Saudi Arabia: Last Week Tonight with John Oliver (HBO)

Following the alarming disappearance of a Saudi journalist and political dissident, John Oliver examines America's uncomfortably comfortable relationship with Saudi Arabia.

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  • The Miniature Fleshcouch

    I think you look okay with bangs, John.

  • Shamriya K•S•A_22

    fuck USA 🇺🇸 💩🇺🇸💩🇺🇸💩🇺🇸💩🇺🇸💩🇺🇸💩🇺🇸💩🇺🇸💩🇺🇸💩🇺🇸💩🇺🇸💩🇺🇸💩🇺🇸💩🇺🇸💩🇺🇸💩🇺🇸💩🇺🇸💩🇺🇸💩🇺🇸💩🇺🇸💩🇺🇸💩🇺🇸💩🇺🇸💩🇺🇸💩🇺🇸💩🇺🇸💩🇺🇸💩🇺🇸💩🇺🇸💩🇺🇸💩🇺🇸💩🇺🇸💩🇺🇸💩🇺🇸💩🇺🇸

  • Mr. Mojo Risin

    Drumpf isn’t bending over backwards for saudis he’s bending forward and taking it right up his asshole

  • Giovanni Sanseviero

    Fox News Alert!Trump may be tried as an adult!

  • Vivek Soni

    What a positive day for one of us..LOL!

  • Juanita M

    ℑ 𝔞𝔪 𝔫𝔬𝔴 𝔪𝔞𝔫𝔦𝔣𝔢𝔰𝔱𝔦𝔫𝔤 𝔞𝔩𝔩 𝔬𝔣 𝘮𝘺 𝘥𝘦𝘴𝘪𝘳𝘦𝘴 >

  • Brian Curtis

    Trump never met a dictator he didn't admire.

  • J. Costa

    I'm with you in this, John, but I think you clrearly didn't stressed enough how much the US government always have been an ally to Saudi Arabia, even with human rights abuse and Yemen. US government doesn't care about human rights at all, if it did it wouldn't committed atrocities in Afghanistan, Iraq, etc. They only use it as an excuse to undermine governments who oppose them and they constantly look the other way to allied countries going as far as funding coups and dictatorships in Central and South America, as well as in Asia, to gain power and influence in the region and counterbalance opposed countries.This problem is far worse than Trump's willingness to said it out loud, and unfortunately citizens who fight against human rights abuse like us can't relly on government for help, they'll pick and choose which fight benefits the "country", and which ones is not "worth it".As an example: From an US perspective, China? HR abuse, Brasil? Not so much. Russia? HR abuse, Saudi Arabia? Not worth it.

  • Darya Prigorian

    Trumps says that Islam hates us but is in love with the Saudi Arab prince. Great.

  • Abdullah S.

    🇸🇦🇸🇦🇸🇦🇸🇦🤝🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸Hey hater 🖕

  • Arash Fariman

    All of these audience laughing would die fir cheap oil coming from USA biggest ally and the most backwarded one SAUDI ARABIA.

  • Charlotte Fairchild

    I wish journalists would bring people to protect them.

  • Mrafi Yasin

    WWE female wrestlers are not allowed to perform due to their scantily dress code.

  • Hosam Alanazi

    Considering the journalist no one can prove what happened yet and still nothing is officiall wether it was the government or individuals and the Qatar blockcade well do you blame them it has been proven that Qatar supports iran saudis enemies and as well funding terrorists and putting the blame on Saudi Arabia considering the casualties in yrman it is a sad thing and they are our brothers in islam yet some who are houthies and sided with iran that does much damge to the civilians and government i have many yemanie friends in ksa and many of the yeminie refugees in ksa that ksa supports in millions of dollers of help and its not like any other country hasnt had casualties in their wars lets not forget america and iraq i mean if it wasnt for Americas carelessness maybe iraqi terrorists wouldnt event exist the worst part is america did little to those women and children who were affected Look its not a perfect country no country is and it does follow islamic rules which is their right to and its in islams best interests to ban semi naked women walking across the street or fighting in stages in front of all those muslims who should not see such things anyways its the religion and its their right to use it for law its the best interest for the majority of citizens and the country as well Id like to leave with saying look at your mistakes before finding others.

  • Sam Lutfi

    Saudi Arabia is the hub of all evil

  • BigDickMcGee

    I hate how much people are applauding him for strategically displaying some basic human decency.

  • MrStargazer777

    Incorrect, Saudi Arabia was "born" in 1900s from Lawrence of Arabia. Prophet Muhammad was born in 5th Century. Saudis are the product of British like Mr. Oliver.

  • Hadley Alex

    The robots smile looks like a hamster

  • boeingdriver29

    MBS is a massive gambler, it’s reported he spends a lot of his time traveling from casino to casino and gambles around 250 million a year. Please pass me a bucket.

  • Cabdicaziiz Xikm

    your are fucking way are monkery and insulting our messegeres

  • 2Bit Phuck

    To be honest to the government, behind closed doors, the reporter means nothing compared to the arms deal. No matter the President.

  • Rani Halwani

    I feel like I need to clear up some misconceptions , especially the cyborg lady who is actually controlled behind the scenes. She’s scripted and voiced by someone behind the scenes. I’ve worked with her a few times and it’s funny how people buy into it so easily.

  • cabanacat

    Again another Trump bashing campaign? Every US president has bent over backwards for the Saudi's which you failed to mention.

  • E Abuhasbu

    English in America 😂

  • Doug Casey

    15 murdered Khashoggi and 15 Saudis flew the planes on 9/11 how odd, must be a Saudi tradition or something. Oh our allies, what a crowd of mad-caps huh.

  • Murtada Adel

    Usa's friends in the middle east are KSA and Isreal both are countries that fucks human rights on a daily basis , so does the usa

  • OneMeanArtist

    They're all degenerate inbreds who should just be wiped off the fucking planet.

  • Giovanni Sanseviero

    FOX NEWS ALERT!Trump withdraws from Syria. Tower Ankara announced!

  • Laurinda Pierre

    What a positive day for one of us DONT TOUCH ANYTHING 😂

  • Najee GHANIM

    0:06 our Prophet Mohammed (peace be upon him) is not a joke for you laugh about !!!

  • Bob Weber

    Muslims are, in whole, a horrible and dangerous belief. Not so much the people, it's the religious views and actions.

  • Mohammed Almehdar

    5:13 it was "black panther"

  • Jeff L

    Wonder why Khashoggi is being spotlighted so much more than past and current journalists. I wonder if it has anything to do with the notion that he was considered part of the elite and then betrayed them.

  • rolando blontes

    Raytheon the answer is Raytheon he is a stock holder for Raytheon every time he sells a missile he pockets profit cadet spurs is a fucking liar lock him up and hes family

  • Anonymous Anonymous

    parts of him have been seen in a well,other parts in the woods,his location hasn't been a secret,what you should've said was we haven't been able to find ALL of him

  • Giovanni Sanseviero

    FOX NEWS ALERT!Trump berates himself for greatest shutdown ever!

  • Naina Shakil

    Saudia Arabia killed THOUSANDS of Yemeni people and America killed millions of Iraqi people,thousands of Pakistani ,Afghani ,Yemeni Somali etc. That's why Saudi And Ameica are best buddies.

  • BasicHowTo

    Obama bent over for saudi too

  • Souhila Benmenni

    Okay talking about Saudia Arabia go ahead but getting the purest greatest man the prophet Mohammed involved why???? Really did have to !

  • Corbin Byers

    At least we’re saving money on gas 😂

  • pprkt0

    The issue i have with this piece is that everything seems to be related to trump.... American foreign policy has been sam under obama and bush and before that ... i mean look up before you applaud at all jokes .

  • space pegasus

    To be fair to wwe they count get of crown jule they had a contract

  • محمد العجمي

    Britain is a country of racism, murder and invasion, as well as all the Europeans who invade the Middle East and North Africa and Africa in general, divided them and killed millions, and no one spoke about what happened or what is now happening America killed one million Iraqis and no one talked about this and now you are talking about some thing done by Saudi Arabia and britain invaded Palestine and killed the Palestinians and put the Jews in palestine and supported the Jews militarily and economically and declare that Jerusalem is the capital of Israel and all this on the pretext that we are terrorists or barbarism and if you ask any terrorist what you want he will tell you I want to liberate my country from the West or unite after the West invaded us and put us as Countries and my massage to u is ur the terrorists

  • nz baz

    Jamal is not us US citizen

  • Michelle Ortiz-Grace

    Check out the documentary "Saudi Arabia Uncovered". Video footage smuggled out of that horrible place.

  • Nurdin Kühnel

    #ritzcarlton aka fingernail factory: Irony here the most prominent inmate bailed out Trump twice of bankruptcy prior. Trump has dozens of companies and shares in others in Saudi Arabia, mainly real estate, as a matter of fact, he registered during presidential election 8 new companies in Saudi Arabia. 3 years ago Khashoggi was the loudest promoter of MBS, then he moved on with the Muslim Brotherhood and started criticizing MBS after his clamp down on the orthodox clerics. MBS took that somehow personal...

  • Zephyr Nace-Beach

    1:06 that dude about to get get outed

  • Habib Bhiri

    Stop your islamophobia stupid journalist Prophet Muhammad does not represent arabia saoudia!

  • Asim Malik

    Saudi are the savages & barbarians. ISIS only supporters & the only extremist terrorists exporter... Death to Stupid Arabia!🇸🇦🔪🥓🍼

  • jimmy john

    Still Waiting on that campaign check...

  • space pegasus

    John cena achely refused to work crown jule on moral grounds

  • Trapped Inside My Own World

    You are utterly a stupid clown who knows absolutely nothing of what he talks about.

  • Teri Tries Things

    I dry heaved when he said Manuchin had a fuck me face.

  • Sherry Green

    suadi is still young in this task, they should learn from the chinese government, they can finish this within 10 minutes and left nothing, not even the bloody scent, what ? cctv footage??? come on, that's an unforgivable and silly mistake.

  • Chain Reactions Film Productions

    7:49 That’s a nice floating talking microphone

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