Walmart is closing Sam's Club stores

Sam's Club, the buy-in-bulk store owned by Walmart, is shutting down multiple locations on the same day Walmart announced it was raising its minimum wage and giving out tax cut bonuses.
  • Jordan Waddell

    As I work at a Wal-Mart I have got some info about what they are doing with the closed down Sam’s Club. They are turning them into a local distribution warehouse for Wal-mart and Sam’s Clubs. Most stores have truck drivers deliver from a far distance so this makes it easier to get product in stores. This is also used by Amazon

  • Mrs. R.D

    no, this doesn't have anything to do with making FEMA shelters....

  • GeekBella

    They still won't open more than 2 checkout lanes tho..😒

  • tumblers in the gym

    probably to turn them into FEMA camps...

  • dsffg234

    Oh you think is a positive than why doesn’t the trump swap administration raise the minimum rage🤠

  • Tony Anderson

    Sam's is a shithole. Poor service - dirty stores. The consumer shut it down. Smart people go to Costco.

  • BrokenGlass043

    Walmart is better than Sam's anyway so who cares? Those people who lost their jobs can smarten up and learn a new skill . Like advanced math to get another job. All they need to do is look it up. So again I ask, who cares?

  • Anjie94565

    There are Walmarts, in nothern Texas, that open at 06:00 and close at 00:00. Those stores were open for 24 hours. (The new hours of operation were posted -- on the doors -- around 23:30 at the store near me.)Walmart has a terrible habbit of letting employees and customers know about drastic changes at the last minute.

  • Take One Productions By: AARON YOX

    What happens when you grow to quickly

  • The Pornographer

    "They took our jobs"

  • Mr. Guess who

    This video was a waste of a click

  • Patrick Wumbo

    NOOOOO!!!! That means the white trash and mexicans that currently shop at Sam's are going to have to come to my neighborhood to shop at the Costco. I hope they all get mowed down by a gunman with bump stocks.

  • Shannell Awuah

    Mine is closing and it's so sad because the coke there was 63 cents and it was large and the pretzels were only 97 cents. ):

  • Yabba Dabba

    If you think Walmart is unethical, stop working there and stop shopping there. There's absolutely nothing forcing you to do either. If you claim you have no other options, then that's your fault. Learn some goddamn skills.

  • Jon Smith

    Watch freedom toons explanation Walmart ....that's freedom toons Walmart

  • Katelyn0531

    See the stupid liberals thought that the extra $3 would just come out of thin air. Little did they know raising the minimum wage would mean unemployment would go up, something they have been complaining about. Hey liberals right now would be a good time to use your brain. Your ideas don’t help the economy!!!

  • Jon Smith

    Mandatory minimum wage hike at work maintain there 3.1% profit they had to lay off people it's called economics if they gave all there people 4dollars more an hour they would be outta business in a yr

  • Christian Torres

    Sams club has some stupid ass interests rates.. fuck sams

  • secretagentman

    Fema camps! You can't fool me. 👀

  • Abby Prince

    I agree that it is horrible that they closed so many stores without notifying employees because that is their life. But when the customers signed up for a membership card, you can't just expect them to reimburse, for something you agreed to pay for that in the fine print most likely said, "you are choosing to sign up for this membership with full responsibility, even if the location closes." I mean come on, you can use that card at any location.

  • Krillin ‘

    I didn’t see MrBeast!

  • Jake Tow

    Shop at Costco, it's better anyways.

  • Newbytooby

    Why does cnn have a channel named “CNN Money”


    ok china is rising and walmart is cutting down it's partnership business joint venture

  • RV Beginner Winnebago Adventurer '97

    I went to our closing store, next time I'd get a cart or flatbed earlyI'd have a spreadsheet to give me an idea what things cost 25 percent or 50 percent offI started with the large stuff first, like a drone and the higher end computer backup apc supplies....mattress pads....microwave....water softener salt...then while in line starting from the very back of the store I grabbed stuff like potato chips and such, every one I encountered from 945 am to 230 p.m. were nice...

  • nanahachi kurenai

    Minimum wage dont help anybody

  • Carlos Sanchez

    Sam's club are assholes for not warning or telling that some of their stores are closing to employees and customers

  • G'S Up 34

    Fuck Sams Club Costco and Winco All Day

  • BluRey BluRey


  • Exploring Abandoned Mines and Unusual Places

    Make America great again!

  • Claude Faustus

    The Great Depression 2 incoming!

  • Crazy Country Black Girl

    It's messed up for sure. But if they'd said anything you can bet that tons of people would have stopped coming to work and the existing employees would have been so pissed they wouldn't be doing their jobs properly (if at all). Plus employee theft would be off the charts. It's sad but employees are rarely civil in an environment like a store closing with impending layoff. So while it sucks I can understand why they did it this way.

  • DrivingBackward

    Has to be a black name, Jamal’s

  • kclowney97

    I’m so pissed I went to see the discounts on the TVs and all of the electronics were GONE

  • Meagangoodmevonne Caldwell

    Thanks phgoyogohhl yo ohoovvy

  • Gabriella Turner

    Nooooooo my dollar freezies T^T

  • 18JasonM

    I work at Walmart and I’m just glad I’ll be getting paid $11 now👌👌

  • Naing Lin

    All my childhood grocery shopping memories will not be forgotten, especially when my dad would clear out the clearance items one by one.

  • killercaos123

    This just proves how SOULESS, CORPORITIZED, GREEDY, SELFISH, and UNETHICAL big American businesses are. And that's why we need legislation to keep these corporate assholes in check!!! They HATE the American people, price gouge them, and only look at them as a open wallet not as human beings.

  • nate

    Trumptards screwed haha. But muhhh job increases

  • J.C. Lynn

    I was mentioning the pay increase and these stores closing at the same time to a friend yesterday. I wasn't expecting to see this connection in a video.

  • gavy


  • Kallie S

    How's that tax cut for big corporations coming along now?

  • Creative Writer

    And sams club is better than Walmart

  • Haley Wilburn

    All of the Sams Club employees can relocate to Walmart. Then maybe they could have more than 3 of the 21 isles open. It’s a win for everyone.

  • M. Strain Jr.

    And that's the result of raising the minimum wage. Thousands of people lost their jobs, but those who kept them at Walmart got pay increases. Minimum wage increase = increase in unemployed workers.

  • Jamerson Aj Clark

    Free to sign up. $5 when you link a card, and $15 per referral. Easy fast cash 💰 not forget to link your card to start earning

  • disturbed3330

    Hey wal mart employees wanted a pay raise this is walmarts way to make up for the lost cash.

  • joernone

    Right after this disgusting, uncaring Wal-Mart move to yet again screw its employees, we received a letter requesting us to renew our Sam's Club membership. They can stick their membership where the sun doesn't shine!

  • MyLittleDiscolite

    None of this is Trumps fault

  • The Law

    this is what happens when you raise minimum wage

  • kaxitaksi

    Wasn't tax cuts supposed to 'create' jobs? This is how it really works and I've been saying this for years.

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