you're the dream i never wanna wake up from ~ lofi hip hop mix

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►Hey all it's Feardog here and today I have another love lofi hip hop / jazzhop / chillhop beats music mix for you all. It is good for studying, sleeping, relaxing, meditating, gaming etc. I uploaded 2 mixes this week so I hope you all enjoyed both of them because they are veeery long and took a lot of time to make. I hope you all have a fantastic day/night!:)

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0:00 Aso - her garden
3:06 sad boy with a laptop - you're the dream i never wanna wake up from
5:28 Wulf Morpheus - Until we speak again
7:11 halberd - long ago
9:17 卿Mittens - I Love You Too Much
13:19 burbank - sorry i like you
15:23 Caleb Belkin - for her
17:12 lofty - sleepless
19:35 enluv x eisu - just friends
22:12 mf. tired - cigarettes & coffee
23:24 quickly quickly - getsomerest/sleepwell
28:56 Pabzzz - Love
33:33 卿Mittens - Too Easily
36:22 Wulf Morpheus - Sleep until the Moon comes out
38:04 Wulf Morpheus - Why is it still Cold
39:24 Caulden - April (Full beattape)

sad boy with a laptop:
Wulf Morpheus:
Caleb Belkin:
mf. tired:
quickly quickly:

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📷Artwork by Crisalys:

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►you're the dream i never wanna wake up from ~ lofi hip hop mix
►you're the dream i never wanna wake up from ~ lo-fi hiphop mix
►you're the dream i never wanna wake up from ~ lo fi hip hop mix

#Feardog #lofi #aesthetic
  • Some Fox

    Videos like these can really help me stay calm, and relax. I'm thankful to have discovered Lo-Fi in general Because it helped me a lot throughout the past. And it's so surprising to see all these people in the comments letting out their emotions since usually comments are full of memes and shit posts. Its nice to see this side of YouTube and I'll definitely stick by in the long run.

  • Marii

    you're making money from other people's songs.

  • Anna Rauch

    i wrote a poem i dont wanna post it on facebook so enjoy I'll rip each petal from the daisy counting rythmicly; not in numbers but in feelings, whispering each time it drops another layer. peeling back the intentions of my own minds going in circles. is it calculated? the velvet massacre of intentions drift slowly to the grownd whilst i challenge the future based off the defenceless flora. mulling in my own thoughts wishing intentions to be validate by pure chance. he loves me not. he loves me not. he loves me not. chanted in union with the steady pluck of careful hands gripped to the ripe flush head curved downwards from constant plucking. the flower now dead no reassurance gained, no new knowledge shed. do not waist the daisy with the problems in your head.

  • Feardog

    I made 2 long mixes this week, hopefully all of you enjoyed both of them because these two are probably my best so far <3If you haven't watched the other one yet, I highly recommend you to do so :)☯Discord server:

  • tiny girl

    you may be having a hard time right now but trust me, it will get better 😊

  • Crafting with Claire

    Is writing a list of cavetown songsThis is home remix comes onMe: inserts Lenny face

  • Teddy Bread1011

    Bro this photo used to be my profile picture woah

  • River

    when I hear an see all you guys banding together,It reminds me of my loving tsundere girlfriend. Forced into secrecy of fear that we will cause,but,ready to fight for each other.OMG I posted this exactly one year after the vid was posted!

  • Sour Pach Kidd

    The first song got me crying why cuz the lets go to the garden I heard in adventure time 😭

  • river

    you forgot the credit/timestamp for Cut My Hair/This Is Home but i absolutely love this so so much

  • kaykay H

    Im so in love whit this mix

  • segment 6543

    Marceline song? Nice!

  • Sxk Jay Sanchez

    Are you able to make/put this on Spotify so I can listen to this amazing music with out having my phone open on YT? If so thanks

  • Sahli Negassi

    The world spins too fast and too slowI'm forgetting what I need to knowMy mind is always in a blurAnd then and then, I met herNow we laugh and talk and cryUnderneath the midnight skyAll that's wrong seems at its endAnd the world seems right again

  • Angelo Delacruz

    My dream that I still can't wake up fromYou came to me in the most unbelievable wayand made me feel things that I never imagined I'd feelYou confused my system and made me disrupt my balancebut I liked it, because it's youUntil I realized that it was only I who can see the colors between usWho can hear the music that is constantly playing when you're aroundWho can smell the scent of every situation you put me inWho can taste the delicate flavor in this pastry like circumstanceYeah it did hurt, but who am I to even curse?Who am I to blame you, when I'm the one who put me in this avenueRight now I guess I want to apologizeFor a one-sided storyI truly wish we shared it togetherI pray for my well being and my mental health, I ask you my brain to please not do this again it's really painful to not have your fantasy materialize when you thought it would,I pray you to be realistic always

  • LyliSkyeAnimations

    This type of music helps me make it through the depressing days. Thanks for making it.

  • Navarro 2003

    I can't even listen to this mix in peace, some songs trigger quite a few bad memories.

  • Clemo

    ~vent~ just came out to my parents as transgender and they seem to be avoiding talking to me, the dysphoria i feel gets worse and worse everyday, my dad for my birthday dot me a hot pink dress to rub in my face that he doesn't think im a man and they refuse to call me cole. i used to cry every night praying that i could wake up and everything would go back to normal, that i could look the way other guys do, i used to wear big hoodies to hide my body from the world around me, but not even that makes me confortable anymore. i search day and night for happiness but i cant seem to find it. im so sad everyday, i feel like theres no way of escaping. like no matter what i do it wont get better. like eyes are always judging and people always find a way to see right through me. its come to the point where i'd rather not be here at all then be here as a girl. i cant wait to move out, get surgery, but i cant get the thought out of my head that transition it gets harder as you grow. advice please? have a good day guys ~~~ love you <3

  • Stefanie T.

    omg ty this is the best playlist ever

  • Issa Triki11

  • ZoxLive Gaming

    We were great friends thenI told you that you could trust meYou believed me and we grew closerI was happy to see you any dayYet you didn't want to see me anymoreI tried to understand your viewBut I just could and became confusedYou began surrounding yourself with "friends"I think of all the promises we made to each otherLike living together forever among the clouds and treesBut now you just look at me with disgust in your eyesMy heart beats for you, but you see me as desperate filthI began to change in order to talk to youI missed our conversation off being heart to heartBut your trust in me went away with hours and years that passedWe pass each other every day yet not a word is tradedI want to have what we had before time took us apartBut I can't play the fool forever can II care for you, why won't youAm I just a stranger to you on the road of lifeAm I not worthy of being there to help you walk the rest of the wayWhy can my feelings persist, but you forget what we had?

  • Jake Shaw

    Tracklist anyone?Thanks in advance

  • Simped19

    Guys what is the song called where an audio of some professor or someone is being sampled? "Just because you don't know how you do it..." or something xd

  • Marsha miak

    what is the song at 52:25? the track list stops at 39??

  • xInsamity

    I guess I should feel happy that I actually have friends that care about me, because it seems on first glance that not many people here have that luxury?

  • CJ Youdontneedtoknow

    TOO MANY ADS! Ruins the good music

  • Jeremi Huancaya

    Who noticed the Comme Des Garçons Play t-shirt?

  • Dai L V

    con solo oir el inicio me enamore del video

  • Liciane Vale

    My favorite one is the 33:33 one <3I fall in love too easily (8)

  • Venom Gaming 97

    Omg first song was marciline, this is gonna be a good video! I love you all and have a good night <3

  • Sara Tsang

    ekk i got shivers when i heard the first song, adventure time is my favorite of emotional shows.

  • Liciane Vale

    Writing my thesis atm <3 I love how this track gets me so much focused! Thank you, Feardog!

  • Molly Hitchcock


  • Anthony Domingo

    Everything stays, adventure time

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