rafi:ki / mixtape 012 / instrumental hiphop mix / abstract hip hop beats / trip hop 2014

Carefully selected instrumental abstract hip hop beats. Quality only - pure instrumental.

Great for background music, studying, reading, or doing other stuff ;) thank you for your support, much love

free download: http://sound.offlinemode.org/~rafi:ki/mix(tape)%20012%20-%20instrumental%20hiphop.mp3

you can listen to my new mix 2016 here :) https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=LNP_toUpx4s

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[00:00] 01. Mani Deïz - Before the Rain
[03:55] 02. Vanilla - Travels [rafi:ki edit]
[05:16] 03. Mani Deïz - Rendez-Vous
[08:32] 04. iLL Madden - My aching heart
[10:52] 05. Mani Deïz - Armenian Swing
[14:18] 06. Elaquent - Looking Ahead
[16:03] 07. Madlib - Misled (Instrumental)
[19:11] 08. Coaxial - Illusion
[21:43] 09. iLL Madden - Space Ride
[22:50] 10. King I Divine X LD Henriquez Tano
[25:51] 11. Elbe Kim - Oldboy -
[26:58] 12. Thriftwork - My Shadow
[31:35] 13. Mani Deïz - Fragility
[34:25] 14. Planet Ragtime - Walls
[37:15] 15. Resolved Dissonance - Hero
[39:18] 16. *Wells - How Many Mics
[41:41] 17. GooMar - Hug All Your Relatives
[43:46] 18. Samon Kawamura - Thaima
[45:35] 19. Elbe Kim - Rhetoric
[46:55] 20. Kingidivine - Simply Aesthetic
[49:25] 21. Elbe Kim - Uptempo
[50:51] 22. Gramatik - Skylight
[54:34] 23. Vanilla - This Time [rafi:ki edit]
[57:10] 24. El Fudge - One Fudge
[1:00:34] 25. Prefuse 73 - Matrimonoids....
[1:03:46] 26. Nomak - Sanctuary
[1:07:45] 27. iLL Madden - Heart of Gold
[1:10:35] 28. Apollo Brown - Heirloom
[1:12:57] 29. Mani Deïz - Knock Out
[1:16:35] 30. Nomak - Anger Of The Earth
  • Eric Kauffman

    Maybe I should, yeah maybe I shouldn't how is showing my work suppose to make me a better student implying I can't correct my own mistakes only signifies that I'm artist a creator I started out as a kid until my mother said I became an imaginator with out specific recipe I said mom I'm to broke to work at the Krusty crab I'm like plankton I just don't steal I stay where I'm at in the lab handing out freebies , sometimes I make people sick doesn't mean your free to get mad at me , (610)

  • Jkharrias Harrell

    This is not trip hop it's hip hop KNOW THE DIFFERENCE!!

  • joshua castro

    One of the cleanest mixes ive heard in a long time. Sick.

  • hans peter

    still one of the best sets out there.

  • MegaMichi1999

    listen to my new tracks https://soundcloud.com/michi-kydo

  • Tiago N

    Boa muleque!!! Se conseguisse de uma a uma. Pra mim seria melhor pra trampar nelas...

  • LazyLunatic

    I keep trynna work on this project but I end up freestyling for 10 minutes

  • theoneandonlyRealAdolfo Bermudez

    yes I I got the Flo here I go my own hero yolo no homo or Polo but I'm still lookin good in ur hood stood st8 and tall and I'm still doin the same no need to fall call me if u fuck with me no need to smoke tree rest In peace Bruce Lee and every1 else who's not walking solid on this earth was meant to make it since birth yea u heard it here first

  • G.A. D'Oliveira


  • Gusmão

    My latest album is a beat tape/mixtape... y'all gonna like it, check it out! https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=MEenkrea6mE

  • The bull Mc Cabe

    I’m new to chilled hip hop brilliant

  • Sajjad Ali

    This mixtape transformed me to Eminem West Z :D

  • Wyrm Tung

    Best snowboarding music

  • Empowered Choice

    There is something special about this track. Are you experimenting with Binaural Beats, by chance?

  • Henrique Da Costa Torres

    Simplesmente o melhor beat do YouTube para dançar um break 👏👏👏👏

  • Syklone

    Musicians: helping people to relax so they can study, get a good job, and a good wage but think music isn't worth paying for.


    Слушаем Биты https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=YqN_qmCroxg

  • As Advertised

    Great job! Cannot thank you enough.

  • Sr. Cavalcante

    Uma hora de free , uma hora vai vira

  • Christoph Baerdges

    starting track is a burner noice

  • TheAverageCanadian

    I wish I could get this on vinyl. I'm not huge into the "hip hop" genre, I just like the beats.. trip hop is sick. Any recommendations for me to add to my record collection?

  • Niek

    This is actually the only set I like. That's because I've got some really good memories while listening to this a couple of years ago!, time really flies. Forgot this mix and I found it again. Pf, Love

  • carter rose

    He said "or doing other stuff ;)" 😂😂😂

  • Taras Maksimenko

    Те що треба крутий мотивчик)

  • Verdaderos Kabrones Prod

    Dopeeee! More Hip Hop Beats: https://youtu.be/fN60caE4q6o

  • shizyninjarocks

    It's nice to take a break from classical and jazz.

  • Jaffa

    This mix was on a flash drive in my car stereo for most of 2014, brings back so many memories listening to this again


    This one is so dope 🔥❤️❤️❤️❤️💪🏾🎹🎹🎹☝🏽

  • rafi:ki

    Hello everyone!! make sure to check out my latest mix for more pure instrumentals ! https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=LNP_toUpx4s

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