Saudi Arabia: Last Week Tonight with John Oliver (HBO)

Following the alarming disappearance of a Saudi journalist and political dissident, John Oliver examines America's uncomfortably comfortable relationship with Saudi Arabia.

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    @ 14:35 "...of course he's in their pocket, he's fucking JARED!"No doubt he's in their pocket, he's FUCKING jared. 8<)

  • Gerard Vaughan

    The two "Russian" guys with their impossible security camera pictures, and their perfectly implausible reason for being in Salisbury, were of course part of the shitty plan of the Isrseli - Saudi ass-licking govt, with it's "Trident detergent".Viz: FultonSo, according to the Swiss Lab. analysts, the substance they were sent by Porton Down/ the OPCW / whomever, for chemical analysis was not 'Novichok' ( new chocolate ! ), but 'BZ' . ( Which also accords with the relatively mild effects alleged. ) The OPCW , left out this vital analysis from their report summary prepared specially for EU /US propaganda purposes . The logic , says that NO ONE was in fact poisoned , obviously MI5 would not risk killing themselves messing around with either Novichok or BZ Nor sending it in the post for 'analysis ' !!! ............Anyway , all this goes to show that any old bullshit will do . NO institutions are genuine . They are ALL fake . All they are interested in is testing how much fucking up in the arse the general public will take and still tug a forelock and keep on electing criminals to act outside of the law with impunity . The public need to EXPECT to vote for POLICY , not 'persons / parties ( sic ) and to EXPECT to APPOINT SACKABLE facilitators of the policy voted for, on the terms and conditions set by the PUBLIC, their EMPLOYER. At least, if the worst comes to the worst, the vast majority of the public can only be bribed openly : planted Individuals can be bribed only covertly ."Nothing surprising. Same old UK USA Israel crap ---RU SeriousExactly, and just how the LEGITIMATE GOVERNMENT of Syria asked for Russian help. It is the fucking Yanks, Brits and Israelis that are NOT welcomed in Syria and who are fighting against the so-called "terrorist government", and the ones SUPPORTING ISIS (since ISIS is a CIA funded organisation for the subjugation and theft of oil so as to make the Yanks hands look clean). This has been shown time and time again, especially how chemical weapons have been smuggled into ISIS hands via US/Foreign "aid" and food. I mean WTF idiots!!! Syrians don't want your fucking food or your help (because it is insulting to them!), let alone your pathetic pity, they want you OUT of Syria, period! Look what happens in Afghanistan and the Middle East after you fucktard Yanks rebuild what you destroyed - the moment you've gone, the locals tear it down and rebuild it themselves. YOU ARE NOT WELCOMED< NOT WANTED, and they do NOT want Western "democracy", education and corrupt values shoved down their throats. JUST LET NATIONS SELF-DETERMINE! So you dumb turd yanks, take your pathetic Yank shallow "holier than thou" sanctimonious asses out of Syria where you DO NOT BELONG. You are only there because Russia has upset the 40 year plan that you had for oil control, using Israel as the Local Policeman. I mean, if you are so blinded as to not see this, you don't deserve to breath! Fucking Hillary Clinton was declaring war on Russia even before she lost the election, and all because of how Russia was upsetting the $$$ applecart. To American's it's all about US and the $, and they will use the rest of the world, including millions, just to maintain their filthy dollar. The sooner the US dollar goes down the shithole and Americans live in the poverty they deserve, the better

  • Squishy

    Trump was really hoping that he wasn’t a citizen but knowing he is but still not born American he went ahead and declared the arms deal more valuable than his life. Just show how intolerant he fucking is and is against everything Americans say they stand for.

  • puckelberry

    Im from Salisbury and I have to say screw you John. Salisbury is you know alright I suppose.

  • Hahonryuu

    Can't wait for the day when we're on mostly clean energy and don't need to bend over backwards for those bastards.

  • khuang96

    9:06 Days Inn, Dead Out Or Days Inn, Your last 😅😁

  • AboAli AboAli

    Regardless, your Trump is your best president until now. He knows how to get money to improve the US economy and that what matters most.

  • Alpinebear

    John the way you started this video made me really hate you from today. Sorry for watching you so long.

  • matthew baca

    Some of ya'all are defending Iran?  WTF!  That is the biggest supporter of terrorism on the planet.  I wish Sadam Husein was still around to contain Iran.  Iran is out of control.  Even Sadam knew Iran is very evil and DANGEROUS.

  • maggie fazel

    money is of Saudias citizens

  • yogiyoda

    John Oliver is a national treasure. Glad this show gets so many views.

  • aboobacker siddique

    i dont watch any other comedy shows when there is ur show here in youtube so funny and intelligent

  • Auxin

    Prophet Mohammed didn't have time for a picture b/c he was busy raping nine year olds....

  • J Egner

    Any president stand up to SA?

  • no0orano

    This show was my fav for ever but am sorry to say your wrong about ksa ... mistakes happens Not far a go us invaded Iraq for thinking with no prove that they got nucs.. I thinking ksa hate US ! Iran walk around screaming death to America!!Hoothy sending booms to ksa targeting civil city’s is so fine with you... Israel 🇮🇱 killing kids everyday is so normal right? Those kids are not human at all ...Hizb Allah booming Israel is also fine ??Al the time you guys picked on ksa for not letting women drive.. but you forget how ppl in Iran are treated ...In Iraq ppl are getting killed for the fact that they only have a name that is omar .. and ur still attacking ksa .. yes MBS is coming to change ksa to better place but he’s not gonna make it in a blink of an eyes .. most of places and government places are already made by Diffrent leaders.. it will take time for him to clean up some of the old shitty ppl ... Seriously double standers tht is above my head 1000000 time ... I can’t get how you can throw ksa with khashigy stone where you recorded is full with glass houses starting from KKK to Iraq war to Vietnam ... so sorry but not really

  • Jaiden Jaquez

    الطبيب مصطفى المالكي متخصص و خبير في المشاكل الأعضاء التناسلية و تحسين العلاقات الزوجية يوصي كل من يعاني من مشاكل ضعف الانتصاب و صغر الحجم قضيب و سرعة القذف ب جل رجال الصحراء العلاج الفعال و الأكيد للتخلص من هده المشاكل للحصول على المنتج يرجى التواصل مباشرة مع الطبيب على الواتساب 00212689611487 النتيجة بعد 5 أيام من الاستعمال لا تتردد بالاتصال فالمستحيل أصبح أكيد

  • Masuma Ak

    American let Saudi leave right next day after 9/11. No else allowed to leave from USA.


    Has John Oliver ever claimed that Saudi Arabia punishes thieves by cutting their hands off?

  • Namitendra Mishra

    Maybe something on India

  • wafi316140

    If anybody wanna to know about US ethic, Just look at the history of Vietnam war and Iraq war. 3.8 millions were killed in Vietnam plus more than 1 millions kids in Iraq. The rude thing here is you are lecturing people about crimes and human rights.

  • Thilo Manten

    Do you remember 911, do you remember from where Islamic Extremism and Terrorism is being financed. How easy has it become to dumbfold you YANKS!

  • The Shoot

    im need you to bash the queen at least once per episode please, thanks, im new watcher and will only watch if you do

  • Sheraz Khan

    Both Saudi and American Leader are MadarChod. Every American leader is a Big Motherfucker who loves to sell weapons to the highest bidder. America is a great country but they always choose wrong leader. Same goes with India as well.

  • Mendokusai99

    Yes, Trump is in collusion with the Saudis and should be taken to task for it. But does anyone remember the 60-billion dollar arms deal that Obama made with the Saudis? Then another 30 billion in arms later? The secret drone base? The 1-billion dollar smart bomb deal? Ignorance of numerous human rights offenses? Trying to block the 9/11 victims bill to sue the Saudis? The numerous flights between O and Biden to the kingdom? Anyone?

  • Ja Ich

    Boycott Huffington Post.

  • dagmastr12

    So I'm guessing they would throw jon oliver of a high roof.

  • Ed P

    TRUMP - another bought off Politician. Trump

  • Spotlight MediaPro

    Well, '" Birth place of the prophet Mohammed ! " , NOT REALLY funny tho , and also is a an insult when we look the context of the ubcoming subject. ! i watch your show all the time i hate when you make fun of religions , but this time something different... it has nothing to do with the context ... smart enough to know if you pay attention. although PLEASE DON'T make same mistake its not funny and doesn't make any sense. Thank you so much , RESPECT sincerely

  • VengfulDarkness

    Then you learn the only reason the journalist was saying anything about the current prince was because his family is actually part of the ruling class that directly opposes the prince, and has since at least 9/11.

  • PenBound

    Hello all,Please support my research by filling this interesting form about movies 🎬 and social media .Thanks in advance!🤗

  • k pierre

    Ahh the atrocious state of the human animal....OMG!

  • MrDanisve

    The US has a weapon that shoots ice darts filled with pufferfish poison. Only leaving a red dot on the skin, then a heartattack. Toxin not traceable.. Hmm why would US need such a weapon? Saudis are not quite enough, everytime US kills someone. Its a heart attack :P

  • Floppy Disk

    The US President LOL

  • Jerome Mc Kenna

    When I visited the UK many years ago one of the places I visited was Salisbury, though my reason was that it was close to Stonehenge. It is a lovely cathedral, though I don't know if too many Russians would be familiar with it.

  • Eric Angiolillo

    its the golden rule people..its never changed..the people with the gold make the rules.... just the b.s has gotten more in depth.... we act shocked

  • Millsy Kooksy

    Ok but what has America done? People in glass houses should not throw stones

  • rambythezombie

    In this comments section, we see people coming to grips with the concept of political realism. Allies are not born of shared principles. They are created by the necessities of an active political landscape. The metric, that cost-benefit analysis that Trump employed there, that is what our politicians Should be doing. They Should be doing it because that is what actually benefits us. Moral principles are expensive, and while Americans live in poverty, I am not in favor of endangering the capacity to get them out of it.

  • Adrián Espinosa

    America, comes from Americo Vesupcio, an Italian dushbag that came with Colombus. So ye, we're not a last name. We're a first.

  • Krista Marie

    My heart hurts for this poor man. He was probably tortured beyond belief and is now dead and it seems we (the US) will do nothing to solve it or even charge the assholes involved. Mr. Khashoggi please rest in peace.

  • ciprian rufius luca

    USA and Israel is using Saudi Arabia against Iran, Syria. What Saudi Arabia does in Yemen is terrorism, first degree murders and USA and Israel are accomplices. At least D. Trump is honest. He only cares about money (oil ''black gold'' arms trade). The war is very good business for USA. Jared Kushner is fooling and using the Saudi prince dictator. He is not stupid as Bill Maher thinks. The wrestling is circus for the crowd.

  • Jimmy B

    Damn this show is liberal

  • Luan - Lion of Europe my video about History and thé origin of Saudi arabia

  • Navin Kodag

    lolz one day the oil will run out😂🤣

  • Ja Ich Obama signed the NDAA into law.Clinton, Bush, Obama, Trump, ....All the same.....

  • Arijit Mazumdar

    2:31 dont come at my boi celery. Its great with ranch or peanut butter and raisins

  • Thilo Manten

    WWE now in Saudi-Arabia. I must have taken accidentely LSD. But's all about doe!!!

  • Tony

    11к people dislike this video. Just imagine how wrong this world is.

  • Unnmad Redo

    I know you're probably never gonna read this, but could you please can you do a segment on Razputin, mighty good sir.

  • Tayo Neumann

    This is a great example of Trump actually "telling it like it is" and an appalling example of the consequences: All administrations before him were brokering the same deals with Saudi Arabia, but because Trump has been such an ass-kiss they knew they would get away with a heinous murder like this, whereas other administrations would have felt the need to distance themselves from the Saudis for some time. This likely wouldn't have had an impact on the total amount of weapons delivered, but probably delayed shipments. Still, one murder more on top of everybody who gets killed with made-in-USA weapons - directly attributable to Donald Trump's greed.

  • דניאל סטרנר

    4:48 While I applaud him for improving women's rights, keep in mind that Israel has been treating women as equals since it was created back in 1948. I'll stick with them if you don't mind. 🇮🇱🇺🇸

  • Piero Sanchez

    Selena was murdered at a Days Inn :(

  • Kira Cox

    It is disturbing how rational Trump seems when he does a CBA. Why is this logical and straightforward for him, but nothing else is?

  • Alexander Guess

    You are a bad joke @JohnOliver !! Making fun of serious problems and picking a lame side. Hope you choke on your money.

  • who am I

    🇸🇦 I do not know what do you say but I love Saudi Arabia 💚

  • Fariha Angel

    John Oliver, how are you surviving doing this show?

  • Gracchus Babeuf

    Cambridge Analytica is this Toff's alma mater. Nobody wants to hear a upperclass twit. And if we do, there's Monty Python. We don't need you Jon.

  • SmaaGodt

    Bro, Norway has oil, you are already allied with them.

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