Caregiver Bed Transfer of Ventilator-Dependent Quadriplegic

A caregiver demonstrates and explains how she transfers her husband, a C4 ventilator dependent quadriplegic, from his bed to his wheelchair using a ceiling lift. #ThisIsHowI
  • Travis Rabble

    How did he become quadriplegic?

  • Keisha Burns

    Hello there,I've been following your videos on YouTube! Your videos are such an inspiration to all! Let me introduce myself, My name is Keisha Burns, I am an industrial design student at Humber College in Canada, and I am inviting your participation in a research study on various mobility issues with individuals that suffer Quadriplegia. These problems include forceful excretions, awkward positions of caregivers/individuals, medical costs and long-term health issues. The results will be contributed to my senior project/thesis. The purpose of this study: This study is being conducted as an aid in designing a transfer device that is capable ofperforming many tasks needed to enhance transferring individuals that are immobile. The product to be designed is for in home care, which can eliminate costly medical bills and minimized danger/physical stress to caregivers and immobile individuals. With yourhelp, I plan to address problems that in-home caregivers and immobile individuals face in everyday scenarios while being transferred.This study is primarily based on understanding ergonomics, human interaction design activities, and user experience aspects of the research area.Please let me know if you would be interested in participating in this and we can exchange personal info for further discussion. Thank you so much for you time and being such an inspiration! Best Regards,Keisha Burns

  • Christine Davidson

    With a dedicated sacrificial love you have for your husband. I'm sure he is suffering just like me but it makes a world of difference When you have help. I hope you have some help so you can take care of yourself as well. Christine

  • Leonardo Da Vinci

    Thank you for uploading this

  • Dentysta Statysta

    how did he get paralyzed like that WHOA !

  • Christine Davidson

    Sorry I thought you were his wife. Still what Awesome caregiver you are.I wish I had you.

  • Ashley DeMoss

    that is true love right there. he is lucky to have her.

  • Sai ling Liu


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