'm so proud. I don't want anybody except you to learn that I'm more insecure than a bleeding bird. This is pathetic, isn't it ?I guess I just want to sleep and never get up. I'm not as strong and brave as you think. If I close my eyes forever, could you do me a favor ? Stay the dream I never want to wake up from."

  • austin gae

    getting my life back together!

  • Born a potato Still a potato

    Thank you so much for making this! It just makes me feel good.

  • courtney fortune

    7:11 By the way, I feel bad. I never asked how your love life was going.

  • Arcceas

    merci gamin pour ce super petit mix !you are the best ! ♥

  • 단베

    it's everything stays!💛

  • Robert Toyonaga

    aaaaaaadventure time!

  • sad

    Thanks Feardog, ik you wont see this, but i love what you do and I look up to you because you have helped so many people amd continue to and i just think that you deserve to be respected eternally 🖤 The effort you put in is astounding and i wish i could be like you 👌 🖤

  • Anthony C.

    When my day sucks, I come listen to these Jazzhops and lofi mixes and read through the comment sections. Its a good feeling knowing There's good people out there in a world so ugly. *Namaste*Love and Light to all....

  • GeekybutHappy

    Throughout my middle school years I'd often find myself sitting on the same swing before school and at lunch. It made me feel like I could fly away from the troubles of my life. I recall on the last day, after we were called inside, I gave the thing a pat and said farewell. I know it doesn't have feelings, but the feeling of levity it brought me made me think it deserved it.

  • Justine Sumanqui

    hey where did you get the background image of this song

  • Jhay Ok

    2 0 1 9

  • sad jellyfish

    i kind of feel like my friends just talk shit about me and never really care for me. i always daydreamed about this one person that i can trust, this one perfect girl that'll always be there for me. but she isnt real. it feels like everything is just falling apart. atleast these songs comfort me.

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